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Comment 09 Dec 2018

The balloting occurs before the invite. So the invites to NY are based on the votes. The Heisman trust or Deloitte or whoever tallies the votes, and then determines how many players get invited to NY.

In other words, the voters don't vote on only those who get invited, they vote for their Heisman winner on their ballots, and those results are used to determine invites/the winner.

Comment 05 Dec 2018

If Urban decides to come back to coaching, it'll be a punch in the gut. Just because I feel like he's "our" coach. 

But it's his life and he's earned that. And honestly, what I'll wonder most is what could Ohio State have done to keep him. And then I'll wish him the best and move on (while secretly harboring the hope he never beats us)

Comment 05 Dec 2018

There have been some awful takes by TTUN fans before but “Harbaugh scared Meyer out  of coaching” maybe the funniest/most delusional I’ve ever seen.

There are myriad reasons why Meyer hung em up but Jim Harbaugh isn’t one lol

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Guys, you don’t think the army of attorneys and HR administrators that Ohio State employs haven’t already figured this part out?

I doubt Gene scratched out a contract on a napkin and just handed it to Day without making sure it meets all bureaucratic requirements.

I once received a promotion at OSU and my new job was never posted. And I made far far less money than Ryan Day.