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MEMBER SINCE   October 15, 2014


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 1a. 2002 National Championship Game
    1b. Seeing my son march down the ramp for the first time as a member of The OSUMB. 2014.
    1c. January 12, 2015
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 21 Jun 2019

Bell explained in his press conference after that game that he brought Iglesias in for the 8th because Houston had their better hitters coming up in that inning. Said he is going to use the best pitcher in that situation from here on out. So it's possible to see him pitch even earlier in a game if it's a must get out.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

This team is just a winning streak away from people changing their minds about the Reds. Last year they had a couple nice little streaks. This year 3 games is longest. A 5-6 game streak would get them right in the wild card convo. A few of the guys are coming around with their bats right now. One run games and day games have killed them this year.

Comment 02 May 2019

Last year offense was great and pitching sucked. This year the opposite. At least I've been able to see them win 3 W.S. in my lifetime. How many of you Indians fans can say that? Haha

Comment 20 Feb 2019

Well said Bucknut. I hate Duke. I can't root for UNC any more with Roy as their coach. He might be the most overrated coach ever. 

Comment 02 Feb 2019

Yes. Winker was coming on strong before his injury last year. I think he is a better hitter than Schebler. Schebler is faster though so might be a better fit to throw into center if needed.

Comment 26 Jan 2019

I didn't expect anything. Living through the end of Woody's time and all of Earle and Cooper, I tend to still be gun shy about expecting wins and NC's. I just appreciate what he did for Ohio State.

Comment 21 Jan 2019
Call me crazy but I think the Reds may have a winning record this year. Hate giving up prospects but they need to do something after 4 bad years in a row.