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Comment 13 Mar 2020
I propose OSU build a dome in the middle of tha Arizona desert (with dorms and dining hall). Let players and coach go there and conduct their art. Any supplies needs to be treated before entering dome. All people are tested 1 time a week. Itra_team scrimmages are filmed and shown to public each week for entertainment to pay for said dome which will be owned by OSU for the next nuclear disaster.
Comment 12 Mar 2020
I think with the new rules for paying players, players are gravitating towards schools that are the most recognizable brands so they can make the most money. As far as " bag men", I think it's all speculations. It's a huge risk for the school's athletic program, so, I doubt too much of it is going on (Although I suspect some schools are definitely involved in a most covert, undetectable ways.) Kids tend to brag, so, the blab factor would would play a major role. At the end of the day, the gap between the haves and the havenots is definitely widening. Only 6 schools seems to repeatedly get to the playoffs each year of the past 6 years....I dont see that ever changing till the NCAA steps in and makes some rules such as regional recruiting or max points (ranking) allowance per school. Just my 2 cents.
Comment 11 Mar 2020
I'm not sure Bellamy gave him good advice of waiting till December. By that time, all the power school may be out of scholarship and he ends up going to a school that losses to OSU for a living, Ah hem...Blue pukes. IMO, theres 6 schools that has the eyes and ears of NFL scouts week after week, Clemson, Bama, OSU, Gorgia, LSU, and Oklahoma. Why not pick an elite school with high probably of churning out great running back such as Zeke and JK. Seems to me decision is self evident.
Comment 15 Feb 2020
Actually, the next one is in 110 days. So, before the season starts.
Comment 24 Jan 2020

ALL right, we went from early on 2 nd, to 3rd , to 4, now 5th best ranked recruiting class from 2020.  I'm seeing a trend I don't like.  AND... now we are recruiting 2022 unranked player, and another 3 star in 2022 class.  ::::"":McBurrows, from St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida, is ranked as the No. 78 CB in the country while ranking No. 944 overall and No. 113 in the state.""  WHY???  This is the trend we need to beat Clemson (who is raking in (5) 5 * in this years class...

Comment 18 Dec 2019
The last of the three Amigos of big ten coaches. Woody, Bo, and now Haden. Go with Gods speed coach.
Comment 12 Dec 2019
We can't come out the gate slow and get behind like last 2 games. Clemson needs 4 quarters of beatdown. Make it our mission to take care of business 1 quarter at a time. We also need to create more turnovers and win that battle. This is not ttun or Wisky. They wont put their hands on their hips on the 3rd and 4th quarters like the last 2 teams. Take it 1 quarter at a time and put up points.