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Comment 15 Feb 2020
Actually, the next one is in 110 days. So, before the season starts.
Comment 24 Jan 2020

ALL right, we went from early on 2 nd, to 3rd , to 4, now 5th best ranked recruiting class from 2020.  I'm seeing a trend I don't like.  AND... now we are recruiting 2022 unranked player, and another 3 star in 2022 class.  ::::"":McBurrows, from St. Thomas Aquinas in Florida, is ranked as the No. 78 CB in the country while ranking No. 944 overall and No. 113 in the state.""  WHY???  This is the trend we need to beat Clemson (who is raking in (5) 5 * in this years class...

Comment 18 Dec 2019
The last of the three Amigos of big ten coaches. Woody, Bo, and now Haden. Go with Gods speed coach.
Comment 12 Dec 2019
We can't come out the gate slow and get behind like last 2 games. Clemson needs 4 quarters of beatdown. Make it our mission to take care of business 1 quarter at a time. We also need to create more turnovers and win that battle. This is not ttun or Wisky. They wont put their hands on their hips on the 3rd and 4th quarters like the last 2 teams. Take it 1 quarter at a time and put up points.
Comment 28 Nov 2019
William's is the 43rd ranked back in his class. 10 out of 14 big ten team will recruit higher with1 team recruiting both of their 2020 backs higher than us. We have no reason to not hold the scholarship for a flip after we win the natty. We jumped when we shouldn't have. Not the OSU way. Sorry... go ahead and down vote me. Truth hurts sometimes. ..
Comment 26 Nov 2019
Day always wants to run to open up the passing game. He was prevented from opening up the passing game in the second half because bad weather. He knew based on the first drive that he can keep running and have some sucess so he kept it that way to mitigate pass protection risks and secure the win. Turning the ball over 3 times wasn't part of his plan.
Comment 26 Nov 2019
I'm unsure if the sucess of the first drive didnt set the game plan direction. I believe we planned for a slop fest and not needing to put the ball in the air. However, I believe the score could have been much higher if we exploit their weak pass defense. Day didnt want to take a chance through the air because he lacks confidence on the pass protection? QB gets hurt more on sacks than on the run? Hummm? I hope our game plan for Shitigan exploits their weakness.