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Comment 11 Oct 2018

I thought coming into the year that the biggest difference we'd see between Haskins & JT would be the short/intermediate passes. IMO, JT's biggest flaw as a passer was not the deep ball, it was throwing short/intermediate passes on time and on target. Even when he completed them they often weren't the kind of accurate passes that lead to to YAC. Haskins is the distributor we all thought JT was going to be. Ohio State almost always has better athletes on the offensive perimeter than they team they are playing. Just get the ball into their hands.

Comment 11 May 2017

I don't understand why so many athletes look so ridiculous throwing out first pitches either. I understand not everyone played baseball growing up but they look like they've never thrown anything in their life. Didn't they play quarterback or throw snowballs every winter?

I never played a down of football in my life but if you asked me to throw a 10 yard slant today I could complete that mission with no casualties.

Comment 05 May 2017

I've about had it up to here with the Skyline abuse. Everyone does it now. 

A 5 way and a cheese coney are both worthwhile options. Are they good, but also gross? Yes, yes they are. But so is every other fast food.

Some people out here dookie-ing on Skyline while acting like Swenson's is fine dining. FOH