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Comment 13 Oct 2020

I think the narrative on Thomas trash talking and work ethic defines the culture of Urbans teams, certain players always got benefit of the doubt if they were on his A list, Day has a different culture and I can't see the trash talking and fighting being tolerated by this staff..also remember who the wide receiver coach was at that time and what an upgrade we have now in both talent and professionalism

Comment 07 Oct 2020

He had 0 turnovers and threw for over 300 yards, his best game of year against a good defense, did better than Mayfield against Ravens, so Rivera planned this before and cares less about how he performed. Putting him third string is vindictive from a man who is going thru cancer treatment..I don't get it

Comment 05 Oct 2020

If I were Texas, I would go after the TCU coach, he is 7-2 against them past nine years and has less talent, and TCU is only team that actually plays defense...he would kill it with better talent

Comment 03 Oct 2020

seems like alot of fans in stands in Austin, same with last ND game that was televised, seems like every college doing there own thing on fans at home games

Comment 03 Oct 2020

Went to TCU football website to see if Baldwin was the back up QB and there was an article that he retired due to injuries, was sad to see that

Comment 27 Sep 2020

He reminds me of Nick Foles, he needs the right fit and he will be fine, but that is not DC

Comment 24 Sep 2020

With restrictions in some states out west, some of these teams may only play 4 games, not sure that will qualify as a body of work for playoffs...