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Comment 18 hours ago

Read  the article on police newlyweds, the video shows they were the only two in the restaurant, they don't respond for quite awhile and the assailant runs out the door...just hope it wasn't staged as even the lady at register never tries to open it or give him money

Looking forward to combine as the dead period seems very long

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Not sure why we can't start Liddell, Kaleb and young and plug in a couple guards. Luther should work on mid range jumper and stop the 3's, Justin is just a liability on defense so if he hits some threes its just a wash, why not get Gaffney some playing time

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Liddell has good first half and does the freshman dance, I can win this myself and turns ball over and takes turn around fadeaway? Team, team, team

Comment 16 Feb 2020

You tube tv and netflix saving over $100 per month and get more sports than I had with Spectrum and all local tv...just hoping you tube doesn't start doing what cable companies do and start slowly increasing prices, but in a happy place for now

Comment 09 Feb 2020

Xichigan and Penn State still focused on running game and defense while national landscape is moving to pass game. No doubt Penn State will be good, but without great QB and elite receivers, they will not be able to score enough. Wisconsin and Penn State seem to be at same level, Xichigan with trojan horse approach to speed in space that will be an epic fail

Comment 08 Feb 2020

If its true, no way you can turn down 24 million for 5 years, even if he does not work out he is set for life and easily will get another coordinator job or even move to NFL after MSU. He's confident so in addition to the money, he is betting on himself. Wish him luck and hope he replaces Scum and Franklin as #2 in east

Comment 04 Feb 2020

Spooner, don't start another thread, signing day tomorrow, let this be the end and move to 2021 no matter how many irrelevant comments come tomorrow

Comment 31 Jan 2020

There was alot of speculation that they will move to New York or LA because of super model wife and then if he plays another couple years he will just rent a place during the season, so saying Nashville or Indianapolis won't work for the wife will not be an issue

Comment 30 Jan 2020

When my son turned 9, he had a sleep over for 8 friends. They wanted a scary movie, and I didn't want a slasher or anything. I rented Arachnophobia thinking it would be better than Halloween or something..3 of the kids called their parents to pick them up?? Life of a first time parent

Comment 30 Jan 2020

Deck seems stacked against Miller, his injuries hurt his progression and not playing in all star games he does not have the bond the CJ has already developed with receivers. 

Notre Dame has beaten us out for Oline last couple of years, so hope Stud's improved recruiting helps us get one of the guys mentioned. At least TTUN is not favored for any

Comment 30 Jan 2020

Serial rape article is interesting but sick. How can you not get caught when you force family members to watch you rape their daughter/mother. At least they finally caught him

Harbaugh true colors are coming to light, Sherman can be a total prick at times, but honestly changing positions to get away from a coach is pretty telling. Now we have the transport portal to get away and what does Jimmy do, he tries to block you or make sure you can't play immediately

Comment 26 Jan 2020

hopefully we will see more of 3 guard offense, not going thru Kaleb who no longer is really a post player, opens up the guards to penetrate and either dish for three or go straight to hoop, with everyone packing it in the middle and Kaleb missing hook shots all the guards can do is try to shoot the three