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Comment 29 Jul 2020

Not a REAL Marching Band season, anyway, without Skull Session.  And, for the 20% that will attend, IF there is a REAL football season-NO TAILGATING?????  WOW!  

I would still watch the games on tv, because I am an OSU grad.  However, horse racing events are the only sports (*if you want to call them this) I have had a desire to watch since "live" tv commenced.  Games feel like backyard scrimmages, if you ask me, without fans in the stands/golf courses. 

And, the way Marlins players have been falling, not sure if "live" sports will continue much longer, anyway.

Sorry, TBDBITL, I feel your pain.  Sorry, 80% of the rest of you ticket holders, who wanted to attend.

Comment 24 Jul 2020

Really, Iowa?   TBDBITL is made up of BRASS and Percussion, ONLY!!!!!  But, at least you recognize that clarinets and flutes are instruments.  LOL  The "Woodwinds," of which clarinets and flutes are a part, are for schools like TTUN & TSDS {*Clemson.}  It gives more students a chance to participate, as with Purdue's Marching Band, which we used to refer to as the "marching amoeba," containing 389 members.    Sound Ratio:  15 flutes per 1 trumpet?????  LOL

However, I must give you some props, Iowa.  Here is info from my "Script Ohio" 1878-1978 Centennial Edition TBDBITL yearbook.  (page 54)  "After Manley Whitcomb (former director) entered the Army, William B. McBride (former director) accepted the challenge of keeping the Marching Band in operation during the World War II years.  During this time, most college bands were all male and were forced to fold as their members were called into the Armed Services.  Due to McBride's efforts under the most unfavorable conditions, Ohio State was able to field a marching band during the war years.  Of course, many changes were made in the make-up of the band.  Personnel were constantly changing, often at the last minute.  John Ramey (OSUMB 1944-48) recapped one of these situations as he presented the TBDBITL Alumni Club Script Ohio Award to Dr. McBride in 1978.  ('Brass horn players were in short supply so the band included woodwinds, and "vocalists."  On occasion the draft or the flu would require the recruitment of new bandsmen on Friday or Saturday morning to fill vacant positions.  Several new recruits from local high schools filled in on the 1945 trip to Ann Arbor when the flu felled members between Thanksgiving morning and afternoon rehearsal.  But the band always went on the field and did its best to uphold the traditions of TBDBITL,'   Ramey said.)  

So, here we are, some 75 years later, finding ourselves in a similar medical predicament. 

I appreciate those woodwind players who filled in, Iowa.  I am grateful they kept the marching band going during the tragedy of war.  I am also thankful to former members, like John Ramey, who continued to uphold the traditions of excellence.  I was proud to be a part, continuing to uphold those traditions, 1975-78.  And, it is great to see, at least through the 2019 group, that the quality continues to flourish.  

O-H-  Iowa!

Comment 02 Jul 2020

Todd-Not, your wife must have read the book, "Sex Begins in the Kitchen," by psychologist, Dr. Kevin Leman, copyright 1981.  I suggest all husbands read this book.  If I had read this book prior to my wedding day, I might not be divorced.  Kevin, Taylor is a Special Gift, don't ever forget that!  Treat her with respect at ALL times.  

Comment 02 Jul 2020

And, Kevin don't forget (*I mean PLEASE REMEMBER) these catch phrases: Thank you, Honey!  I agree, Sweetheart!  You are absolutely correct, Darling!  I appreciate you immensely, Gorgeous!  Thanks for reminding me, Dearest!  I apologize, Sugar! {*However, it is better if you never put yourself in a position to need/use this one.  LOL}  Thank you, My Love, you were right!  Yes, Precious!  Let me know how I may help you today, Adorable One!  You are so Wonderful, dinner was delicious!  I value you more each day, My Sweet!  I adore you, Love of My Life!  

Comment 29 Jun 2020

Sorry, You Can't Spell...I always thought corrupt was:  "Corupt."   LOL

I believe "Unimaginative" or Figment of TTUN's imagination, would be a better way to describe Mr. Khaki's, NOT corrupt.  LOL  Hey, I CAN Spell after all.

Go Bucks!  O-H- 

Comment 12 Jun 2020

I would agree S2, if you mean the more we put humans on pedestals, the greater distance they have to fall.

And, that "anyone" could especially be true of Caucasian Americans.  At the current rate of unrest in this nation, there is a good chance later on those statues would either be pulled down by protesters, or targeted for removal by city leaders. 

Just stating an observational fact!  However, I assume 11W may try and find me guilty once again of violating their commenting policy. 

Please understand, I was the one who received 2 upvotes on a previous post today about Reggie Bush.  There was NO bias there, nor is there any here, for OJ Simpson is also an African American.

To complete my previous post-----  I - O.

Go Bucks, beat BG Sept. 5!

Comment 12 Jun 2020

According to ESPukeN even USC is making nicey nice with Reggie Bush after 10 years.  But, that was not a big deal, right, just because he and his family accepted lavish gifts from two sports marketers.

So, why not make nicey nice with Coach Tress and players, reinstating the 12 wins?

Interesting that USC still displays the Heisman won by OJ Simpson, but not Bush.  As I recalled Simpson was tied (found liable civilly, NOT guilty criminally, of course) to a person's death.  Maybe that was considered to carry more weight, than any financial windfall.  I mean life is supposed to hold some value, right? 

Now to the important part of College Football here in Columbus---Go, Buckeyes!  Looking forward to your probable season.  Stay safe, gentleman!


Comment 04 Jun 2020

Still don't understand how it will be ok for our football players (STUDENT ATHLETES, I'm sorry) to be right up in opposing teammate's faces, spitting, coughing, sneezing, drooling, yet fans in the stands need to observe social distancing protocol? Give me a break, Big Brother! 

Further important questions:  How many towels will the ball boys need?  How many (*I guess 108, according to website roster) personal player water bottles will be needed?  How many "Official's" time outs will be called, so excess perspiration can be wiped down?  

So, the Athletic Dept. will choose which season ticket holders will attend?  I realize in former posts the issue of reimbursement was mentioned. 

Glad I watch the games on tv, as some of you other Buckeye fans have already stated.

I think I should get up and wash my hands after each play, (just to safe, LOL), out of respect to those risking their lives on the field.  

Glad to hear that football is now a real possibility for this season.

Comment 30 May 2020

Third:  thank you for the term "arrogance."  I may hate Michigan, but for the most part they just don't have what it takes to beat the Buckeyes anymore.  They have been irrelevant, overall, since the '97 championship.  Miami had the players, and were not shy about sharing how great they were.  That 9/23/2000-12/7/2002 stretch run Cane's team was NASTY hateable!!!!!

TTUN will never match the "U's" arrogance.  I even liked Coker.  Maybe I was fooled by his demeanor as a person, for his team delivered a Mr. Hyde approach on the field.  The Wolvies are mellow compared to that egotistical maniac group.     

I appreciate Ryan Day, for as much as we fans blamed the officiating against TSDS (*glad I can use that acronym for the Tigers now), he displayed a lot of class.  

Pride always goes before a fall (Proverbs 16:18), and Miami has never been able to ascend since then.

Go Bucks!

Football, PLEASE--for you Covid-19 decision-makers out there!

Comment 25 Apr 2020

Definitely a GOD thing!  Thanks for posting!

The longer I live the more I realize how much time I wasted trying to "control" what happened in my life.  It is so much easier allowing the Lord to be in control.  

Here we are as football fans so concerned about whether we will get to see our beloved Buckeyes play this season, when it all comes down again to HIS timing.  Sports is so meaningless compared to people's lives.

Don't stress Buckeye fans.  God has this!


Comment 21 Apr 2020

So, they eliminated the "walk of shame" after targeting, but allowing players to be known as "zero."  When I was growing up if someone referred to you as a "0," it meant you were worthless.  So much for moving forward positively, NCAA.  lol

Hope these new rules will be allowed to TAKE PLACE this Fall.

We miss you Buckeyes!


Comment 06 Apr 2020

Congrats, to you (PROUD DAD-Archerm), and your son for making TBDBITL !  I think my Dad (and Mom) were more excited for me playing snare drum my first Skull Session in '75 than I was. 

And, I couldn't believe it after the 9/10/77 Miami game, when my Dad showed me (ANOTHER PROUD DAD MOMENT) I was on the cover of the football program.  It was a picture of J-I Row coming out of the tunnel for the Ramp.  The picture was taken during the 1976 ttun game.  Mom & Dad had it framed for me later on, after I received my first music teaching job.  HATS OFF- to you 11W.

TBDBITL was great before I was a member, when my Grandparents took me to the Shoe for games in the '60's.  They(we) were great when I was in the band.  AND, they are still GREAT today!  The tradition remains alive.  Always awesome to hear Gamecock/Clemson fans in the Myrtle Beach area, where I live now, say, Hands down, OSU has the best marching band in the country. 


Comment 06 Apr 2020

Looks like a bigger bell, could be a mellophone.

But, my question, since I am 62, is this.  How is this done, you young techies out there?

This next paragraph is a reply I received from a son of a friend in Columbus:  

A great question. So, you will notice that each of them has a headphone or headphones in. What I am guessing/assuming is that the director sends them the tempo line or melody in an audio file for them all to listen to and follow. Then, they each separately recorded themselves (while listening to that to keep tempo). Then, someone on the back end combines ALL those individual videos into one.  That is how a lot of the "virtual" choirs are doing it, so I'm assuming this would be similar.

Still, technology is quite amazing.  



Comment 14 Jan 2020

I guess targeting on Lawrence is only when OSU hits him, huh?  His head moves back with 4:00 minutes left, nothing called.  Or, maybe only when the game is close, that they call it.  Officials are so inconsistent jokes.  Go, Geaux!!!!!  One of best Heisman winners ever!  Coach Ryan deserves some of the credit, right?   Will wear my Buckeye tie to school tomorrow for all of my Clemson students.  Though Ohio State didn’t play, the next best thing happened-----DOWN goes DABO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!