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Comment 28 Feb 2019

Enough about Coach McCaffery.  Let's talk about the basketball folks who should really be held accountable for their actions/OR LACK THERE OF-------Team managers.  LOL

Just saw an ESPN article about IUP having to wear Edinboro's old road unis, because the team manager FORGOT to bring them.  REALLY?  I thought all they had to do, besides handing out water and towels, and placing chairs for the players during time-outs, was:  REMEMBER TO BRING THE UNIFORMS. 

At least the Crimson Hawks won the game 87-59, clinching their conference west division crown.  I wonder what the players chose for that Team Manager to wear home on the 100 plus mile bus ride after the game?  LOL

Comment 28 Feb 2019

The High School basketball coach where I taught used that type of language during practice all the time.  But, it was overlooked because he had successful teams.  

I used to live next to the parents of a former OSU football player, Vic Stottlemeyer.  I heard stories about Woody Hayes' kicking his players during practice.  It appears we looked upon Woody in awe.  Was he any different than McCaffery?

Comment 28 Feb 2019

I substitute teach in the public schools.  For some, this type of language is just typical "every day" conversation.  They don't even have to be upset to say it.  It is part of their outside "playground vernacular."  Very difficult at times for that NOT to seep into our adult minds and hearts.  That is why Ephesians 4:29 is important:  "Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen." 

I have played, coached, viewed as a fan, and officiated during athletics.  I can tell you, even officials are not perfect.  It is a good thing we as fans are not fined for the language we use in the stands during games.       

After witnessing the LACK OF OFFICIATING during the Saints' NFL playoff game, it appears at times, agreeing with McCaffery's comment, that cheating does take place.  However, Matthew 12:36 states: "But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken."

I appreciate Fran taking responsibility for his comments.

Go Bucks!

Comment 16 Jan 2019

My son was only 10 when he and I were there.  One of his favorite memories also.  And, the ASU fans were ticked off when we saw them at Disneyland the next day.

Comment 08 Jan 2019

WOW, kind of neat thinking back to 1969.  Bo went from a winning team with Woody, to create a winning program UN, spurring on the best rivalry in sports.  Here, these 2 UM guys, know what a winning team looks like down here and defect.  Inverted deja vu?  LOL  How long will it take before TBDBITL introduces these 2 new guys to the words from "We don't give a da_ _ for the whole state of m_ _ _ _ _ _?   Oh, silly me, Coach Washington already knows the words from his Dad, right?

BOOM, BOOM, BOOM, as Harbaugh is hearing the fire works going off in his head.   And, mind you, it is not due to celebratory fashion.  

Comment 02 Jan 2019

I am surprised he isn't gone already.  He must be having 2nd thoughts?  Why would he "Hold Out" about whether he leaves?  That does nothing for him, right?  No reason to be 50/50 if he really is leaving.  I think it showed last night he had a great season with the Buckeyes because of the pass protection.  He still needs experience developing as an even BETTER QB, and reading defenses when the protection isn't good.  BUT, REALLY, HOW DO YOU TURN DOWN MILLIONS, unless you really want to continue being a BUCKEYE?  Thanks, Dwayne for what you have done for TOSU this season.  We fans appreciate you!

Go, Coach Day!  GO BUCKS!

Glad the OSU Bucks are doing well.  Go, Coach Holtmann!  Won't be quite as long of an off season, waiting for football to begin again. 

Comment 01 Jan 2019

Thank you, Urban for the last 7 years!  Great job!

Now, Mr. Day-please don't tell us Buckeye fans you have a lot of friends in the coaching business.

Those of us who lived through the Tressel years (time-wise and "feeling like heart attack-wise") want you to keep the pedal down, even if your opponent was a mentor.  

One game I thought I could actually breathe in the 2nd half, DIDN'T HAPPEN, once again.

I am grateful the defense played well enough to win.  

I hope Mr. Haskins learned tonight that NFL guys will be chasing after him all the time.  Hope he is ready for that as well as the cash.  Thank you, Dwayne, for a great season!

But, hey after watching Northwestern, I realize a team can make a big turn around in the 2nd half.

So, I AM THANKFUL THE BUCKS WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment 20 Dec 2018

I was one who said I didn't want Fields, but that was before knowing about the Mathis flip.  We lose 1, we gain 1, right?  Even trade?  If he is that good, then let the competition begin, Tate.  May the best man win. 

I believe Ryan will chose for his starter, whichever QB gives the Buckeyes their best chance to succeed.

WOW!  Recruiting has definitely ratcheted up over the years.  Been exciting reading about the talent out there.  Glad the Buckeyes are always in the mix!


Comment 18 Dec 2018

I think I understand Northwestern's logic.  Keep as many OSU fans from attending.  Instead of the usual 60 % scarlet and gray in the stands, possibly only 45% on a Friday night?

But, you see what you did to people's work schedules, right?  Now they will just take Thursday off, and make a 4 day weekend out of it.  Good try Wildcats!  

Once again, we appreciate your "thinking out of the box," since you are an academic Big 10 school.  But, I would guess still a possibility of 60 % Buckeyes fans, with their resounding "O-H-I-O" echoing throughout Ryan Field in the 4th quarter.

Comment 16 Dec 2018

Congratulation's, Student-Athletes!  I learned something new today, that Cheerleaders are a part of this group.  I suppose it is due to them attending competitions, within their "sport?"  I would also like to thank the MUSICIANS of TBDBITL, whom may have graduated today; those who also work their tails off marching AND playing (180 beats per minute during the Ramp entrance) during the Fall. 

When I lived in Ohio, I had heard some school Districts were considering offering students in marching band a P.E. credit, considering the physical activity involved during parades, football games and competitions.

Yes, I realize TBDBITL is just a group of musicians, whom already receive college credit for their participation in marching band, but the more I think about it, not only are they playing the correct notes, they are also performing athletically.  Congratulation's, MUSICAL Student-Athletes!  We thank you for your performance on Thanksgiving, and look forward to your strenuous "athletic" work in the Granddaddy of them all Parade, as well as the Rose Bowl Pre-game and Half-time shows.

Merry Christmas Buckeye fans!

Go Bucks!  OH--

Comment 14 Dec 2018

College recruiting for football is becoming like basketball.  Not only is it difficult for the coaches, but also for the fans.  One and done on the court made it difficult for teams to remain at the top from year to year.  Now there are 2 years and your done for gridiron players.  But, somehow teams like Bama remain at the top, or should I say, most of the time beat the teams they are supposed to beat from year to year, though they lose players early. 

Coaches must recruit 4 & 5 stars in order to remain competitive in this play-off system era.  So, they understand they will only have them a couple of years, before they move on to the NFL.  But, as fans, it is tough knowing these great players will move on early.  For those players that have their degrees-AWESOME!  For them it is time to move on, no matter what their football eligibility is within the program.  But, again, as fans, it makes it tough.  

Bottom line-root for your favorite college team, or alma mater, no matter who plays from year to year.  Be happy that OSU is one of the top teams in the nation, and always in the hunt for glory.

I am thankful for Tress, and Urban who had the Buckeyes in the conversation every year.  And, though Coop struggled to beat TTUN, he also brought OSU to the forefront.  Ever since Woody began, it has been fun to be a fan of THE.  And I would be remiss not to mention Earle.  Though he also struggled with the maize and blue--HE WAS A BUCKEYE THROUGH AND THROUGH.  Thank you gentlemen!  It is great to be a Buckeye fan!

Comment 12 Dec 2018

“When I said I wasn’t sure, I was just talking,” Jones said. “I was playing regardless.”--JONES

What does that mean "I was just talking?"  Do we wonder why we should believe anyone when the press is involved?  How do we know what the truth is?  Should player interviews be conducted in the future?  

Or, how about all of us just take each article we read with a grain of salt!  There is a good chance their story may change over the next week or so anyway, right?

I am glad Dre'Mont is playing, but if he knew he was "playing regardless," he may have been better served to use the BETTER TRADITIONAL comment of 'NO COMMENT.'  Saying "We'll see" creates a Pandora's box of speculation for the media.

Go Bucks, beat the Huskies!  But, who knows, by the time we play Washington, maybe they will have changed their nickname, right?  Stay tuned to your local newspaper men and women, for all the real facts.  However, beware, if one of those local reporters contains a first name of Brett.  For then we may not be able to distinguish between reality, hearsay, or rumor.