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Comment 13 Nov 2019

Thinking of a ‘Home Alone 2’ reference by Marv as the toolbox descends the steps:  “That’s the sound of a D-end coming right for us.”  Good Luck, PSU, ttun, Minny/Wisky again, Clemson and Georgia OR ????????  Welcome back, Chase!    And, referencing Mr. T.:  “I Pity you Fools.”  GO BUCKS!!!!  De-armor the Knights!

Comment 10 Nov 2019

As usual tv announcers like to hear themselves talk instead of “calling” the game.  While #55 (Jones) lay injured, and even after the officials’ time out commercial out for injury, they continued to talk about Chase Young being out.   I had to look on the roster who Matthew Jones was.  Thanks FOX!   I thought Gus and Klatt were better than ESPN.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

So, I guess this “family friend” WAS an agent?  Otherwise, why else is this even an issue?  So, the bottom line, according to Feldman: we should avoid having family friends?  Give me a break, NCAA.  Go Bucks!  Beat the Terps!  We will find out how sorry Maryland was that Zach Harrison/AND FELLOW SILVER BULLETS were playing in Chase’s absence.  O-H-  

Comment 07 Nov 2019

With these game trailers I am glad the games start at noon.  8:00 pm is too long to wait to see the Buckeyes put the hammer down, as an older fan watching the tv from home.  Go Bucks, beat the Turtles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

Comment 27 Oct 2019

And, after we expose PSU’s defense, same will be said of the Kitty cat’s D.  Of course ttun showed how overrated “as usual” ND is.  Bring on Minnesota, Iowa, OR Wisky again.  Time for the Final 4.  That is if we don’t trip up AT Rutgers. (Stay away from any pre-game meal the Scarlet Knight’s faithful may want to provide.  LOL)  Maryland better get ready for a beat down in C-bus (as Gus Johnson would say.)

Go, Bucks!  Rest up.  Thanks for the great ride thus far!  O-H-  

Comment 24 Oct 2019

Looks like the biggest challenge Saturday for OSU will be the rain.  Hopefully Coach Day has more confidence in former GA. QB, Justin Fields, throwing the ball in the rain, than Kirby Smart did with his current QB, Jake Fromm, against Kentucky.  The Bucks will show if they really are a Top 4 team.  Can they play in difficult circumstances?  Looked for awhile in the 1st quarter against the Wildcats Saturday, they needed different cleats on regular grass.  How will they do on our slippery field turf?   However, Blake Haubeil had NO trouble on the “dew covered” grass during his 55 yarder.

GO BUCKS!  “Slide” past the Badgers by 30?  O-H-

Comment 20 Oct 2019

Complacency has always come against mediocre teams.  Badgers are a good team, plus their bodies/minds will be on 11 am time.  If we have trouble at home against Badgers, will NOT look good in AA, no matter what Wolvies record is.

Comment 20 Oct 2019

So we only win 18-3?  I‘m, sorry this time I believe we will definitely cover the spread.  Go, Minnesota! Keep on winning, Gophers.  AND-Go Buckeyes, beat Wisky this week!                                                                                                                                                                          

Comment 19 Oct 2019

I apologize for my vote ‘Ask me after they play Wisconsin’ !  Nobody in Big 10 can match our offense. Like PSU, UM, Iowa, and Northwestern, the Badgers may have a “D” but need to do more than run. Taylor is going down.  Badgers were counting their chickens, and the chickens came back to bite.  LOL  2007 déjà vu.  Hopefully playing Wisconsin twice has been eliminated.  *Only other team with an equal offense, but lack of “D” is LSU.   GO BUCKS!!!!!!  

Comment 29 Sep 2019

Dear Elevenwarriors Staff,

I need some help identifying OSU players, compared to the numbers listed on this sites’ Roster.

Last week during Chase Young’s 2nd sack fumble recovery play, a #27 was called for an Unsportsmanlike penalty.  According to Elevenwarriors we don’t have a #27.  Then last night, Herbstreit said Proctor was the one who chased down Martinez during the 50 yard run.  Tommy Eichenberg is listed on the roster as #41.  I did see that Proctor was listed as #41 on the 9/27/19 Nebraska depth chart.

Do the coaches change players’ numbers on occasion?  Is Elevenwarriors unable to edit the Roster shown on this site at the top?

Did the referee make a mistake last week about the #27?


Go Bucks, Beat Sparty!

Comment 29 Sep 2019

Nebraska was supposed to have an offense, and the D gave up just 7 points, on the road, with some "non-regulars" in.  

MSU doesn't really have an offense, and the game is in Columbus, at NIGHT, again.  Sorry Coach Dantonio, but unless you get 3 defensive scores, it could be a long night for your Spartans.  

I believe with OSU finally handling Indiana, after close seasonal match-ups in the past, the curse has broken of mediocre Big 10 teams providing trouble.

Only way the game is close is if the scarlet and gray GIVE the ball away.  And, even if that occurs, I don't believe Bachie, by himself, will keep Field's/DAY'S offense in check.

Go Buckeyes!  Beat Sparty.  And, yes I realize that will allow the 2 loss SEC team, Aggies, the opportunity to remain AP's #25 all by their lonesome, since they have a BYE.