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Born in South Korea, moved to Canada when I was 14, lived all over Canada for last 17 years.
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Comment 22 Oct 2020

I doubt we will give up 30+ points but I'm a bit worried about Coombs calling defensive plays.

I don't doubt he will be serviceable from game 1 and will improve as season goes on, but is he going to be elite by the time playoff comes along?

Would he be as good as other elite defensive playcallers who's been calling plays for decades? Or are we that good on all other aspect of the game, we don't need an elite defensive caller to win it all? 

I remember Urban Meyer saying most of work is done during preparation but I can assume playcalling ability still matters.

Can't wait!!!

Comment 12 Aug 2020

BTW I won't hope for outbreaks if they do play. I think it is much bigger than football. I rather get back to normal sooner than watch a season of fotball. Even though I think this season could be legendary for Ohio State fans.

I just don't want to see huge outbreaks and drag this pandemic even longer. The city I live in Canada only has just over 200 active cases but it still feels like the pandemic will last for while.

And yes, I replied to my own post haha

Comment 12 Aug 2020

Am I the only one thinking if SEC, Big 12 and ACC do play football season, that could be absoulate "killer" for their 2021 recruitng and beyond?

Lots people on this thread is saying the confereces will negative recruit against B1G and PAC 12 for having commissioners who won't back their conferences when they are fighting for a playoff spot which I think is a weak argument. If there is an outbreak and players face severe complications or even worse, it would be so easy to say "our athletes safety and well-being is our number one priority over school's profit so you can trust us as we've demonstrated before."

I just can't understand how thousands of athletes can play a contact sport safely without number of outbreaks. MLB players are having outbreaks and I don't know if you can expect young college athletes to be more deligent Plus, there are way more football players in those 3 conferences compare to entire MLB roaster.

Comment 12 Jun 2020

He looks great and I have no doubt he will have much improved season this year.

However, I wish he took weight training and nutrition more seriously in college.

Most likely costed him $10M+ (Rookie Contract: Daniel Jones - $25.7M, Dwayne Haskins - $14.4M)

Comment 09 Dec 2019

I believe tOSU deserve #1 spot because objectively we are the best team but I don't have a big issue with LSU being #1.

I always thought vs. ranked opponents is kind of overrated stat.

Say a team is #10 who played 5 ranked opponents ranked #21-#25 that doesn't mean the schedule is tougher than a team playing only 3 ranked opponents ranked #1-#3 (say tOSU, bama, Clemson). The first case the team would likely to go 5-0 and could finish the regular season with 12-0 (playoff bound) but the second case the team is more than likely to go 0-3 in those games and at the best finish the regular season 9-3 and .

I think the top opponents matters more than just "vs ranked opponent" because there are many so-so team get ranked. LSU beat Bama, Florida, Georgia and Auburn. I believe that schedule is tougher than our top 4 of PSU, TTUN, Wisc x2 mostly because of Bama.

I'm excited to face both Clemson and LSU in playoff though. Those games are going to be epic!!

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Although I believe LSU will win, I’d love to see Georgia upset them. Not discounting Wisconsin at all but for an argument sake, assume we will win the B1G championship, I’d love to see Buckeyes face LSU and Clemson. However, I’d prefer not to face LSU in their back yard in the championship game. The championship game should be at a neutral site.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved how dominate Buckeyes has been this year but we have not had any thrilling games this year. Call me crazy but I love watching the games that take 10 years off my life!

Everyone is saying this is THE best Ohio State team ever assembled in modern era and I do believe it so I’m not afraid of any potential match ups. I believe LSU and Clemson will give us the most exciting games so I’d love to face LSU in Arizona for semis and Clemson in Louisiana for the championship!!!

But first, beat Wisconsin!

Comment 27 Nov 2019

I don't understand your logic in that I'm not appreciating the coaches dedication by asking a hypothetical question. You don't know me, don't question my fandom and gratitude towards the coaches and players just because I wish someone asks a mere question to see between the game and the national championship which weighs more to each coach for an entertainment purpose. If someone asked the question and the coaches actually gave an answer, it would be a big story and a good debate topic for all college football fans. I'm sure it'd be on PTI.

Also, it's an extreme scenario but if a coach goes 14-1 every season with victory over that team vs. a coach goes 14-1 national champion every single year with the only loss to that team, who would be considered to had a better tenure? The coach always chocked or the coach always had the best team in the country (AKA dynasty) but got owned by the rival.

If Meyer and Tressel did not win the national championship but still have the record they have against that team, would they still have the same legacy? Why were so many people disappointed about 2015 season when we won The Game? The game is THE GAME but the national championship is also a big deal, especially to recruits and college football fans outside of Ohio State/TTUN.

Meyer is citing the results over 7 games/seasons/his entire Ohio State coaching career, where as the question is for a single hypothetical season. Not the same. If Meyer had 7 national championships (every single year as a HC of Ohio State) and only 1 win against that team, it’s reasonable to think that he would say 7 national championships are the biggest accomplishment, not a single win vs. that team.

Lastly, don't ever question a man's love for Ohio State football, I'm triggered. lol

Comment 26 Mar 2019

Not 100% sure but wouldn't money for the payment have to come somewhere? Nike can't show that kind of payments on their financials so they will have to move around money.

Rick Singer is getting charged with money laundering too.