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Comment 17 Jul 2015

This is interesting idea.

I think JT could start the game since he is the most balanced quarterback out of 3.

Then if we are ahead by 2nd half, Braxton can takeover with his running ability to kill the clock. (Braxton got killer arms too but his obvious running ability stands out)

If we are behind, Cardale can takeover in 2nd half since he got the cannons that can score long TDs.

Also, we can go Braxton if we are facing teams with bad run defense and/or good pass defense.

With that said, I think Braxton will be our starting quarterback considering he fits the Meyer's offense the best out of 3.

Comment 07 Dec 2014

1. Alabama 2. Ohio State 3. Oregon 4. Florida State.

We still get the same match up for Semi-finals. Plus:

National Championship: #1. Alabama vs. #2. Ohio State = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I don't think the order of Top 4 really matters... If you are in you are in...

Comment 30 May 2014

Brojim, if you really didn't mean to bring him down, I guess that's just how you express yourself everyday and I have nothing else to say.

It just came off as you are attacking him and I think I'm not the only one saw it that way according to multiple down votes.

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to criticize the way you are. That's not my business.

Comment 30 May 2014

Do you know the Buckeyes and their needs better than the head coach, I think not. 

Why, what did he do to you? 

Asking questions is not an attack. However, I don't know those are really questions.

Did you actually think TG might have done something to AB1993 personally?

At least you could have phrased it differently.

I don't want to take AB1993's side but c'mon man, we are all here to share information and support our team together, we don't need to bring someone down for no apparent reason.



Comment 29 May 2014

Brojim, why do you want TG? What did TG do for you?

I know some people here are not a big fan of TG but I want him to be in this class like you.

However, there is no need to attack a guy for saying he doesn't want TG in this class tho.

Some people have concerns with his recent trouble and/or his passing game.


Comment 12 May 2014

If we are up by one and there's almost no time left in the game. They could run out the clock but he gets a TD and give the other team a chance to tie up with a TD and 2 point conversion. I know I will scream at TV if that happens. (That will be the first time seeing a TD from a victory formation but crazier things have happened before)

Comment 12 May 2014

Cool idea but then wouldn't every Junior try to test the water? I guess they will have to risk getting drafted low but there could be like 1000s Juniors declare for the NFL, knowing they can come back if they miss. Especially "unqualified" Juniors..

Comment 06 May 2014

I usually pizza after the beers.. then I gym it to lose that calories...

Comment 06 May 2014

I think it is still too early to call tOSU QB recruiting "so pathetic."

First year of Urban Meyer era, we already had Cardale Jones committed.

Second year, Urban got the QB who he wanted in JT Barrett.

Third year was a struggle but I wouldn't call Stephen Collier "so pathetic" since he made it to Nike The Opening and it seems like he is a smart kid with a great potential.

This year.................. It's only May and we are still in on Terrance Gibson. Also, there will be new high school QBs on the rise when 2014 season starts.



Comment 02 Apr 2014

Joining a gang or not going to college at all were never an issue so I think they are irrelevant.

Saying "she is basically telling all of us how much she doesn't trust her own son", is just your assumption without reasonable and adequate facts to back it up. You cannot and should not judge someone with ambiguous information. In my opinion, it seems like you are judging Malik's mom.

Yes, many kids can hang out and be around others and not let them affect their decisions and choices. However, in Malik's case, in my opinion, one of the main reason Malik wants to go to MSU is because many of his friends are going to MSU. In my opinion, Malik's decision is affected by his friends. Also, reportedly, one of the main reason Desean Jackson was released by Eagles was because of people he associate with. Or when Michael Vick went to jail with dog fighting, didn't he say he wasn't thinking how bad it actually was because it was accepted by people around him? Those two, plus, Aaron Hernandaz, and many other players go into the NFL have to deal with their past.

Here's a quote from an article regarding Aaron Hernandaz,
“A lot of guys come into the NFL haunted by the past,’’ said Tully Banta-Cain, Hernandez’s Patriots teammate in 2010. “Some guys overcome it and some continue to be haunted throughout their careers if they’re not able to disassociate themselves from certain people or certain atmospheres. Aaron may have fallen victim to that.’’
Source: http://www.bostonglobe.com/sports/2013/08/14/hometown-link-double-life-aaron-hernandez/JA34t8HVP3srfqakDqHb1K/story.html
There are many concerns about social influence, and Malik' mom doesn't want to risk her son to go through something similar to what Michael Vick or Aaron Hernendez had to go through, even though it might not be as extreme as those cases.

Seems like we are totally different, I cannot agree with a lot of your comments and wanted to reply.

"Basically she thinks he is making a mistake by selecting a college"
She doesn't think he is making a mistake by selecting a college but the reason behind it draws concerns for her.

"do tell what that reason is?" - reason for her not supporting Malik's decision
Reportedly, MSU players were telling Malik that he doesn't have to go to classes, MSU coaches went behind her back and told Malik to "Man-Up" instead trying to convince her they will manage all of her concerns the way that will satisfy her, perceived bad influence from Malik's friends that will attend MSU with him, also there may or may not be other reasons that aren't public.

"You tell any parent their child wants to go to college for any reason (ON A FULL RIDE) and they will accept it and sign anywhere."
If there are many choices, like Malik does, they rather pick the best option than signing anywhere.

"This is not her choice to make and she should be happy he is even attempting to go to college"
It is not, but its her choice to support his decision to go to MSU or not. She knows even without her support Malik can go to MSU one way or another, like I said, there could be reasons to not support her even though she knows he will go to MSU. (i.e. Malik could be more motivate to prove her wrong, compare to her letting him do what he wants without much resistance. He might not have that "fire" in him in later case)

"To not sign that form when he clearly prefers to go to MSU is a poor decision because he could have chosen another University for many worse reasons"

Yes, but he could have chosen another University for reasons that is reasonable to her as well.

"Plus he will find friends who might do the same at other Universities. He might have coaches that don't care about his education at other Universities."

If the report that MSU players telling him they don't have to go to classes is true, maybe to her MSU seems to be one of the University fall into this category?

"I was quite aware of all those reason thank you. Its BS if that is all of her reason"

Sorry, it seems to me you are judging her again without knowing her or her family. Please stop calling her reasons BS.

"I think the one thing you are leaving out is that she is in favor of Michigan and has bias towards MSU to start with. Which is even more BS."

Didn't Malik's parents say they want Malik to get out of state of MI?

"to me, that is not valid enough"

It is none of our business and she doesn't need validation from us


I cannot spend anymore time replying but bottom line, we should not judge Malik's or Malik's mom without personally knowing them. (Even if I knew them, I wouldn't judge but if I have to judge someone I want all the facts clearly laid out)

Please know I have no personal issues with you. In fact, I usually enjoy your comment on this site.

I just wanted to reply to your comments on this topic because it seems your are bit too harsh on his mom.

Just so you know, I do not agree how she handled Malik's recruiting, if I was in her shoes, I would have done many things differently but everyone has different way to do things and we should try to respect and understand that. At the end of the day, she means well.


Comment 01 Apr 2014

Squirrel Master,

I think you are "putting her down" when you are calling her reasons for not support Malik's decision "BS" or compare her behavior to "crap", especially when we don't have all the facts and not really knowing the family.

Like you said, I agree that it is not her choice to make decision for him, but she can choose whether to support Malik's decision or not.

What if she is not signing the LOI, so Malik will be motivated to prove her wrong?

At the end of the day, we won't lose any sleep over what happens to Malik, but his mom will.


Comment 01 Apr 2014

I should have waited till tomorrow to ask a question... totally forgot what day it is haha

Still got answers and more laughs... Thanks everyone!

Comment 14 Feb 2014

First of all, thank you very much for all your hard work Jason! Some of us are having a little bit hard time getting used to the change but hope you know we all appreciate your hard work and just want to help you anyway we can. So please excuse us if we are too involved and interfering your work little bit. We all have good intentions.

I think I kinda know why we are having a hard time with the front page. I think it will help a lot if those top three articles are also listed in the reverse chronological order as well. I'm not sure if I'm explaining in clear manner but if you check out www.probasketballtalk.com it might be easier for you to understand. They have a similar front page set up with three featured articles on top but those three articles are also in reverse chronological order as well. I find it helps me to know when the article came out and if I missed any articles.

For the issues about the forum, I think I understand what OP was trying to say. I also found myself reading same old topics over and over again and missing out on new topics. I think it is because forum default setting for the order is by most replies not the latest comment. If I double click latest comments, it is just like old website and easier to pick out newer topics and recent comments. It will help other members navigate through forums.

Also, the new comments on forums are harder to identify. Before, it was highlight with yellow box so it was easier to identify new comments when I'm quickly scrolling through the topic but with the new site, unless I look closely, I can easily miss the new comments.

I know you must be stressed with all of our requests and suggestions, but please know we all have good intentions and would greatly appreciate if you give our suggestions a little thought. Thank you very much and hope you have a great weekend.


Comment 12 Feb 2014

Kyle, love the way you highlighted a cool quote from Ash in the article, like a lot of magazine articles do!

Maybe you've done it before and I might not noticed it but with the new site, it looks good with red texts standing out!