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Comment 07 Aug 2018

He did everything 100% by the book!

You assuming this is just as bad as the media assuming he was covering everything up for years.  I hope hope hope hope and pray he did everything 100% by the book, but we won't know that until the investigation is done and all the facts come out.  Let us not be hypocrites. 

Comment 04 Aug 2018


There's a reason this is a thing.  Pathetic state of the media in this country.

Comment 02 Aug 2018
Is a suspension possible for Urban or is it fired or nothing? I could see a 4 game or so suspension getting the message across and would fit the "crime" much more than a firing. If he did know, he made a mistake, albeit a mistake many would make in his same situation, but a mistake none the less. This mistake however is no where near firing worthy in my opinion.
Comment 11 Mar 2018

Nick Bosa.  Imagine him getting the snap, pitching it to Dobbins then lead blocking.  Auto TD every time. 

Comment 09 Mar 2018

I think he earns playing time in our new look offense (assuming Haskins wins the QB comp).  With an NFL arm guy like Haskins in there CJ will eat guys alive with precise routes while the burners like Parris and Dixon take the top off and the box has to be loaded to stop the 2 headed monster at RB.  The offense this year may be the best weve seen in the Urban Meyer era.