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Comment 29 Jul 2014

Glad you posted that article. I just want people to understand that if they didn't do anything the whole university would be screwed and things would be much worse. I don't know if they're just naive or blinded with emotion and it want what's best for the band but the university comes first

Comment 29 Jul 2014

I was doing alright not saying anything but I'm just as annoyed as everyone about the band matter...

I was in band for 5 years including when waters took over...I'll defend he was trying to change the culture slowly but trying..just not in a rush since he was more concerned about the next show..he didn't have an effect on my life like he did others so I can understand how others are quick to defend him from his firing but I also believe that they are defending him with too much blind emotion and not thinking about the students who were affected...they'll say well there's only a small amount mentioned in the report but that's enough to make people question, and only God knows there could be more that haven't spoken...to me I think it's selfish to not think of the ones affected even if you had no problem with what went on behind closed doors...I didn't have a problem with everything like the midnight ramp and others personally but I can understand some can have a problem and you're absolutely right that you can't ignore that..some would say well if you didn't like it, you could've just left...well no just like everyone before me, they wanted to be in the band as much as others and just because they have less of a tolerance for being a little embarrassed doesn't mean we should say well if you don't like it just leave..they have every right to put the uniform on and perform just like the others who made it..to say leave if you're uncomfortable is f****** stupid. I've never seen anyone tell someone that but I've seen at least one leave band early because they were uncomfortable..

i was young and dumb in band just like everyone else..not as bad as others but we made it by...it wasn't until my fifth year when I realized things felt different where I can see from an older point of view that made me think man why are we doing this? Just to uphold tradition? It may have been great in the 60s and 70s but that time is gone ...grant it I was ready to graduate whenever tryouts were over so maybe because I grew up, I was over the secrets of the band, or none of what they were doing like rookie tricks or names wasn't funny anymore...i was going to keep them a secret til the day I die but that's kind of pointless now isn't it..I only went back to band to enjoy one last year of football Saturdays and friends in my row...to wear that uniform again, March into the stadium to perform for 105,000 and be part if the sacred ritual that is ohio state football when combined with TBDBITL, shows the world how great the university is..

i know a lot of band members current and former are probably going to be upset at me...that's fine because I've moved on..I just want them to think about this situation more openly instead of closed minded...they're blaming a president who's only been there for a few weeks until this report came into his lap so what else could he really do? A decision had to be made and if it wasn't I can guarantee things would be a lot worse...the band is bigger than Jon but the university is bigger than the band and that's what Drake was doing, looking out for the students and the university..they'll say he doesn't understand the band...again he hasn't been here that long so cut some slack...could there have been another sentence besides firing? Of course but we won't know until further down the road when the investigation has more information..

did he deserve to get fired? I don't think so unless there's something bigger that we don't know about but it's done...let it settle for now and keep an open mind...instead of we stand with Jon how about we stand with TBDBITL? I know they'll say but we do stand with them but you're making him bigger than the band when he clearly isn't...even he said he wasn't bigger than the band I'll give him that credit from one of his many winded speeches..instead of raising money for a banner flown by a plane, support the students trying out for TBDBITL even after all of this crap...how would it feel being a freshmen coming to the band that you've wanted to be in for years, trying out for the first time then finding out all of this? What would you honestly do? If you're upset about the firing that's fine..I'm not because I'm trying to keep an open mind to the subject since rules were broken..but support the kids..support their shows..support all the scrutiny they're about to hear about once they put the uniform on..you think fans from opposing teams will drop this? They're going to have a hell of a year not just putting on shows but handling this scandal..so put your Jon flyers down and shift that for supporting TBDBITL

Comment 21 Jun 2014

I don't see why people root for Conferences. You root against the teams who play OSU but then you root for them in the bowl games? I root for Ohio State and to be the best you have to beat the best which isn't in the B1G. I hate the SEC but I would love to play against the big schools on a weekly basis. They just need to do the super conferences for the east and west sides of the country to settle this conference nonsense. 

Comment 28 May 2013

Ramzy you've done it again!! Sweet article!

Comment 07 Feb 2013

I think the 9 game conference sounds more ideal but that's just me. One less cupcake to pay and maybe have a better strength of schedule

Comment 22 Nov 2012

35-16 Bucks. The Silver Bullets make big plays on D and force Hoke to have a heart attack

Comment 02 Nov 2012


I honestly will buy every poster from this season and put them on my wall if you sold them to the public! They're all awesome