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  • COLLEGE BASKETBALL PLAYER: JJ Sullinger (Yes, JJ. Not Jared)
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Comment 15 Feb 2018

So Haskins is the presumed starter due to a game in which they legitimately considered burning a kid's redshirt for less than 2 quarters to put in over DH7? C'mon guys don't fall for Haskins the way you did JT or else I'll have to get irritated with Haskins too; I don't wanna dislike Haskins simply because a blog loves him too much. And based on the quotes you guys put in the article about Tate switching positions he hardly even insinuated he'd switch positions. You guys twisted some words and ran with it; and you haven't stopped running with it since; as far as I can tell.

He probably will start but chill with the crown. I think they all three have a pretty legitimate chance to start the 2018 opener. I unfortunately think Burrow will transfer so I'd be a little surprised if he's the guy, but I wouldn't be against it. Won't be against anyone Urbs rolls out there, I just wouldn't assume anything.   

Comment 11 Jan 2018

As far as Heisman odds if Patterson possibly not playing is a reason he should be lower, couldn't the same argument be made for Haskins? He's guaranteed nothing either and, honestly, if Patterson doesn't get an NCAA waiver then there's something wrong. Also, anyone know why JK isn't listed? Only thing I can think of is having to give away some carries to Weber with his return next season. 

Also let's rejoice that we can all actually be excited for a Buckeye basketball game again tonight. Haven't felt like this since Aaron Craft was locking down opposing point guards. 

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Your chart doesn't prove anything other than Marcus Baugh had stone hands...while the other top 2 are in the league (one on an historic pace). Blind love for JTBIV. Your second gif actually shows his lack of a deep ball since he under threw a WIDE OPEN terry Mclaurin. That is not to defend Zone6 Coach Smith needs to do more than just recruit. But please stop worshiping 16.   

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Since when have any of you over at 11w been a JT critic? For the last four years you all have written about the quarterback as if he walks on water. And you'll be the same with Haskins since you all firmly planted yourselves on his bandwagon before you ever saw him play a down of college football. You only the other day wrote about Tate Martell potentially winning the job, before that Haskins was the heir apparent and you still assume he is. You all were firmly in Emory Jones' camp as well, even after he proved to be a headcase. It took til signing game before you referenced his silly "game." You can make fun of Urban falling in love with QBs all you want (cause it's true) but your band of writers is the same way. 

Comment 23 May 2017

Just like this is supposed to mark 2 decades in which Luke Fickell isn't a part of Ohio State; even though he was with the Saints for a year and coached 2 years at Akron. Or that 85 yards through the heart of the south wasn't even the longest run from scrimmage that season, let alone the Coach Meyer era. JT ran an 86 yard touchdown against Minnesota earlier that season; which I'm surprised was missed given 11w's blind love for him. #FactCheck 

Comment 17 May 2017

I basically created this profile to comment on this, so excuse me being a little late. The fact that JT is #1 on this list blows my mind. Is he one of our better players and leaders? Absolutely. But he is not indispensable. I don't really know what this infatuation with JT is all about. If him being a Heisman contender speaks to being indispensable then what about Braxton in 2014? He had been our best player for 2 years at that point and we still won a title without him; that makes him dispensable. In case someone somehow forgot we also won that title without JT too. With how badly our offensive line played last year 1, 2, and 3 should be Price, Jones, and Jordan. Especially since games are won upfront. And our backups look more than capable to replace JT. Does that mean they're as good or that there won't be a falloff? Of course not, but it makes JT one of the more dispensable players. This isn't a list of our top 5 players, it's a list of players we can't do without. Based on what we've seen in the past and more recently, he is not one of those players we can't live without.