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Comment 03 Dec 2018

I agree with the OP. I had wanted a playoff for decades. Every other division has had working playoffs for a long time. The nonsense about playoffs diminishing the regular season games and now if they ever expand that will diminish regular season is silly.

Conference Championship games are for making money and that is it.

I am ok with 4 but think 8 would be better. Especially since some schools are getting the most love. I know Ohio States ugly loss to Purdue hurt but I can not see how the committee thought Oklahoma was so much better than Ohio State. Georgia being ahead of Ohio State didnt matter since neither made playoffs but how the heck did they get ranked ahead?

2015 was the worst snub of Ohio State. That was the best team in the country. Lost a last second game on a FG. Did Stanford with 2 losses end up ahead of the Buckeyes?

I doubt 8 teams is on the way soon but the reasons and old narrative about regular season should not stop an 8 team playoff.

Comment 14 Nov 2018

I think they should have worn these all year long to honor the 1968 National Champs. Cooper did it in 1993 for the 25th anniversary.

Well actually they should be the permanent uniforms.

Comment 09 Nov 2018

I am not the kind of person who is afraid for my team Ohio State. I would much rather have the chance to win it all. The Rose Bowl would be no big deal to me. The playoffs is always where Ohio State should aim for.

I agree with you Buck298

Comment 08 Nov 2018

The recruits love them line is total BS. Since there are so many teams wearing so many alternate unis. If only one program did it such as Oregon used to do it makes sense.

Comment 25 Oct 2018

Boring, Does anybody connected with Ohio State watch college football? They should take notice of how many teams have been wearing black for blacks sake. It is overdone. And I dont fall for the black is in Ohio States color palette. I would rather see throwbacks that were actually worn in the past. Or an all scarlet uniform or a better looking all gray. The last 2 alternates were not good and  this is nothing to be excited about.

Surely OSU can do better than copying every other school with the black.

Comment 09 Aug 2018

Yep, that is what it should look like. I think Illinois "gray ghost" excuse is really lame.  As for PJ Fleck and the Row the boat oars and crap should not over rule any schools history or look. If he somehow became a future Buckeye coach would we have to have the Oar and his gimmicks on OSU unis?

Comment 09 Aug 2018

I too would like to see color on color for the Michigan game. Maybe not every year but once in a while. Ohio State did wear white in that game often before the 1950s because there was no rule for away games having to be white. I think Ohio State first wore white vs them in 1929.  I have not been crazy about the alternates worn vs Wolverines. Or how often they wear them.  Oh well.  I don't lose sleep over it.

As some may know I want legit throwbacks or close to what was actually worn in the past. Mix those in with alternates. The 1942 alts were one of my favorites because they were closest to what the Buckeyes actually wore. Those supposed 1954 ones were not even close. They were liked by many here for looks but the real uni would have been sweet. They wore vs USC in the RoseBowl.