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Comment 09 Nov 2019

I emailed him a while back and asked him about the uniforms. If anybody knows me they know I love the history of the uniforms as well as the great football tradition. He emailed me back a couple times. What an amazing man. He is a Buckeye and a man everybody can be proud of.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

SuomiBuckeye, That is true about not being good teams during those 2 years. But for me it is about the look or the red helmet period. I think the black unis look fine. I just know that black is so overdone in college football. Practically every team has done it. I watch a lot of college football and I see black unis way too often. It is nothing to get  excited about since Ohio State has worn them before. I think the red helmet and that uniform would look great in the current helmet style of today. black for blacks sake is overdone.

Comment 28 Sep 2019

Avery I understand and I enjoy the write up. I am just sharing the information. I love the history of the Buckeye uniforms and helmets along with the great tradition of winning football games for Ohio State. I like old game photos so here is one from 1967 Northwestern game in color. If you look closely over Rudy Hubbard # 41s body you can see a Buckeye on the red helmet.

This one has Dave Brungard and I am trying to figure out who Ohio State was playing. Brungard from Youngstown later transferred to Alabama. So he played for Woody and Bear Bryant.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

The clip from the 1919 game worked for me. It is short but great quality. Chic does a dropkick near the end.  Then note the ref on ground before he hops up and signals good for a placement kick.

Maybe Ohio State can wear 1919 replica jerseys this year. The jerseys for the 1919 game were slightly different with the friction strips in front.

There is Chic from the 1919 game film I posted.

Comment 20 Jun 2019

The video is actually not from the 1919 game but is from the 1923 game that Michigan won. I posted about this in the past. I have studied Ohio State uniform history thoroughly. In the clip shown it is Michigan guy scoring a TD. Ohio State wore socks with 2 stripes from the early 1910s up until 1928. I will post the actual 1919 game film. It was better quality. Below are images from the 1923 game Note Ohio State socks.

Comment 03 Dec 2018

I agree with the OP. I had wanted a playoff for decades. Every other division has had working playoffs for a long time. The nonsense about playoffs diminishing the regular season games and now if they ever expand that will diminish regular season is silly.

Conference Championship games are for making money and that is it.

I am ok with 4 but think 8 would be better. Especially since some schools are getting the most love. I know Ohio States ugly loss to Purdue hurt but I can not see how the committee thought Oklahoma was so much better than Ohio State. Georgia being ahead of Ohio State didnt matter since neither made playoffs but how the heck did they get ranked ahead?

2015 was the worst snub of Ohio State. That was the best team in the country. Lost a last second game on a FG. Did Stanford with 2 losses end up ahead of the Buckeyes?

I doubt 8 teams is on the way soon but the reasons and old narrative about regular season should not stop an 8 team playoff.

Comment 14 Nov 2018

I think they should have worn these all year long to honor the 1968 National Champs. Cooper did it in 1993 for the 25th anniversary.

Well actually they should be the permanent uniforms.