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Comment 30 Jul 2019
JT had his limitations but he was a great leader I think this team will gel around Fields and we going show the world what happens when u give Coach Day and CO weapons I think last year was just a preview but fact is we got no tape of Fields so we have the elements of suprising some teams with how we going to attack Its not like teams can use Haskins film or last year's Offense #GoBucks
Comment 30 Jul 2019
I posted a while back ago after Milton take his official with this incoming class I thought Robinson was a better fit. All the people in the business had him CBs to Columbus so it was real but at the 11th hour something changed for what ever reason but if u are a 5 Star freshmen and u looking up and see Crowley Chambers Teague along with JK and DMC to add maybe realize at another school u might have a better shot at early PT IDK what changed it's not my business I only cheer for those who want to be Buckeyes that's how I always followed recruiting Young adults can change they mind it happens but we'll be fine at RB regardless of #GoBucks
Comment 12 Jul 2019
Speaking of RBs it looks like we will be getting Robinson IMHO better fit locker room wise for this team I'm also excited for. Some Bucknuts believed we struggled lil at RB but when u look at our Roster and you see guys with names like Master and Steele ahead u My God! Lol plus we still have Dobbins I'm not worried about our RB room at all. Last but not least the Buckeye with the most swagger ever!!! He rides Quads around the campus dripping in fresh Adidas suits (I hope healthy) the one and only RunDMC! Best way to bring in a new QB is to surround him with a stable that's ready to go #GOBUCKS
Comment 01 Jul 2019
I dont want to be "that guy" but here goes. I've been following checking in on our Buckeyes just like every other fan but something about Kindell and his dad seems to turn me off. If he commits kool I kinda like Robinson lil better IDK it's hard to have in opinion on recruiting because parents have accounts and will jump down ur throat if u have a opinion on where recruit X might end up. I see it both ways recruits play the game with fanbase knowing their not going to that school and fans whom emotionally invested @ recruits online and say silly stuff
Comment 22 Jul 2015

Urban had A lot going on at FL i tell trolls all the time that year off was the best thing he could of did for him and his family had nothing to do with Urban being scared of Saban

Comment 17 Jul 2015

Dont be surprised if we see afew more guys get cut i heard Disney wasnt to happy about the endless spending espn was paying on air host 

Comment 10 Jul 2015

Thin line in Beamer world its all about winning football games This is perfect chance to send a msg to your team Urban suspended Hyde for not walking away footage showed Hyde wasnt in the wrong thats a clear msg to our guys that u could be next no players is above the law

Comment 10 Jul 2015

I hate reading stuff like this because it takes away from our sport instead of talking X n O's its somebody life serious situations 

Its the summer people on off campus usually get silly and shit happens but as parents/players have to be held accountable for our actions no school or program is above the law If regular Joe's like me or you did that our asses would be held to fire 

Comment 10 Jul 2015

Parent: why my son not playing?

Urban: Because he not good enough (Damn lol)

How honest can a guy be?!?! lol Happy to have Urban leading our boys into battle one more time I remember reading Urban said he doesnt believe in automatically sitting or Red Shirting players If a kid is good enough he will play

Comment 09 Jul 2015

Up Tempo style i dont think its possible to have the strength needed to bust bigger teams in the mouth. U train to be track stars up and down the field but then to have the girth to physically bang in the trenches is something totally different IDK maybe its just me but thats asking alot Track runners usually are very lean not big and strong 

like most of us here in Buckeye land i ve watched the title game about 4x already and by second Quarter u can see how tired OR Offense was hands on hips and sucking in alot of wind from our defense 

Comment 08 Jul 2015

I ve said this all along and i will say it again The only trap game to tOSU is OURSELF How many games last year where close because we kept those teams hanging around we made silly mistakes in first half 

Our problems came from shooting ourselves in the foot then once we shook it off we blew teams out the gym We approach every game with a real hunger to defend our crown, we'll be even more deadly then last year