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Comment 02 Feb 2020
And my thought to that group is that they should go somewhere else. The statistics and facts are what the coaches promote, most kids don't make the NFL, and most don't even blow up in college. Degrees last forever, and nobody can take your education away from you. The program wants kids who realize this bc it fosters the correct culture (winning should not be all that matters). Then again, I will also say the coaches can also point to Zeke, JK, Michael Thomas and the various NFL defensive ROYs for some more statistics.
Comment 27 Jan 2020
Just another team gents. Just another team. I for one like the regular updates about the Clemy Tigers, Bama Tide and Georgia Bulldogs as its good to know who the competition is. I would welcome more news about where top recruits swarm when a team lands multiple 5* prospects everyone is pursuing. Its called newsworthy.
Comment 26 Jan 2020
Problem is there is no spring football in OH unlike down south. Why the OHSAA has not implemented 7on7 is beyond me? At the least one would think Ohio college coaches would push for 7 on 7 and private organizations would arrange leagues. The advent of 7on7 has led to an imbalance of talent in football much as baseball already had (due to year round baseball down south).
Comment 19 Jan 2020
TigerSweat you may also have different priorities than some top flight kids. If I was a recruit #1 is comfort, #2 academics, #3 chances to make the NFL, #4 relationship with coaches, #5 quality of football program. Not everyone needs to play for a title to make the league; all HS prospects ultimate goal is the NFL. Day and Co. recruit kids who have their priorities and heads straight, this means academics and life goals first. Look at Bijan, he chose UT because it was the right school for him (closer to home, academics are great, relationship with coaches, and down the line a chance to play for a title...maybe). The reality that many on here wearing scarlet colored glasses fail to realize is that most of the top 5* talent is from the south. And by nature kids feel more comfortable at home/near home; perhaps this is why the last 5* RB to come to OSU was Beanie. Alford has done great in his time here, if Sampson, Snead, Robinson and the kid who flipped to FSU hadn't flipped Alford would be awesome. Perhaps instead of the intense focus on national kids that deemphasizes so called lesser 4* regional talent, more emphasis needs to be placed on the Corey Kiner, Deamonte Trayanums, Michael Drennans in the region? Is that what everyone on here complaining would want? Alford could easily land a 4* talent every year but he goes after the best (and sometimes they flip, are kicked out for sex offenses, etc). My guess is Alford will be fine next season because if the 5* kids slow play him he will likely go hard at 4* regional kids like Kiner and co. And Kiner is a HR by moat standards anyway.
Comment 16 Jan 2020
LB is one of the deepest positions on the team, all of the starters are studs and most of the backups too. Martinez is an extreme talent at a position of need. If you have read the article or any others about OSU football recruiting you should already know this. Borland, Werner, and Browning will be a great unit next season with Pope, Gant, Mitchell and Hilliard filling in when needed. Wade, Riep, Proctor and Brown will prob fill out the backfield but it gets thin with Banks and Johnson at CB followed by freshmen in Watts and Cavazos and hopefully Martinez.
Comment 14 Jan 2020
As a health field worker who has lived in liberal hotbeds and who enjoys the occasional cigar Archerm where do you live? Mayberry? Pleasantville? Yes smoking is still quite rampant this day and age...and cigars are quite popular as a good one provides a nice buzz and smoke blowing opp. You should try it, you might even like it; you may even find doing something outside of "healthy" occassionally is good for your stress. Good luck, btw cigars smell awesome.
Comment 04 Jan 2020
BbBnD for sure cannot replace Young with one guy, however lets not forget it was pretty much the Chase Young Show this year at DE. Harrison is just starting to emerge, Cooper was injured and brings 5* talent back with experience next season, and Tyreke Smith, Friday were also just pups developing. Next year with a healthy Vincent in the middle and a more experienced Togiai the combo of the talent back at DE could make the DL even better. Sure Landers and Hamilton will have taken talents to the NFL but all of the names returning will do the same. The real question concerns the DBs...and with Wade back its a fantastic start to 2020.
Comment 29 Dec 2019
MiamiBuck i would almost agree but not when you look at two of the thrree FGs coming after Dobbins drops that would have been TDs. No need to unnecessarily lose points when up to that point in the game it looked like OSU could do anything. If they had drove down and not dropped easy points prior to 4th down I would agree it would have made sense to go for the TD.
Comment 24 Nov 2019
IrishFury you provided a link that is Bill Connellys opinion. He flat out says he tinkered with his formulas more when he wasn't happy with his results. AND the link rates team based of past hiatory, results, and recruiting. No indicator for what history or results even are made up of -but the facts you provided are Connely's opinions. I do like the way Connely used the 247 composite recruiting rankings in his formula this time (as I did).
Comment 24 Nov 2019
Clemson classes 2014-20, # of 3 star players 2014 = 10/20 (includes 1 two* in the 10) 2015= 14/26 (includes 2 two* in the 14) 2016= 9/21 (includes 1 two* in the 9) 2017= 4/14 2018= 5/17 2019= 16/28 (including 1 two* in the 16) 2020= 5/20 OSU 2020 Class 10/25 sounds pretty good
Comment 14 Nov 2019
I do concussion rehab for work. If you played high school football you have had multiple concussions. It does not take much to cause irritation to the brainstem, just stopping short in a car can do it. There are various levels of concussive effects from extraordinarily minor (which resolve in a few hours) to the more major most associate with concussion. That said, all sports lead to concussion, it is a part of life. If I had sons I would happily encourage them to play football (greatest game on earth imo and the benefits far outweigh the risks -life is a risk afterall). Just be smart about it, no tackle in peewee just 5on5 & 7on7 flag, tackling can come later. And be aware of the way your child acts, if there is change pay attention, getting a King Devick test prior to the start of HS football each season is a good idea (for baseline purposes). If you are worried then retaking the test can offer assurances as to your childs health. Concussions can be lifelong and go unnoticed appearing to just be dysfunction to many. The important thing is you can be proactive and do stuff for yourself/& family to live a better life. Therapies/treatments are helpful of course, but realize that many of us love football for a reason - it provided us with great memories and life experiences that are therapeutic as well.