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Comment 13 Oct 2019
"Keep calling Smith.and drop a text to Robinson. Get the best available recruit." I am pretty sure that the coaches aim for "the best available recruit." Gonna also guess they aren't sitting there comparing some schmuck from rivals opinion about a kid with what they have seen, evaluated on tape, and learned from personal interaction (ratings don't mean everything).
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Gus Johnson is quite possibly the worst announcer. I can't stand Fox commentators personally, but the kickoff show is good.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Wigmon KSU should be in over Cal imo but with current records you are correct its close. I believe that at year end 4 PAC 12 schools at most will be left. MSU always losing to the PAC 12 helps them this time of year, and hurts the BIG arguments. Pathetic MSU offenses wow.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Texas will beat OSU easily this weekend, they belong around #8-10 this year. The Red River game is going to be great this year. I've been laughing at the comments on these boards about UT...living in Austin and having watched many bad UT squads over the last ten years this team is finally back.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Bucks19 you hit the nail on the head my friend. This tOSU squad has a ways to go and a lot to prove but they are headed in the right direction thus far. It is going to be a fun team to watch and if Fields is the real deal well then the playoffs will be within reach this year. Just avoid embarrassing losses to unranked opponents please.
Comment 10 Sep 2019
Texas will lose 3 games at most this season (doubt they lose to anyone asides from possibly OU). Should beat OU once this year at least, twice and they are a darkhorse to make the playoff (which would happen if LSU wins out). UT has a good squad and will be a playoff contender next season on all the preseason lists - this year they are top 10.
Comment 10 Sep 2019
You are right Tazmanimo they did win with an ex Buckeye Heisman candidate QB. Burrow is only the 7th rated Heisman candidate and Fields is the 4th...however could he start at tOSU? Lol, its too bad he transferred or he would be starting at OSU and Fields would probably have gone elsewhere. To be clear I am not saying either QB is better, but I do believe Joe could have started at OSU. And I do believe LSU and UT both to be capable of beating the current Buckeye squad. Fields still has a lot to learn/experience before being ready to play a top 10 team. By Michigan week he should be ready but he has only played 2 games against powerhouse defenses UC and FAU. Take off your scarlet glasses.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
I enjoy your opinion...I just don't agree. While I enjoyed today, App. St. and MSU a few years ago - it is still more enjoyable to beat ttun when they actually mean something. Not only that, but IMO it is good for CFB, the BIG, tOSU, and The Game. But I also don't enjoy watching blowouts to FAU/UC/MU, prefer scheduling strong OOC opponents (and losing occassionally as a result), and am not a fan of the win at all costs mentality all too often espoused on these boards. Win and do it with class, and lose and do it with class, and represent the state of Ohio as we should. When you do these things you appeal to recruits and present a far more enjoyable and entertaining product.
Comment 04 Sep 2019
Ssniper that shil has sailed...UT looks good and is Depleted at RB. They have soph Keontay Ingram as RB1 and a true freshman Qb as RB2, followed by a converted true freshman LB at RB3 currently. There other 2 true RBs are a senior and a junior, and while I anticipate a loss this weekend I don't see them dropping more than 2 games this season. Knighton is far more likely to flip based off of Taggert tanking completely at FSU. Who wants to play for a coach a university is waiting to fire (his contract is too big giving him at least 1 more season to screw FSU fans).
Comment 28 Aug 2019
LCT I have been to many a game in the Shoe and have seen poor etiquette from our side too often. Walk through tailgates and you will see alot of drunk and unapologetic idiots after most any home game. Its not everyone, but a few rotten eggs don't help...and nobody usually wants to step in and irritate the drunken idiots even more. A few games ago I attended the Mich/OSU game where Barrett was injured bringing Cardale into the game to start the championship run. I can clearly remember an OSU "fan" mocking and booing Cardale before he ever got into the game. The same fan had been screaming Dick Rod for over half the game (funny for the first 5 or so of 100 screams). Not being shy, or accused of being timid, I turned around and "kindly" mentioned to him that he should shut the f up and give Dolo a chance. Fans at the shoe are many things, and drunk and stupid is one I have seen all too often.
Comment 26 Aug 2019
Sadly tOSU fans have a similar reputation in the eyes of other programs. I cannot tell you how many fans from Texas have commented how poor hospitality is in Columbus at the shoe. I apologize and just note that its hard to police the drunken hordes at such a loud and raucous venue. Does anyone know if LSU, UF, UGA, and Clemson have similar poor hospitality? UT's games are like a funeral and full of old alums and corporate tickets so I have never seen people spat on or having beers thrown at them. Sadly I have heard this happens in the shoe.