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Comment 24 Nov 2019
IrishFury you provided a link that is Bill Connellys opinion. He flat out says he tinkered with his formulas more when he wasn't happy with his results. AND the link rates team based of past hiatory, results, and recruiting. No indicator for what history or results even are made up of -but the facts you provided are Connely's opinions. I do like the way Connely used the 247 composite recruiting rankings in his formula this time (as I did).
Comment 24 Nov 2019
Clemson classes 2014-20, # of 3 star players 2014 = 10/20 (includes 1 two* in the 10) 2015= 14/26 (includes 2 two* in the 14) 2016= 9/21 (includes 1 two* in the 9) 2017= 4/14 2018= 5/17 2019= 16/28 (including 1 two* in the 16) 2020= 5/20 OSU 2020 Class 10/25 sounds pretty good
Comment 14 Nov 2019
I do concussion rehab for work. If you played high school football you have had multiple concussions. It does not take much to cause irritation to the brainstem, just stopping short in a car can do it. There are various levels of concussive effects from extraordinarily minor (which resolve in a few hours) to the more major most associate with concussion. That said, all sports lead to concussion, it is a part of life. If I had sons I would happily encourage them to play football (greatest game on earth imo and the benefits far outweigh the risks -life is a risk afterall). Just be smart about it, no tackle in peewee just 5on5 & 7on7 flag, tackling can come later. And be aware of the way your child acts, if there is change pay attention, getting a King Devick test prior to the start of HS football each season is a good idea (for baseline purposes). If you are worried then retaking the test can offer assurances as to your childs health. Concussions can be lifelong and go unnoticed appearing to just be dysfunction to many. The important thing is you can be proactive and do stuff for yourself/& family to live a better life. Therapies/treatments are helpful of course, but realize that many of us love football for a reason - it provided us with great memories and life experiences that are therapeutic as well.
Comment 06 Nov 2019
Osu rarely gets the 5* talent at RB that comes out of the south. Most kids want to stay near home and half way across the country in the snow thus becomes less appealing. Last 5* I remember was Beanie at RB for OSU - thats over a decade ago. Stars don't mean everything so you will see OSU recruit kids who "fit" the culture and program over some geek from Rivals' opinion. And as to Alford he has done great on the trail, Snead was the #2 back BUT a bad culture fit. And don't forget Sampson James and now Robinson and Knighton...you can't win them all. He brought in Teague who has star written all over him. And the book is still out on Crowley and Chambers both 4* btw. Not bad for fall backs from Snead and Sampson. Alford is doing fine, if he misses completely this year they will even be ok. But trust that the kids on the board are good, they could always bank the schollie and grab 2 next year afterall.
Comment 13 Oct 2019
"Keep calling Smith.and drop a text to Robinson. Get the best available recruit." I am pretty sure that the coaches aim for "the best available recruit." Gonna also guess they aren't sitting there comparing some schmuck from rivals opinion about a kid with what they have seen, evaluated on tape, and learned from personal interaction (ratings don't mean everything).
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Gus Johnson is quite possibly the worst announcer. I can't stand Fox commentators personally, but the kickoff show is good.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Wigmon KSU should be in over Cal imo but with current records you are correct its close. I believe that at year end 4 PAC 12 schools at most will be left. MSU always losing to the PAC 12 helps them this time of year, and hurts the BIG arguments. Pathetic MSU offenses wow.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Texas will beat OSU easily this weekend, they belong around #8-10 this year. The Red River game is going to be great this year. I've been laughing at the comments on these boards about UT...living in Austin and having watched many bad UT squads over the last ten years this team is finally back.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
Bucks19 you hit the nail on the head my friend. This tOSU squad has a ways to go and a lot to prove but they are headed in the right direction thus far. It is going to be a fun team to watch and if Fields is the real deal well then the playoffs will be within reach this year. Just avoid embarrassing losses to unranked opponents please.
Comment 10 Sep 2019
Texas will lose 3 games at most this season (doubt they lose to anyone asides from possibly OU). Should beat OU once this year at least, twice and they are a darkhorse to make the playoff (which would happen if LSU wins out). UT has a good squad and will be a playoff contender next season on all the preseason lists - this year they are top 10.
Comment 10 Sep 2019
You are right Tazmanimo they did win with an ex Buckeye Heisman candidate QB. Burrow is only the 7th rated Heisman candidate and Fields is the 4th...however could he start at tOSU? Lol, its too bad he transferred or he would be starting at OSU and Fields would probably have gone elsewhere. To be clear I am not saying either QB is better, but I do believe Joe could have started at OSU. And I do believe LSU and UT both to be capable of beating the current Buckeye squad. Fields still has a lot to learn/experience before being ready to play a top 10 team. By Michigan week he should be ready but he has only played 2 games against powerhouse defenses UC and FAU. Take off your scarlet glasses.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
I enjoy your opinion...I just don't agree. While I enjoyed today, App. St. and MSU a few years ago - it is still more enjoyable to beat ttun when they actually mean something. Not only that, but IMO it is good for CFB, the BIG, tOSU, and The Game. But I also don't enjoy watching blowouts to FAU/UC/MU, prefer scheduling strong OOC opponents (and losing occassionally as a result), and am not a fan of the win at all costs mentality all too often espoused on these boards. Win and do it with class, and lose and do it with class, and represent the state of Ohio as we should. When you do these things you appeal to recruits and present a far more enjoyable and entertaining product.