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Comment 06 Feb 2019

If I absolutely need a quarterback in this class, I would sell my soul to get Haskins because the next best guy is like finding the next richest guy while sitting in a Waffle House with Warren Buffett.

I love this simile. Well constructed and a nice visual. But if I may, I’d replace Waffle House with McDonalds as Warren Buffett eats at the same McDonalds for breakfast every day. 

Apparently I’m that guy now. I suggest factual changes to funny jokes in a comments section. 

Comment 28 Nov 2018

I agree that this is the best it's ever been. I was just watching the "Elite" on BTN last night about the 2014 team. I kept thinking how great it was that there was no doubt who was champion, starting with that season. The same goes for each year since the CFP began. Four teams, six teams, eight teams, I'm kind of over it. More things to worry about than all of that. I just enjoy it (or so I try to convince myself). 

Comment 10 Sep 2018

As a Steelers' fan Ward was brutal and impressive to watch. Not just the INTs but his coverage of Brown made a huge difference. 

Comment 28 Aug 2018

Being a Steelers fan (who has to duck and cover every time I bring it up on this site), I remember every play of the final drive in that Super Bowl. Roethlisberger's ability to avoid the rush and make the throw were outstanding, but without Holmes stretching out every inch of his frame to make the catch and stay in bounds, the Cardinals win.

And it was so quintessential Holmes to make an amazing play with his talent, but then lapse in judgment to celebrate in a way that should have been a penalty by the rules back then. 

Comment 14 Aug 2018

I'm unclear as well. Depth is needed this year but without any scholarships to give, he won't be playing until next year? Maybe an insurance in case Martell transfers or ... I got it ... Haskins leaves after he wins the Heisman and the National Championship to become the first pick in the draft. 

Just needed to talk it out. Thanks for listening, guys. 

Comment 09 Aug 2018

... as was the case earlier this week during the Bengals' annual mock game when four of Billy Price's snaps ended up on the ground.

What is a "mock game"? How is it different from a scrimmage? Is it like when a pitcher on rehab throws a simulated game? I know it says "annual" but I assume that because I've never heard of it before, it's a new thing. 

Comment 01 Aug 2018

I was like, ‘Jeez, that’s pretty (cruel). I’m a kid just learning.’ 

This is exactly what college football fans should keep in mind when rooting for their team. If you consider yourself a fan of college kids playing sports, than you cannot denigrate those kids who, most likely, are working harder and achieving greater things at 18 or 19 than those of us watching from the couch did at that age. 

He had a poor performance in those games, but the fact that he had a starting spot meant that he deserved to be there more than anyone else on the roster. Therefore, as fans, we should take into account that he is the best possible option for that team and that moment. Cheer for who ya got on the field. 

Comment 20 Jul 2018

I'm really trying to post something positive and supportive to this young guy with immense talent for writing and seemingly immense-er passion to serve the public... but my sarcastic nature wants to send him off with a roast.

That wouldn't be appropriate though. I don't want to post things like, "blogger moves on to pursue less impactful career." I certainly don't want to say, "80th District, huh? Is that where you've been blogging from your mom's basement this whole time?"

Comment 20 Jul 2018

However, I don't see that happening unless Dwaye Haskins plays terrible, which won't happen.

You'll never convince me that DJ didn't misspell this on purpose as a final tribute to his own spelling. 

Comment 10 Jul 2018

One more:

Though I try to take the high-road about college players from OSU and all teams because they are young men who are accomplishing really great things, I do delight in watching college-aged fans despair (exhibit A below). And I'm passing on this joy to my son, who also loves to watch for "Michigan Sadness."

I do feel bad about this, but man, how can you not laugh at that?

Comment 10 Jul 2018

It was about my early-, or mid-30's that I came to the same realization as #4. Well put. There should come a time in every fan's life in which their fandom takes in the context of the game, the players, and our own life. I'm not perfect about it, but I try to consider OSU sports as something that adds enjoyment and takes none away. 

Actually, I do feel better. 

Comment 10 Jul 2018
  1. This is probably not a minority opinion, but I put a great deal of the blame for the 2015 letdown on Urban, and the feeling persists to this day until the level of play lives up to the level of talent. 
  2. Being an Ohio State fan in Ohio - especially with the run of success we've had - can sometimes be embarrassing. I don't like to be in the same category of the middle-aged meatheads that live and die because some 19 year old didn't meet some expectation. I don't like it when OSU loses or plays poorly, but I really don't like it when teenagers are so maligned.
Comment 26 Jun 2018

"Irks" is the appropriate word for me, too. I don't like being dive-bombed by someone with an O-H chant just because I'm wearing an OSU shirt.

Weird story: I was in the Bahamas with my family and having a dispute with customer service at a hotel so I was already in a bad mood. A woman from outside saw me wearing an OSU shirt, locks eyes on me, walks into the building, stands in front of me and spells out the O-H with her arms and expects me to reciprocate by spelling out I-O... I did not comply. I didn't put it together that I had my tshirt on and had no idea what the hell she was doing for a second. I was already super annoyed and then this person puts me on the spot to join in her little display of cheerleading.

So please, don't put people on the spot with this stuff. Not really annoyed about the chant, just about consideration for people. 

Comment 25 Apr 2018

Cape Cod.

Sidenote: I'm passing no judgment on this thread as I'm here and as bored as the rest of you, but look at what the offseason does to us...

Comment 25 Apr 2018

I have yet to look at Notre Dame's 2018 schedule and probably never will. There's still a 0% chance the Irish go undefeated next year. 

OK, I went ahead and looked at it, with browser in Incognito mode so that I'm not mistaken as being interested in ND football in any way by the all-powerful cloud. Anyway, how can they keep saying that they play stronger opponents as an Independent than being in a conference? They start off with a cupcake at home and the rest of their home schedule isn't too tough.