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Comment 14 Nov 2019

Rutgers officials must surely know by now, they are way over their heads and not even treading water in the B1G.                            They need to accept reality,  find a conference that better fits their needs.  Possibly the ACC East or Conference USA East would be more to their liking, with the likes of Marshal, Charlotte, Florida Int., Middle Tenn., Old Dominion, W. Kentucky                           By lowering the bar, they can begin to regain a winning attitude and shed the present futility.  As bad as things look, Rutgers recently defeated Liberty, who was coming off a 5 game win streak.  Rutgers and the B1G need to come to a mutual understanding that this thing is not working, for either parties and it's time to look at other options.

Comment 09 Nov 2019

You made a very good point!   I'm sure the thought entered his mind, much later, after the fact.  In addition to your comment, any scholarship athlete should feel free to walk into the AD's office and discuss anything of this nature, before making any moves.  They must understand, that's what the AD is there for.  Chase's girlfriend would have gotten her travel expenses and we wouldn't be discussing this lame development at this time.

Comment 01 Nov 2019

With all due respect to Urban, with all he has done and accomplished in his tenure, this team is a superior coached team in virtually every aspect.  We had hoped this would be the case, but it has exceeded all reasonable expectations.

It's a fine balancing act, between getting your team standouts sufficient minutes to earn them the credits and accolades they justly deserve and injecting your young talent, so they can gain experience and develop ahead of schedule.  Ryan Day and his staff have doing a maestro's performance in that regard!

Comment 27 Oct 2019

This guy is spewing pure ignorance, far from the facts.

Ohio State trailed only Northwestern in APR score in 2018.

I think they led the Big Ten in team GPA as well.

His other assessments were pretty fair, honest and accurate.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Dobbins is his own worst critic and in constant, self improvement mode.  Truly a student of the game, always in quest of improving every minute detail of his running technique.  We and opposing defenses are seeing the product of his hard work and resolve.

The best back in America is running behind, what is proving to be a great offensive line, thanks to coach Stud.  All season long, they are owning the LOS as the game progresses.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

Joe Burrow has that rare and uncanny ablility to pick a defense apart and he's doing it with ice water in his veins.

No doubt, Justin has a high ceiling and is progressing to the elite level one day.

With the wealth of exceptional receivers we have at Ohio State, Joe Burrow would have flourished as well as he presently is at LSU.

It was an easy choice for our coaching staff; one will remain in a Buckeye uniform much longer.

Comment 14 Oct 2019

Not the least concerned about point spreads.  More concerned about getting through this game with no injuries and poised for a focused week of Badger preparation.  I want a hungry and healthy Buckeye squad, prepared to give Wisconsin a rude welcoming!

Comment 10 Oct 2019

I am among our loyal followers, who mourned the loss of OL coach Ed Warriner.  This years OL, is a blend of youthful talent and experience, that has responded under coach Stud, putting our offense in a prominent position and surprising strength of the team    .  Ed Warriner, on the other hand, is not looking quite the down lineman wizard we praised him to be, as the Michigan offense has been absolutely putrid.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Sorry, but I disagree.  The OL improved the moment they began 2nd quarter play.  The between quarters coaching adjustments made all the difference in the world.  That was the beginning of LOS dominance the remainder of the game.  Oh, Sparty's DL was clearly fatigued as the game wore on in the 2nd half. 

You can rest your concerns, as this OL unit showed blocking proficiency to provide for a dynamic rushing game to the tune of 329 yards, against the #4 defense against the rush.  A great day for the OL and a great day for the offense! 

Comment 06 Oct 2019

HiFiver25, You must have turned off your TV after the 1st qtr.  It took most of the qtr. for the OL to figure out the defensive line and all their slanting and stunting.  They settled down and were blowing some big holes 2nd qtr. and as the game progressed into 2nd half, our OL got stronger and it was clear, Sparty's defensive front was clearly fatigued.  They got a few punches in the mouth 1st. qtr., but stayed focus and played 3 qtrs. of good, solid football.....hence 172 yds. for J.K. and 90 yds. for Master Teague III.                                  A solid outing for the OL.....again!

Comment 06 Oct 2019

Certainly, not enough credit for coach Stud.  The offensive line is the key element to the offenses success this year.

Stud has these guys fulfilling their assignments in a dominating fashion, not only at the point of attack, but getting on their blocks down field.  J.K. and Master are responding in kind with a commanding running game we have not seen in a long time.

This OL is developing into perhaps the best unit we have had in a long, long time and will continue to get better and better!

Comment 04 Oct 2019

Sparty has an excellent pass rush, with a front and LB's that can bring it, they also have a premiere DE that's in the same conversation as Chase.  Given their nature, we will be doing things offensively to make them pay the price for their aggressiveness,.  Knowing the nature and strengths of the Sparty defense, I think we neutralize their aggressiveness early on.  I think we re-discover our talented TE's with quick slants and we will see Justin Fields doing more designed tuck and runs than we've seen.  We should expect some bubble screens to get our backs in space and to keep the defense honest.  As the game develops, J.K. and Master can do their thing.

Defensively, with Jonathon Cooper, Robert Landers and Tyreke Smith back, the pressure is going to be relentless, with our deep rotation, eventually wearing down their OL.

Buckeyes win in a hard fought, physical encounter 37-13