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Born in Oregon, Ohio. Played football through high school. Navy veteran.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Watching my son run over people as a fullback
  • NFL TEAM: Cleveland Browns
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Comment 5 hours ago

Probably not a popular opinion here, but I don't really care what 2 professors determine what constitutes a rival. Penn State to me, is a rival.  Just because I think they are doesn't have anything to do with the OSU/ TTUN rivalry.

Many schools have more than one rival. I also consider MSU as a bit of a rival too.

Go Buckeyes! Beat our rival on Saturday.

Comment 6 hours ago

Well, Josh P, I can agree on the physical aspects of the game. I remember one senior year game in particular when I was hit so hard and so often running the ball that I couldn't bend over, walk or tie my shoes for days after that game. It was brutal. That year we ran a power I and a wishbone offense (1970's). Football is pain, pure and simple.

Comment 6 hours ago

Played little league through high school. Moved to Florida and played through HS down here. Played wide receiver, defensive end early on. Made All Area in a Central Florida high school as a fullback/ linebacker. Best player I remember was a QB at St. Cloud HS that threw the ball like an NFL player. Defensive end was the most fun position to me but coach put me at linebacker.

Football is very rough on your body. I have arthritis in my neck due to the sport. Many injuries, pains and difficulties but I wouldn't change it for anything. Remember this; If a player is performing badly, don't be so quick to criticize, he's probably nursing one or more injuries. They accumulate as the season goes on. I could have played at the small college level but decided to join the Navy instead. It sure was fun!

Comment 20 Nov 2019

I'll try the survey. Obviously, you and I  have a different opinion about the definition of a rival. I do follow Penn State all season long. You mention our actual rival. As stated by me and others, there is a rival and there is The Rival. I believe they can coexist. But, opinions are fun and thanks for posting the thread. Let's just say we both want to beat Penn State on Saturday.

Comment 20 Nov 2019

To the OP; your indifference towards PSU fans. Indifference is described as a lack of interest, concern or sympathy. You're telling me that's how OSU fans regard PSU? You have no interest or concern for when we play them? I sure do and i consider them a big rival of ours. They have messed up our season more than once. We circle this game on the calendar every season. Our rivalry grows more intense every year IMO. How many gifs are posted about them, how much ink do we use on them, how badly do we want to beat them every year?

Indifference is reserved for Rutgers, Minnesota, Indiana, etc.

That team up north is The Rival in The Game. Having the Nits as a rival doesn't diminish that fact. Opinion over. Time to concentrate on our rivalry game on Saturday. Go Buckeyes!

Comment 19 Nov 2019

No one singular team scares me, but the next (possibly 5) games do concern me. Starting Saturday, OSU will have to run a gauntlet of 5 very good, ranked teams in a row if we reach the finals. I can't recall such a dangerous stretch of games as PSU, TTUN, B1G West winner and two top 4 playoff teams in a row. Who set this schedule?

If this team survives this run and wins a title, I will consider these Buckeyes as the greatest Ohio State team I have ever seen. No chickensh!t games at the end, no sitting out of a conference championship game as a division loser, just playing the best teams in football until the last game.

If we win out, the 1969, 1973, 1975,1998, 2002 and 2014 teams will have to take a step back behind these Buckeyes IMO. Let's do it Buckeyes! Penn State going down!

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Thanks for the comment Rk. Also, add to the fact that if we get to the B1G champ game and if we advance to the title game, we would have played 5 highly ranked teams in a row to end the season. The last 2 games would be against top 4 teams (in the playoffs). That's not crazy, that's insanely crazy.

OK Dan, who do we blame for this and how does this not get repeated in the future?

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Why isn't Miami mentioned? I live in Florida and every couple of years I hear " Is the U back"?

No, they're not.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

Notre Dame: Another team that hasn't been relevant since the 50's

Far be it from me to defend the Irish, but since the 50's, ND has won titles in 1964,1966, 1973,1977 and 1988. They also played in at least one more title game but lost. They also traditionally played michigan and USC every year when those teams were good. Yeah, they cherry pick games, play the academies and should join a conference, but they have a long history of success. Agreed that the NCAA does give them way too much latitude.

Comment 19 Nov 2019

I was listening to Finebaum's show the other day while I was cooking dinner. There were a few callers unhappy with Ohio State labeled as the most balanced team in CFB. There are quite a few others that are fearful that the Bama empire is done. The times, they are a changin in the SEC. He is right about the future players being more concerned with their own bodies.

BTW, I am an older fan that loves CFB traditions but times change. Players are finally starting to be more aware of their futures in certain situations. I don't blame them.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

Agree Teddy. I love your avatar BTW. Was your dog watching the Rutgers game too? I missed the first half because I was building a fence and knew what would happen anyway. My wife is happy so I finally did something right. The next 2 games will be much different I'm sure.

Comment 16 Nov 2019

The half was almost over. No doubt he wanted to finish the first half and then sit . What a shame. Fine young guy with a world of talent. Hope he can recover enough to play in the big league if he wants to. Common practice for a coach to sit a top player after half time. I don't see this as Saban's fault. Get better Tua, we're with you on this one.

Comment 16 Nov 2019

Well JL that was a great effort. Hard to hate the Scarlet Knights. Obviously, your initials (JL), don't mean Jersey Lover.