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Comment 17 hours ago

“You can’t be too careful”

That is a scary way of thinking.

Be smart, take precautions. Don’t panic and be irrational.

If you are at high risk or are close to those that are protect yourselves and your family. 

Comment 19 hours ago

This sucks man. CFB is at its best when it’s stars are on the field even if it diminishes my favorite teams chances at winning.

Get better soon Noah, this Buckeye is rooting for ya!

Comment 19 hours ago


Thank you for the advice and I agree 100%. My wife and I would never allow anyone to dictate how we raise our children.

I should clarify our families would never pressure us into doing anything, when I say huge football families I just mean we are always going to football parties, tail gating, football is always on the TV in the fall, etc. I just have a feeling as my son grows up he will fall in love with the sport and beg us to let him play. Both of his uncles are in their high school and small college hall of fames as well.

Comment 20 hours ago

Cleday - I think this is something a lot of us parents of young sons are grappling with. At the very least at what age should we let our sons play.

I am not going to push my son towards football, but I have decided if he wants to play I will not stay in his way. I’m just still unsure if I should have him in flag football until maybe 7th grade or allow him to play tackle sooner.

I just know with how big of a football family my family and my wife’s family are, my son will eventually come to me and ask to play football.

Comment 21 hours ago

Social Justice Warriors are the worst people in the world.

However, sometimes what they have to say is legit.

I do not got offended easily, and I do not get offended for other people, but Chief Wahoo is one of the few cases where yeah that is definitely a racist caricature and shouldn’t be the mascot.

Again, it doesn’t bother me in the slightest if it is or isn’t the Indians mascot but it is fucked up if we are being honest.

Comment 22 hours ago

Absolutely, I read that as well.

I know a lot of teams are doing much less hitting in practice from little league all the way up to the NFL.

Comment 22 hours ago

If the rule is as you are interpreting it (I have no reason to believe it isn’t), then in my opinion the B1G made the correct call and there would have to be serious outbreaks for teams to cancel. An almost even higher threshold than other conferences who a lot of us B1G fans have been saying we should be more like

Comment 22 hours ago


Concussions and head trauma are absolutely a serious issue and should continue to be studied and the game should be continue to be made safer with regards to head injuries.

However, I feel like your comment is the exact opposite. The vast majority of kids who I played football with or who I know who played football never had any issues after football, or really even during football.

Edit: You said through college as well. I only personally know two high level athletes who played all four years. 1 a RB, 1 at CB. Neither of them have had brain related issues. Knee issues are much more prevalent but that is obviously a much smaller sample size.

Comment 22 hours ago

Milhouse -

This might be a dumb question but you seem to be knowledgeable so I’ll ask.

If a single player tests positive for Covid does he continue to get tested daily? What I’m asking is could one positive player be responsible for 7 positive tests in that weekly testing? So if that were the case it would really only take 4-5 players to put the team over the threshold if those same players test positive every day.

Comment 25 Oct 2020


Why would I dislike Baker? Because he owned Ohio State in Ohio Stadium?

If I were going to hold a grudge it would be against that defense 

Comment 25 Oct 2020

This isn’t college football.

A win is a win is a win.

The Browns went 1-0 this week, I do not care how it was accomplished.

Comment 25 Oct 2020

Wisconsin’s next three games...

@ Nebraska, Vs. Purdue, @ Michigan

@ Michigan would have been one of the games of the year.

Please be a negative test!

Comment 25 Oct 2020

  Let’s hope it’s a false positive for college football’s sake.

Wisconsin with a legit QB would have been a lot of fun to watch.