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Comment 14 Jan 2019
I think both sides, offense and defense, struggle early, like 1st third of the season, but settle in and become dominant by the last third. I think they drop a game in the middle somewhere, but go 11-1 in the regular season. Beat ttun, and win a other championship. I think they still get left out of the playoff because this year the committee has deamed that the color grey is an automatic disqualification though
Comment 06 Jan 2019

I didn’t mention what schools the committee members were from because, quite frankly I forgot. I looked up the committee makeup months ago, but I know that the BIG 10 was represented by Gene Smith, therefore, when discussing Ohio State’s inclusion, Gene had to recuse himself, so the BIG 10 didn’t have a dog in the fight for seeding. Meanwhile, if memory serves me correctly, I think the SEC was represented by folks from schools like Florida, Vandy, and like Kentucky...schools that weren’t even in consideration for the playoff, therefore no recusals...same applies to ACC. 

Point being...tOSU was hurt by representing the BIG on the committee. 

Comment 06 Jan 2019

Couldn’t agree more. This isn’t the playoff I signed up for. SOS is irrelevant and 9 conference games is more of a hinderance than a bonus. 

Im also not fond of the conference representation in the committee...3 from the SEC, 3 ACC, ND, 2PAC12, 1 BIG 10, and 1 BIG 12, then 2 power 5, and 1 IVY. That’s not even an equal representation of the conferences, and is anyone surprised that the SEC, and ACC are in every year?

Comment 04 Jan 2019
God Speed sir. I would assume youre looking at 24 hours of driving, probably over 2-3 days. I would personally take the long way around and enjoy the sites
Comment 03 Jan 2019

I think Arnette goes pro. I don’t think he has much more to improve on at this level. I do believe Sheffield should stay. He improved over the season, and I think one more year will benefit him. 

As far as Lb’s I think a coaching change will happen, and pray for improvement. I believe Harrison is a lock for a spot next year. I’m not as negative about Tuf as some are, though I understand that his sideline speed is an issue. Werner for me felt lost this year, but I feel as though this was as much of a scheme issue as it was an experience issue. I would love to see him and Browning compete next year. Browning is a natural OLB, and him manning the middle put him out of place. 

As far as DL goes...whatever LJ does is aces with me. 

I do feel as though the defensive coordinator (Schiano) needs to move on though. At times this year, all three individual units looked stout, but unfortunately it was never at the same time, and I associate this to be solely on the coordinator. 

Comment 26 Dec 2018

One of my favorite players on the team. Did not know that about the young man. Great article, thanks for sharing

Comment 25 Dec 2018
I would say it speaks for itself.
Comment 14 Dec 2018
Hey Cal, im praying for you my friend. God Speed, and the next time we play Purdue, we need you on the sidelines as our equalizer...just kidding. FUCK CANCER, miss your posts, and get well
Comment 14 Dec 2018
I dont disagree with your opinion, but i dont necessarily agree either. I see this year as almost a "mirage" Just kidding, im not some lame ass making excuses. The LB play must improve. Personally, i think the scheme was horrible, and coaching is primarily to blame for this. I saw enough promise in Tuf, and Pete to believe that scheme corrections could have them become servicable LB's. I dont believe either one of them is the next Great, but i firmly believe that coaching and scheme was their achilles heel this year
Comment 14 Dec 2018
Similar story...much of my family are Iowa fans, and in '85, if i remember correctly, Iowa was the team to beat with Long as the QB...the game was nationally televised, so i got to watch it in California (where I grew up). I was a smartass kid, and cheered for other team. Turns out the other team won (Ohio State), and that is really what ignited my fandom.