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Comment 01 Nov 2019

Yes, yes and HELL yes.  Another instance of where I can genuinely say "I regret that I have but one upvote to give!"  I have felt, for a long time, that Dabo is a slimy pile of crap.  Generally, I don't root for someone's downfall, but at this point (in all honesty) I put him right up there with that coach from that team up north with characters I have no use for.

Comment 31 Oct 2019

I'm really happy Joe Burrow found LSU and vice versa.  I have said this before and I will say it again, Justin Fields is the BEST QB for OUR Ohio State Buckeyes team, he's the best fit,  he makes our offense better.  Would Joe be great as our QB?  Yes.  Is Justin a better fit?  Yes.  Why do I say that?  I really feel like this specific Ohio State team benefits from his style of play more than it would Joe's style of play.  Hell, we would probably have the same record, probably, if Joe were our QB.  I don't know.  I just don't necessarily think one is vastly superior than the other at this point in time.  However, while I do think that Joe could easily fit OSU, I really think Justin fits OSU perfectly or maybe he fits a little bit better based upon what I've seen.

I was thinking about this more and maybe this isn't fair for me to say because what do I know?  Deep down, I honestly believe Justin has a higher ceiling.  I think Joe is really great but I think when I watch Joe Burrow play, I think that's about the best Joe Burrow you're going to see.  I don't think we are seeing the best Justin Fields we will ever see.  I watch Justin play each week and he keeps getting better and better.  I think he's more special than Joe and I honestly believe we'll see Joe start on Sunday some day.

Comment 28 Oct 2019

If we get caught up in the polls and the BS like Wisconsin did, we'll end up like Wisconsin.  It's not where you start it's where you finish.  We're in the top 3 right now, we need to take care of business (unlike the last two years) and win out.  That's all that matters.  Seriously, there is A LOT of football left, we're ranked 3rd, if it plays like I think it will, we'll finish 1st or 2nd and if we win out we'll be on top like I think we will.  Being in the top 4 is ALL that matters, win and take care of business - boom - proof.  If we weren't in the top 4, I'd be bothered by it but (to me) we're right where I think we belong at this point.

Honest to God, I have 3 wishes for this team. 
    1.) Win out. 
    2.) Have a shot to be dabo's fake top 5 team and we POUND that team into the ground. 
    3.) Finish on top and take that trophy and title home.

Comment 26 Oct 2019

Herbie said he reminds me of Bitch Wolfolk!  Ha ha ha, slip up or not, we always called him that back in the day! Agree Fowler is soooo awful.

Comment 23 Oct 2019

I think Justin Fields is the right guy with the right fit for this Ohio State team and I think Joe Burrow is the right guy, the right fit for that LSU team.  Win-win imho.  Having said that, honestly, I'm glad we have Fields, I like Fields better, and again, I think he's a better fit for this specific OSU team and I do think he has a higher ceiling than Joe.

Comment 23 Oct 2019

I agree 100% with the OP!!!

To me, Carhartt makes the perfect t-shirt, sweatshirt and hoodie fabric blend, weight and sizes.  I think it's more of an age thing.  My son loves those ultra thin, form fitting shirts.  I don't, in fact, I detest that plus nobody wants to see a form fitting anything on my 51 year old, out of shape, Dad bod!

Comment 19 Oct 2019

Great game, great team, well coached, well played.  Nothing but respect for Fitz, I think he's a great coach, great guy, I hope he gets a W next week and more to follow.


Comment 23 Sep 2019

I'm buying beer and cheese but I'm holding off on buying cheesecurdsheads until I see them play a worthy opponent. 

Comment 17 Sep 2019

Make fun of me, call a tin foil hat wearing nut, call me a conspiracy theory wack job - I don't give a damn - but I am 100% convinced that Mike Brown has engineered and designed this franchise to be mediocre.  Why do I say that?  They had a superbowl run, it cost him money but I don't think he made the kind of return from that investment that he was expecting.  Conversely, in the 90's, while still making a shitload of cash when the pitchforks and torches came out and fans were calling for Mike Brown's head (anyone remember the "If it's Brown flush it down" chants started by Bill Cunningham?) Plus, remember when Lee Johnson, Corey Dillon and Carl Pickens called out Mike Brown for the team's shittiness and those guys were made out to be the "bad guys?"  The greedy, selfish bastards for wanting to win football games? (I'm being sarcastic there!)  Remember when Mike Brown renewed Bruce Coslets' contract despite going  21-36?  I think that unwanted negative attention was too much heat for him.  I think in his mind he was diminishing his company, his brand and I think he viewed that as bad for business.  So, being on top doesn't offset the cost of being on top and being on the bottom diminished his name and thus the brand's value so the middle must be juuuust riiight then right?

My point is, I swear to God, I believe this with all my heart, that Mike Brown strives for the middle of the road.  If they go .500, great.  If they go a couple games above or below .500 great.  If they lose first round of the playoffs, great.  Again, they made a little bit of run there from 2013 - 2015 but since 2000 the Bengals have been hovering just under .500.  What else would explain years and years of Marvin Lewis?  What else would explain giving Andy Dalton a leash as long as route 66?  

Think about this for a minute.  Mike Brown got a new stadium built in the year 2000.  Running up to that, starting in 1991 the Bengals were 3-13, 5-11, 3-13, 3-13, 7-9, 8-8, 7-9, 3-13, 4-12 and the year the stadium was built (2000) they went 4-12 again.  Since the new stadium was built, not counting the two losses from this year, they are 143-158-3 or about .470 with Mike Brown BEGGING Marvin Lewis to stay each year paying him $6 million per year in his last contract which put him in the top 10 paid coaching salaries in the NFL.   Still think I'm nuts?  Marvin Lewis was .511 over his entire Bengals career.  .511. . . Bill Belichick makes $7.5 million per year.   Bill Belichick is pretty fucking far from .511 over his career with the Patriots but he's only worth $1.5 million more per year yet he won 6 super bowls.  Really?   My point to that is, just by being mediocre, Mike Brown was rewarded with a $455 million dollar stadium.  Mike Florio wrote a column a couple of years ago discussing the staggering cost of the stadium to the city and the lack of return from it.  Again, my point is, why do anything different?  Being average has made Mike Brown a billionaire and even as plain, vanilla, mediocre as the Bengals are, that franchise is still worth at least 2 billion dollars.   Not bad for coasting, not bad at all.

Comment 16 Sep 2019

Gus and Klatt are EASILY the best duo on TV - NFL or college and it's not even close.  For your clear lack of judgement, you should be punished by having to listen to Big Game Beth Mowins and Tiki Barber for the next 2 weeks.  I'm not cruel enough to punish anyone to more than two weeks of that because I'm sure you'd be puncturing your ear drums after 7 minutes of listening to those two.

Comment 12 Sep 2019

1996 - I just moved to Indianapolis from Cincinnati in 1994, I always wanted to see tOSU in Indiana, a co-worker gave me her IU alum seats so I took my brother to see tOSU play IU in Bloomington.  So there we sat in the IU alum section staring out at a SEA of tOSU fans, two idiot tOSU fans sitting in a giant clump of IU fans.  And let me tell you what, it was November, it started off warm but dammit it got cold fast and of course neither of us wore coats so we froze our butts off.  Before I forget, the IU fans around us were extremely nice, down to earth, very cool people.  Hoosier fans are awesome imho.

TOSU was ranked 2nd but IU played their collective ASSES off and gave us hell that whole damn game, I think the final score was 27-17 but our D forced a couple of late turnovers that game to pull ahead but IU was up 10-7 going into the 4th quarter.  I wasn't sure we were going to pull that out.  From what I recall, our offense couldn't get out of their own way that day.  

What I remember most is some obnoxious lady chanted "Dee Dee Dee" over and over and over that game, all damn game from start to finish.  So for over 20+ years now, my brother and I (and now my son) get together to watch tOSU and at least once a game one of us chants "Dee Dee Dee" A LOT during the IU games but damn near every game now. :)

But ever since that game, I've never overlooked IU because I know this game means a hell of a lot to those kids and I have to give them major kudos because they play hard, with respect and trust me when I say that those kids want nothing more than to win that game and I absolutely love that about them and I love that about college football.


Comment 12 Sep 2019

To Matt Gutridge for whatever it's worth.  I googled tOSU vs IU historical (or whatever the hell the words were) and result after result were your detailed analysis for each time we played IU and I was hoping you would do one for this game.  But, anyway, I wanted to just tell you, I'm sure that countless EW forum members like me very much appreciate all your work but it never really crossed my mind to thank you for doing such a great job.  Very thorough, very detailed and very well written - thanks again Matt - excellent job - these are always great to read!

Comment 11 Sep 2019

I have a site blocking software in place so when I click that link it's blocked.  So, it turns out my blocking software has categorized ESPN as "gay porn" so the website is blocked now which I thought was odd.  So when I clicked on the explanation of why that was it came back with the following "ESPN - a website dedicated to male SEC fans jerking each other off, mostly in a circular pattern."  Huh.

Comment 08 Sep 2019

My comment had absolutely nothing to do with tOSU and everything to do with ichigan being overrated.  I like Joel Klatt a lot but I simply disagreed with him regarding ttun.  My disagreement lied in the fact that, while tOSU didn’t look great against FAU the entire game, I didn’t think ttun looked one bit better last week and this week was dotting the i on my point which is simply that many (including Klatt) have vastly overrated ttun this year from what I’ve seen.

Comment 07 Sep 2019

Haa haaa haaa haaa haaa haaa - wanna retake Joel? :). scUM is so overrated it’s not even funny, they looked like shit last week and even worse this week.  Fuck scUM!

Comment 30 Aug 2019

Good luck Taylor and welcome back to Indy!

I-465 (heading north) on the south east side is open now.  However, there will be more closures.  This link will explain it better than I can.

Comment 30 Aug 2019

JFC this is Ohio State football we're talking about here.  We've all been around long enough to know that it just doesn't matter because we're damned if do and damned if we don't.  If we take FAU to the woodshed then we'll get all this blowback about how easy our schedule is and what not or it's shameful what tOSU did against FAU, etc.  If we take our starters out early and FAU gets within whatever the spread is against our backups then it's "see, see, look tOSU sucks, they can't put a game away, they almost lost that game, etc."  Fucking talking heads absolutely detest us tOSU fans for the most part. 

I am of the mindset that if they get up early by 3 or 4 touchdowns then you better get your starters out of there before a key player gets hurt.  So up by 3 or 4 TD's, get those backups in there and the other reason to get the backups in there is, you never know when those backups are going to be starters so IF tOSU gets up early and THEN the backups are running up the score then that's on FAU, it's their job to stop them.  If they don't want to be embarrassed by backups then they need to do their jobs and stop them.  

My thought is that the backups need real gametime experience, not just soft shoeing up the middle and doing the "nice" three and out thing, that's bullshit.  The backups need real gametime play, if the backups run up the score, so be it.  I'm against the starters running it up and keeping the starters out there, that's a bad look, it's risky and unnecessary.