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Comment 24 Jan 2012

i look at neal and diggs and that moruea kid like this...if meyer talks off and harvin and shows what he has always done w kids like this i GAURANTEE we get one, what kid wouldnt wanna be used like that by an expert of the spread they brought up moreau to add pressue on the other 2 maybe even diggs to add pressure on neal.....bottom line urban really wants one more than most other players how many times have i heard him say "speed kills, its all about speed"...we'll get one if em mainly for the way he uses him and the fact its meyer...souldnt be a hard sell and a lil poker playing bye meyer and i would bet with almost 95% cartainty that diggs or neal will be a buckeye.....and if all we get is moreau somehow...well... he looked fast as balls too! GO BUCKS MDK!