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Comment 09 Nov 2019

NCAA: "Hey kids, work your tails off and make us billions"

Kids: "How much do we get?"

NCAA: "NOTHING - and if you so much as get a ham sandwich from someone we will suspend you and penalize your entire program!"

Hate to throw around the slavery word - but that folks is a defining action of slavery from our wonderful NCAA,

Comment 18 Dec 2018

Agree.... He played lights out his last 3 games.... The same time he decided "I better learn how to become a runner too". Up to that point he was wearing concrete boots in the pocket and teams knew it (see Purdue, MSU, Minn. games). Look, I get the money grab thing but if he stayed and continued to perfect his pocket awareness like he did the last 3 games.... look out! He would be penciled in as the #1 overall pick and instant starter instead of riding the pine for a year or two. JMO