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Comment 28 Jun 2020

I’m predicting Werner is an all B1G lb.  I believe he is second only to Wade in pass coverage. He shuts down star tight ends.  He almost broke a man in half with a hit last year in Evanston. 

I’ll also be quietly rooting for Hilliard. I’ve mentioned before that his open field angles and closing speed might be the best on the team.

Browning is wicked fast too, (in the offensive backfield)but needs to take better angles at the second level. 
Yes , my  amateur armchair observations. 

Comment 20 Jun 2020

I flew to LA for the 08 game with my 28 year old son and we were treated well at a frat party on the (ugly) usc campus. Even decked out in s&g we didn’t get disrespect from them. But if you recall, after the game there was an epic midwestern  windstorm , and our flight was diverted from Cbus to Pittsburgh. They just left us there. Wtf? 
09,,,, damn!!  Painful.   
definitely a rushing TD by usc that should have been overturned. But we simply were not aggressive offensively and Pryor had NO qb coach.  To me, this was Tressel’s biggest failure. . It was not fair to Pryor who was our highest ever rated qb prospect. (At the time)

But I know I speak for all of us that Tressle reestablished tOSU as a leader and perennial top 10 program. 

Go Bucks 


Comment 07 Jun 2020

Yes , your right about him being a coach.  And it just so happens I agree with his comments, 100%. I’m simply looking for explosive topics of the day to have their own section. Like the way a newspaper is organized. You wanna read hot takes from random sports fans about racism,  pandemic, war, or a nasty domestic issue between a coach and his wife?,,, click here. Otherwise here’s sports stuff, enjoy.