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Comment 21 Apr 2019

First off, I get the thought about a consensus all wold recruit in Ruckert barely playing for two seasons. But llast year when we had Dwayne Unitas-Montana throw 4800 yards and 50 td’s we really don’t have any reason to question the record breaking passing game. 

This year however is an entirely different beast. A mobile qb might check down to a te as he escapes the pocket in an empty set. We’ll see. But as a fan I’ll take my 700 yards and 60 points however they come. It’s good to be the king. 

Comment 17 Apr 2019

Yeah probably speaks a few languages. I travel a lot and try to learn the language of every country I go to. And the most difficult thing is verb tense. . He speaks English way better than my strongest foreign language. Plus in his previous sentence he did say “were”.  Oh and he’s a nervous kid doing an interview. 

I love people who(probably) don’t speak a second language criticizing a dual language person. 

Comment 16 Apr 2019

I’m a believer in scheme and coaching.  When the offensive scheme and passing game are on fire, swapping qbs hasn’t been like starting over. In fact when Tom Herman was at his peek competency, the qb ‘s were all young and inexperienced but shocked the world. And conversely  when a bad coach/scheme replaced him, production crashed with possibly the best talent ever assembled at osu. Then Ryan Day steps in and consecutive qb’s JTB 2017 and sophomore DH in ‘18, set single season passing td records in the B1G. 

Same staff and a young new 5* qb should be just fine  in the record book shattering scheme. I look for another exciting year for the offense. But with less qb passing stats and  more rushing balance. Looking at you(again) Coach Stud. 

Go Bucks Beat ttun Again! 

Comment 13 Apr 2019

I like Teague better because I got tired of those 1-2 yard runs on first down all last year. MT will fall forward for a couple more. Imho. If we are pass happy again this year we need a freight train for the short yardage situations

Comment 11 Apr 2019

 I hear yeah, but Nike is tied to money first. They will spread the love Wherever star players go. Plus  players would avoid teams loaded with stars because they might not get a chance to see the field. So in this case the market would decide where players go to get the best coaches and best chances. 

 I think it’s safe to say that players today are already looking at their brand at the college level. It’s why they transfer like they do.  

Comment 10 Apr 2019

Its pretty simple. Let the players take endorsement money. Doesn’t cost the school and keeps players in college longer because their brand might be stronger on the college level than pro. Great college players aren’t necessarily successful at the next level, so it’s a financial gamble to leave early. 

And it’s fair. A average scholly player gets free tuition (worth $100k - $300l depending in school) and the stars get whatever Nike will pay.  

Ive said it before but endorsement deals would insist players play in bowl games too.