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Comment 28 Mar 2020

When a rb recruit says this:

“ Henderson said. “You wouldn’t wanna take all those carries in college, that way you can still have some juice when you get to the NFL. So I think taking two backs is very helpful.”

it makes me think both kids are solid commitments because they actually value splitting reps. To echo sentiments here, the offense will be just amazing to behold for years to come. We really need to win the offseason more than ever. 
go bucks!

Comment 26 Mar 2020

First , yes KJ Hill was goddamn money. But, I believe our two of our best receivers are going to get more reps which ....will improve the wr output. I loved Mack but he took reps from Olave (yes I realize deep guys need rest). And B Victor wont take opportunities away from better hands. And  cj Saunders is now 32 years old.  Combine that with a second year Fields and no Dobbins and next year’s receivers will be the talk of the Nation. Bank that. 
I am in agreement that the DT’s will out perform any group since ‘14. 

Comment 26 Mar 2020

Wow. Have we had a more electric  player than ET?  Dammmmmm   All I could think while watching was the opponents had to be truly entertained by Turner  

Also Tiger King is crazy. I’ve been to the Big Cat rescue (bought tix at silent auction)  I didn’t know the owner was a potential murder suspect. Wow the footage they have in the series.
 I’ve been fascinated with the ‘home made zoos’ all over Florida. The beginning of the first episode showed a ad hoc zoo near Everglades city. You hold boas , scorpions and cayman. Plenty of ‘good eatin’. John’s pass near us let’s you hand feed a sloth. Another vendor allowed us to ride draft horses in the inner- coastal waters. An idea so bad they recently got shut down. At some point we’ll probably run out of curiosity for these nut jobs. Flor-I-duh. 

Comment 26 Mar 2020

You can’t cherry pick your test group.  Death rates soar when the infected numbers outpaces the hospital bed availability. Nyc is there.  Michigan is heading there(not sure why). 
Scattered cases are in places where they either just got the cv19 or they took precautions early on. If you live in a city that’s dangerous because there are many people concentrated in a small area. But being in a town where hospitals have limited ventilators is also bad.  So looking at Italy is very important because we are on the same growth rate they are and today USA just became #1 in the world with 83,670 cases. Right now as a newcomer to the virus the USA is at a 1.5% mortality rate with over 2100 in critical condition. But if our hospitals get overwhelmed that percentage goes up a lot. Which is why we can still avoid being Italy by taking extreme measures. Does this make sense?  I’m not insulting you in any of this friend. 

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Thought we’ve had a few more defections of scholarship players the last 3 years.  No?  The team only has 13 scholarships and we spend a lot of time and money recruiting blue chippers, which I’m sure you agree Carton and Gaffney were. So yeah it’s a bad thing to 1. Have blue chip recruits not play well. (Bad development or bad evaluating?you choose). 2.  Having highly ranked recruits leave and maybe scare off other blue chip recruits.

Comment 23 Mar 2020

Coach Holtman’s is an amazing basketball coach.  However,  I hope the men’s hoops program gets past this trend. For now it’s a bad look  

I spent 7 years coaching kids in two sports.  There were easy kids and and moody kids. It was so satisfying to reach the ‘head cases’. Having an easy out with the transfer portal probably doesn’t help a coach push a kid to stick it out.  Here’s hoping it’s a strange coincidence.  

Comment 22 Mar 2020

This is fabulous news. Would really like to see the hoops program focus on family and brotherhood like football. Maybe we would have less players with issues that shorten their OSU careers. I hate losing young blue chip recruits. But hey the transfer portal has been very good to TOSU. So this is welcome news in a dark time. 

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Good luck DJ. 
As for the basketball program, I notice that words like ‘family’ and ‘brotherhood’ and ‘love’ are themes missing from the interviews. Conversely, the football team seems to thrive on them. Maybe this is the difference?


Comment 19 Mar 2020

Two things about the swine flu. 1 in 5 got it.  That’s over a billion. With Only .02% death rate. 
Imagine 1in 5 getting caronavirus with a 3.4% worldwide death rate(WHO March 3rd est). 20% of 7billion is 1.4 billion. @ 3.4%   That’s 47.6 million deaths. 
Because of massive lockdowns I think/hope we avoid this. but asymptomatic carriers and no vaccines make this cv19 a real bitch comparatively.