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Comment 17 hours ago

Kobe had an amazing albeit short life. Multi millionaire, famous , talented etc.... I hope he squeezed every drop of enjoyment and appreciation out of his success. 
Question to any pilots here: why don’t helicopters have the huge life saving parachutes like some small single engine airplanes ?

Comment 24 Jan 2020

I posted almost exactly this a week ago. That o line and passing game will add 50 yards to whatever Teague and company are capable of. This could be the best osu offense yet. 
The defensive equalizer will be a returning Wade, and coach Coombs. 
If J Cooper, Z Harrison and Tyreke Smith and Togai break out , the d will pick up where it left off.
The wild cards are the linebackers. Soooooo much potential. Watch drill sergeant Coombs change the angles and footwork if the d backs.    

Comment 19 Jan 2020

He has had the most violent collisions after catch of any player.  He’s Heinz Ward tough. How many times did we see a third and 11 catch at the sideline with a corner draped on him?  No he doesn’t get Chris Olave separation , but man he’s a dedicated tough Buckeye. 
Best of luck mr Mack. 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

It seems we have weathered the coaching carousel well, especially if Koombs replaces Hafley. The offense will be the best we’ve seen maybe ever. Why? Because the o line dominated last year and is coming back.  

2nd year Fields + W Davis, Mumford O line + Olave, Wilson, Fleming and Ruckert + Teague/Crowley = nassssty. 

Question to all , does Bama figure to be a top 5 finisher with a true freshman qb?  Iirc, They had a huge drop off last year when they lost Tagovailoa. Hmmm. 

eeesh LSU are the biggest losers going into next year.  (Qb and two key coaches) But if they still have that O line and a serviceable qb, look out. 
For the foreseeable future though, OSU has a 1/3 chance of a natty each season. Here’s hoping 

Go Bucks, 
Beat Michigan 

Comment 17 Jan 2020

The o line is better and deeper than anytime I can recall in my 50 cognizant years as a Buckeye fan. It could create the best rushing  stats ever. The backs seem good enough. Teague has had moments (prior to those last 3 games) where came in fairly early and looked at times, I repeat at times, like the best back. We all saw it. Then jk found the cutback and developed superior vision and patience. From then he was unstoppable. 
these you bucks have seen the blueprint. Hopefully they embrace it.