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Comment 10 Jan 2020

Yeah, ZS is a sociopath but a helluva recruiter and an above-average coach. Glad we were in a position to upgrade to Hartline. Dennis has come up through our ‘farm system’ and as mentioned, speaks Day’s language. No qualms with this hire.

Comment 05 Dec 2019

Can’t have duplicate numbers on the field at once, though it happens fairly often on special units with teams that give out low numbers like candy. I don’t know why the equipment staff doesn’t pack a couple #35s or some other unassigned number.

Comment 10 Nov 2019

4-40 (Wilson false start, Victor false start, Arnette u. conduct, Wade face mask)

1-5 (12 men)

6-75 (Chug delay of game, ZHarrison u. conduct, Wint face mask, A. Williams roughing-the-passer, J. Williams illegal block, D. Jones hold). Middle three infractions were on consecutive snaps, as were the final two.

2-21 (DPI x 2 on Tyreke Johnson)

Comment 10 Nov 2019

Just letting the vets have some fun in a blowout game. Berry/Williams/Potter aren’t going to get any meaningful defensive snaps this year, whether or not Cooper/Young are back.

Harrison/Friday/Smith/Jean-Baptiste is plenty of depth, and Cornell could slide out if need be. The offense runs 12 personnel enough that Berry is needed over there, even if he’s not a receiving threat.

Comment 27 Oct 2019

Interested in seeing the WR snap counts. I missed most of the first half and haven’t had the time for a second viewing...did Victor miss some snaps or did we not look his way? Box score has no targets for him (or any of the TEs).

Hope for Mack and Saunders to get back healthy because it’s hard to run an 11 personnel offense with only four dependable receivers. (Victor, Hill, Olave, Wilson)

Looks like Gill took a DNP with McCall lining up at slot for garbage time snaps with Jameson Williams and Harris. I’ve been hard on Harris but he made a good block on Wilson’s punt return. Buckeye sticker for that, at least.

Comment 23 Sep 2019

Washington missed second half v. Illinois due to various injuries...something potentially to watch this week. Frost moved Wandale to RB since Mills was gimpy as well. When the RBs are healthy, Robinson in the slot makes Spielman more of a headache. JD is super tough; he took three hard shots v. Illinois and barely missed any snaps.

Martinez will get his yards from designed runs, but can be contained on passing downs. His LG and C are new this year, and he’s bailed them out a few times this season. 

Defense is pretty soft, just don’t throw at CB Lamar Jackson. Run at him (he hates contact) and on the 3-4. 

Depth is still bad pretty much everywhere, even on defense with 9 upperclassmen starters.