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Comment 6 hours ago

Good points. I see where you are coming from now. Yeah, I guess I was thinking of strength in terms of how it compares to the general population. But what you are saying makes sense in the sense that strength doesn’t necessarily separate one NFL guy from another in terms of on-field production. 

Christian McCaffrey didn’t do great on the bench(still well above average for his weight compared to the general population) but he no doubt has tremendous lower body strength. You are right-a lot more to being an elite football player than strength but I view it more as a foundational attribute of most elite players. But yeah now I think I have a clearer idea of what you are saying. Makes sense.

Comment 10 hours ago

As annoying and unlikable as he is, Franklin is a solid recruiter. The talent is what seems to keep them afloat. I could be wrong but I wouldn’t be surprised if things start to go downhill if/when they fail to make it to the Big 10 championship game or playoff again.

Comment 10 hours ago

I never said max strength was important for QB’s. I said that it matters for most positions but not as much for QB’s and that’s why guys like Brady can flourish despite not possessing tremendous strength. 

As I stated, I’m not suggesting strength will guarantee success. My point is that most elite football players are strong and that strength does matter at most positions. To move yourself(and other people) you have to be able to apply force. Good luck applying a lot of force with minimal strength. I agree that it’s not the only thing that matters but its absence(again, at most positions) would be a hindrance. Speed of course matters a lot too(among other things like body control that you mentioned) and I know it’s nuanced but again most people with elite speed are not lacking strength, at least not lower body strength. They have to apply a strong force in a short amount of time.

I’m not sure what your last point is. I never suggested that a top player at any given position group would necessarily have to be stronger than his peers. But again, I guarantee  that they were not lacking in strength or at least relative strength. It’s not all that matters of course and alone it guarantees nothing but find me a top tier RB, LB or lineman who has below average max strength for his weight and you will have proved your point. 

Comment 12 hours ago

 “ little max strength and muscularity impact one's ability to be successful at football...”

Not trying to be rude or disrespectful and I think you are trying to make a valid point, but could use some help with how you are phrasing it. Max strength matters a lot for most positions. If it didn’t then why train as if it does? When’s the last time you saw an elite RB, LB, DB or lineman that was not relatively strong? Strength may matter less for QB than most other positions and Tom Brady is a classic example. He’s not a freak athlete but obviously is one of the all time greats. But he would not make a great receiver, DB or really anything else(maybe kicker?).

Just because one is strong does not mean they will be a great football player-true. It requires more than strength to be good at football. It requires coordination, spatial awareness, toughness etc...But there aren’t very many elite football players that are weak and most have tremendous strength or at least relative strength-strength for their size/weight. 

Comment 08 Apr 2020

I’m no expert but he’s got decent size and great speed. We’ll know more after his senior year(hopefully) but I think he could be a major contributor. Seems like there are at least some concerns about his character/disposition though that the staff will have to sort out. 

Comment 08 Apr 2020

Interesting. Burton in addition to Jackson, Christman and Latham(fingers crossed) would be an amazing O-line haul. Wilcoxson has all the physical tools to be an amazing addition to the secondary but not sure if he’s worth the possible headaches/drama. I’m sure the staff is on top of it. 

Comment 06 Apr 2020

Exactly. Recruits can believe what they wish but over time results/patterns become apparent. Smack talk like that just gives us more reason to dominate them like we did this past season. 

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Not sure if this was shared on the last thread but in a recent article Mark Pantoni was quoted as saying something along the lines of “this class has been more proactive about recruiting other prospects than any class I can remember.” Good to hear that they are building bonds and going after other guys.