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Comment 2 minutes ago

Bucks are more talented but the margin isn’t as wide as previous opponents. To win we will have to play clean and execute well. Penn State can move the chains quickly and our secondary will be tested by Hamler and the big TE. Can’t let Clifford make big plays with his legs either. I think Day and the staff will have our boys ready.

Comment 9 minutes ago

Clemson has been a thorn in our side and I can’t stand them for many reasons but I do think despite their horrendous schedule, they are the best team in the country besides us. I think we can move the ball on LSU no problem. Clemson seems to always impress in the postseason, like them or not. I’ll never forget 31-0 but that was Urban’s run the ball offense and with no passing game to open things up we suffered an embarrassing loss. I don’t think that happens under Day. We are also a more complete team. Oklahoma has weak D. The only teams left whose defenses would concern me at all are Georgia and Clemson. Don’t want to get an ahead of ourselves though. Let’s beat PSU first. 

Comment 2 hours ago

I for one am perfectly content with Dantonio there. Don’t mind them being consistently mediocre at best. Defense will test our offense but should be relatively easy to win if their offense continues to struggle. I care less about conference status than I do about Ohio State in the postseason so Michigan State can be indefinitely terrible for all I care. Just my opinion

Comment 5 hours ago

No, I don’t think he pulled the starters too early. Injuries can happen anytime and our starters are crucial for the next two games and beyond. Day knows what he is doing. Their practices are grueling enough that I don’t believe fatigue or lack of preparation for playing a long game will be big factors. We will soon find out.

Comment 18 Nov 2019

An extremely tough way to end the season but no doubt Day and the staff have been and are aware of the significance of these games. I think we will be tested(for real this time) but I feel better going into this stretch than I would have if we had blown or almost blown a game against an inferior opponent. We certainly have the talent to win. Now it's just about execution. Must play clean, avoid penalites, tackle well etc... but if we do all of the fundamental things right then I see us winning both. If we get sloppy, play undisciplined or lose the turnover battle then we could easily lose one or both of these games. Will be interesting to see how our team responds to the challenge. I'm also curious to see if we finally unleash Fields in terms of designed runs. He has shined some in moments but we certainly haven't depended on him that much in the run game. I'm sure some wrinkles will be in the game plan and I can't wait to see Day's brilliance in action. Go Bucks!

Comment 18 Nov 2019

Great write up as always! We have game planned for mobile quarterbacks this season(Martinez in particular comes to mind) and I'm sure the staff isn't overlooking anything. I can't imagine Penn State(given it's personnel) will be able to throw in many wrinkles that would doom us but we are going to have to play very sound defense against the run and keep Hamler and their big tight end in check. Do that and will be tough sledding for the kitties. Hoping Chase's presence will lead to some scrambles and possible turnovers/sloppy play. Will be interesting to watch. Go Bucks!

Comment 18 Nov 2019

K'Vaughn Pope appears to have great instincts. So much depth at linebacker and with the new scheme and Al Washington, I have a lot less anxiety about the position. Happy to see Jaelen Gill out there doing well. Been wondering when he would be utilized. Olave has been incredibly consistent and we will definitely need him to perform well going forward. Hopefully Wilson can improve the consistency but I think it's a little too early to freak out over a couple of drops. Williams also didn't look great but let's give them some time and more opportunities and see what they can do. They've obviously done well enough in practice to merit getting out there in the game so hopefully just a fluke game.O-line will have to do better in short yardage situations but hard to take a lot away from a game against Rutgers in my opinion.

Comment 17 Nov 2019

Spread may be high, but WAY high? I guess we’ll see. In no way trying to start an argument but we are not overrated for beating a bunch of cupcakes. As the season has gone on it’s become clear that some of the teams we dominated(FAU, Cinci, Indiana) weren’t half bad after all. Wisky is never a cupcake. Penn State lost to Minnesota, struggled against Indiana and Pitt and Iowa. Not bad teams but not elite. Don’t get me wrong-Penn State is talented and this could be a very close game. But don’t be shocked if we cover because playing at home with Chase back and having a lot of motivation and an amazing coaching staff could be just the formula for a very convincing victory. 

Comment 17 Nov 2019

Completely agree. I honestly wouldn’t be shocked if this was a close game. And it would take a gigantic lead for Day to even consider pulling the starters. I’m just saying if we go up 56-0 or something heading into halftime and our backups played the rest I would be immensely happy. 

Comment 16 Nov 2019

Oh, and Joe Pa was a great guy and nobody knew anything that happened except Sandusky...

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Maybe just for Rutgers someone can write an article listing 10 reasons to pity them. Cause seriously...

Comment 15 Nov 2019

I can appreciate that perspective. I think last time Baylor was narrowly left out of the playoff we won a Natty so I’m also hoping they are some sort of good luck charm.