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Comment 09 Feb 2020

Yes, seriously. Brutus865 wrote, "If only we could find a coach to recruit a RB.." Miyan Williams is a running back, who was recruited by coach Alford. As such, Brutus865's claim clearly lacks merit. I even provided proof, which you obviously failed to understand. I'm not surprised. 

According to 247Sports, Miyan was ranked the 29th best running back in the country and had a composite ranking of 45th - lower than Jaamal Berry's #4 composite ranking for running backs, but significantly higher than Le'Veon Bell's 124th composite ranking. How did those players turn out? Considering the United States is comprised of 50 states, rankings of 29 and 45 are equivalent to being ranked the best in one particular state. Furthermore, more than 14,000 high schools have football programs in which ~1,000,000 students play. Miyan's rankings clearly put him among the best. Sadly, you lack the ability to understand such concepts. I'm not surprised about that, either. Seriously.

Comment 22 Oct 2019

Dan Dakich is suspended from ESPN's The Fan for not adhering to 'journalistic principles'... 

Wait...ESPN has "journalistic principles"??? The same organization that rewarded someone who pled guilty to obstructing justice in a murder case and paid off the victims' families in order to avoid going to trial? That organization??