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Comment 02 Jun 2011

Thanks for a touching and honest article. I have known JT for many years and he is all that you say and so much more. JT played football with my brother, Carl, at Baldwin-Wallace. Last year when Carl was in the James for 9 months, JT was there holding my hand. The last time he visited, Carl had been unresponsive for 2 days. By the time JT left, my beautiful brother had his eyes open and I was able to tell him I loved him and I knew he loved me. He shook his head "Yes" and held my hand so tight it hurt and wouldn't let go. My beloved brother died two days later but I will always be greatful for JT for giving me that last night.

I love JT and am therefore biased, but I am holding out hope that Buckeye Nation will unite and demand reinstatement of this wonderful man as head coach. Football is only a game but JT works diligently to mold these young men into productive adults, although clearly he is not always successfull.  Most young men are quite convinced they are invincible and have no ability to consider consequences as a result of their actions. College kids selling their stuff. What a concept!

JT loves his players and the university. It is a sad day when the leaders of the university allowed the media and the NCAA to decide what was best for the OSU family.