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Comment 05 Jan 2018

Something that hasn’t really been said yet, and the reason I logged in. Give me a game where Harbaugh won a game that he wasn’t supposed to! That to me is the clue in how good of a coach one is. Look at Scott Frost, he beat Auburn, a game where the majority of folks didn’t really think he had a chance to win. You can go through the majority of coaches that we call elite and look for that win early on that distinguished him as a good coach. Harbaugh did it at Stanford when he beat USC. I’m starting to believe either it was mostly his assistants or he has got away from whatever it was that made people think of him as an elite coach. Harbaugh needs a win that no one sees coming, to be considered even good again

Comment 11 Sep 2017

Hopefully Haskins or Burrow get a chance to prove it publicly on the field on Saturday. Maybe that will prove they are "game ready" to Meyer! Hell my question is how has Burrow been here 3 years (haskins2) and is not game ready? Certainly they have learned enough to this point! They have played qb all their lives this isn't  going from hockey to football! 

Comment 11 Sep 2017

I'm trying to figure out how we're going to blow anyone out. At this rate the backups won't see playing time because we are still trying to figure this whole thing out.   Id rather not have to waste two seasons getting our new qb ready. Play the new guy this year and maybe he's firing on all cylinders for a run at a championship by seasons end or next year! Sam Darnold didn't take long to get his team rolling after a change last year, so many coaches make changes and sometimes its what the Dr. ordered! I'm grateful for Barrett's accomplishments but I think it's time we ride the Rb position with a new qb, and take shots downfield in play action

Comment 09 Sep 2017

I'm trying to remain calm, but I am settling in to a reality that this team has some serious issues. I have confidence they can be corrected, but Meyer and co need to take a long look in the mirror. We got our coached, we had no idea what was coming next when on defense. We all thought our linebackers were elite.....they consistently were out of position and got beat, I could go on for days! Love the buckeyes but Meyer showed me he wasn't focused when he inserted someone else's business into a press conference. 

Comment 09 Sep 2017

I'm working midnights and won't get to sleep before the game tonight due to a birthday party! I'll be stoked and screaming my head off with no sleep for well over 24 hours! I'm a little concerned but there's no way a first year coach is coming to Columbus and beating UFM! 35-24 the local team will get it done, Go Bucks and be loud tonight in the shoe! Oh and I've never seen an episode of Game of Thrones, I may need to fix that 

Comment 17 Apr 2015
I was in the south stands for the va tech game...... all the visiting fans were impressed by the sound. They couldnt believe how much better it was than theirs. I guess it just depends where you sit
Comment 23 Feb 2015
Law Enforcement at a city p.d. As i look over what everyone else does for a living it reminds me that i should have went to school longer to make more money!
Comment 31 Dec 2014
Please explain to me why Ohio State isnt his best option? Returning almost everyone on offense, play makers as good or better than anyone in the country, veteran o line. The only set back is a new o coordinator. This is Urbans offense and I have no doubt the next coordinator will have similar success! Whats the chances Braxton doesnt start in 15? 50*? Thats better odds than anywhere else especially having to learn a new offense
Comment 10 Dec 2014
Cant wait to see the progress of j.t. barrett! Samuel will be exciting, lets not forget Marshall....all have very bright futures! What about Kwon! I cant name just one
Comment 06 Dec 2014
Im with you, depending on who you listen to it could be ugly for osu even with a win. Oh well all they can do is win tonight and let meyer make his case! If the committee wants less than half full stadiums that is their choice. If they want packed houses go with the obvious choice!
Comment 05 Dec 2014
Thinking about coming in for this with 3 others... I didnt make it to this party last year. Was it packed out, didnt they get us a back room or something. Just trying to gauge the amount of people who are likely to come