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Comment 17 minutes ago

Growing up, my mom was teaching me piano.  She taught me to play Prelude in E Minor.  If any of you know this composition, the notes themselves are not difficult. My mom would get so frustrated with me.  "Don't just play it, feel the emotion... FEEL THE EMOTION... play with conviction... ".  To this day, I can play Prelude, still can't feel it like mom wishes I could.  

Comment 27 minutes ago

I was born in Hungary, I never learned to read it fluently or write it, but I speak it fluently. I can make out sentences, but wouldn't attempt to read a book.  I have family in Austria, so I learned some German growing up as well.  In Hungary, they have a gypsy language called Slavanish.  I grew up with that as well.  As a matter of fact, my dog knows all of her commands in Hungarian.  I never taught my kids any Hungarian growing up, I figured that learning English was hard enough.  Also, my main guy out in the warehouse is Mexican and over the last 20 years he's taught me enough Spanish that I can get by, wouldn't say that I'm fluent, but I know how to run the shop in Spanish lol.  

Comment 21 hours ago

I'm going to go with Classic Rock.  Like many of you, I listen a plethora of bands/styles.  I think that more than anything, I prefer musicians and tend to follow whatever band they are in.  Bill Sheehan is a prime example, he's been with DLR, Mr Big, Winery Dogs and now Sons of Apollo.  I love everything he does.  

Some bands that I listen to regularly:

Joe Walsh "I Told You So" is a great song

Corrosion of Conformity, the new album is insane and probably my favorite metal band

Early Megadeth and Metallica

Iron Butterfly... Ball, Heavy, Inna-dodda-da-diva, Metamorphosis... Doug Ingle brilliant song writer and vocalist

Van Halen... ALL ERAS, get over it

Cinderella... Night Songs baby

Frank SInatra/Dean Martin

The Sword... ZZ Top meets Corrosion Of Conformity

King's X... greatest rock/metal band that never made the big time

Mr. Big.... musicianship musicianship musicianship 

Free...'nough said

Mississippi Bones...never listened to them?  Don't wait, YOUTUBE 

Whitesnake.. David Coverdale's voice is epic

Anthrax... just when you thought they couldn't turn back the clock, they write In The End.  

Then there's always, Beatles, LZ, Sabbath, Bonamassa, BLS, The Who, Frampton, Living Colour, Sammy Hagar, Clapton, Clutch, Primus, Testament....

Boz Scaggs... Lowdown baby!

Robin Trower.. most know Bridge of Sighs, but I implore you to listen to Shame the Devil

Thanks for listening...


Comment 09 Jan 2018

For me, the only issue I have is Auburn ranking.  They lost their last 2 games.  As for our boys being 5th, that's about right.  The Iowa game.... it's simply too much for anyone to ignore.  As much as I can't stand to this phrase "it is what it is", it's the simple reality.  I am very proud of the young men that put forth all the work and effort into this season.  I'll admit that I didn't think that this year's team was a Championship team.  B1G yes, National... no.  What I think was missing (or lacking) was that edge the National Championship team played with.  They played with a swagger and an attitude that this year's team never appeared to have for a complete game.  (maybe the MSU game was their most complete game)  It took until the 2nd half of the PSU game for the fire to appear and it was lost in the 2nd half of both the Wisconsin game and the USC game.  I think had they had more complete games, this is a different conversation.


Comment 08 Jan 2018

My opinion is that, first off, USC has some serious talent up front and they won some battles.  Secondly, I think that once our boys got up, Wilson's play-calling went from aggressive to "nothing stupid here".  It almost felt like "it's ok to punt, our defense is playing lights out".  Finally, I think that we weren't able to hit on those couple deep passes where there was opportunities.  Once we missed on those, I feel like the play-calling became predictable and that made it easier for USC to defend.  Again, just my opinion...


Comment 03 Dec 2017

If JK hadn't won over his OL prior to last night, when he was awarded the MVP the first thing he did was say he wasn't the MVP and that his OL is.  It's things like that, that wins over your teammates.  Very mature on JK's part. I'm excited to see his next 2 years.

Larry Johnson... my oh my, what else can be said?  Give that man a blank check and don't EVER LET HIM LEAVE

Comment 03 Dec 2017

This game had that feeling I had when they played Alabama in 14.  The game was much closer than needed to be due to turnovers.  JT missed 2 scores on the drive before half.  All in all, this game wasn't as close as the score indicated.  As for the playoffs.... that's for others to figure out.  If we get in, that's great.  If we don't, I'm not going to be heartbroken.  I think USC gets overlooked.  I think a match-up between our boys and USC would be epic.

Comment 02 Dec 2017

I'm all for whoever makes the program stronger.  JUCO/Transfers... whomever. I think before spring camp there will be a couple players changing positions.  I feel like this team has several versatile athletes that can change positions and adapt.

Comment 01 Dec 2017

Yes, we actually live here.  We, well most of us anyways, have running water, electricity and of course a cell phone!  It's like real life over here.  Go figure....  Lake Geneva is a big tourist attraction.  

Comment 30 Nov 2017

I too live in Wisconsin.  During football season, once the first practice starts until the last snap of the season.  On Friday's everyone in my shop wears Buckeyes apparel.  Most of them I had to buy for them.  Even my office girl wears Ohio St gear.  I'm proud to say that she has taken it to a new level.  She even refers to TTUN as Shitigan.  IF she wasn't married.... lol  So yesterday my tool guy came in wearing is Wisconsin garb... he told me that we are going to get our butt's handed to us (in rather fowl language).  With that said, I told him to have a nice day.  No sale!  He comes back today and sees EVERYONE in Ohio St garb and says "it isn't Friday...what's up with all of this?".  I told him if I had to explain it to him, he wouldn't understand.  Day 2, no sale....   I told him depending on the outcome, I may be looking for a new tool guy.  He couldn't tell if I was serious or not.  I'll let him sweat him out.


Comment 26 Nov 2017

If the QB play is soooo bad for TTUN, why not turn to McCaffrey?  I thought he was some sort of star in the making?  Am I missing something?  As for blaming the officials.  Get real, you can throw a flag on every single play if you truly wanted to.  Blaming officials is such a lame excuse.   Just like in baseball, I swing at two pitches that low and away, out of the zone.. I look like a fool and then I take a pitch middle in, get rung up and then throw a fit at the ump.  No difference here.  Okorn missed some open guys, they dropped a gift int and then cry.  Moving on...

Comment 25 Nov 2017

Chiming in from my home in Wisconsin... I've already got the lamb roasting over oak coals.  I'm doing my best to not start drinking, but I'm losing that battle as it is a beautiful morning here.  Bloody Mary with Effin' Cucumber Vodka and fresh dill.  Life is good my friends. 

Sidenote:  If anyone is out venturing today, please be safe out there.  

Comment 11 Nov 2017

Borland continues to show up on gamedays.  I can't help but wonder what is keeping him from being the starter.... am I missing something?  My best guess is that he lacks in coverage skills, but again, that's just a guess.  He seems to be all over the place and when he's in, he makes plays. Not to say that Borland starting solves all problems, he's just a player that I'm curious about.

Comment 04 Nov 2017

Just a quick thought/comment while on this post.  Some guitarists aren't aware of the replacement blocks for the FR.  If you are a player who wants lots of sustain with that medium/low end sound, you will want to change out your block to tungsten.  Chances are, most have the Fat brass or "L" shaped brass block.  With tungsten being much more dense and heavier than brass, it will change your guitar tone noticeably.  If you shop around, you'll spend $100-150.  I kept spending money on pickups and eventho i was happy with my sound, i was rarely satisfied.  If you are a tone freak like myself, you'll understand.  I changed my block and it was like the light came on.  They also have a "Pro fat brass" block that is great if you are into that low end feel.   I have a few "hair metal" guitars that I just go with standard blocks as the tone and sustain isn't the priority, it's all about the pickups and strings.  Example, I took a Hamer "Slammer" guitar and if you know this guitar, you know it's a cheap $300 model.  I changed out the bridge pick up to a SD Pearly Gate and added the FR Pro then upgraded to the tungsten block and let me tell you,  It plays and sounds just as good as my Chaparral, if not better at a fraction of the cost.

  I got long winded, sorry about that.