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Comment 02 Jan 2017

My mentality towards players leaving has always been "whatever".  It's not that I'm not sad to see them go, it's that I'm always excited to see who's next man up.  I wish each and every player that comes thru the program nothing but the best success in life.  I just don't get emotional over players leaving or staying.  It's always an honor to watch each every player play and it will continue to be so as we move forward.  To those who leave, I'm just as excited for them as they are one step closer to their dreams.  I say go get it and make your University and most importantly, your family proud.    


Comment 16 Dec 2016

The Rams were living in the Seattle backfield when it came to the running game.  There was one play early in the game where Rawls didn't even take the hand off and Wilson just turned and went down.  Plus, I think they tried to run it on first down and that got them nothing.

Comment 10 Dec 2016

Heavy thread... I'll chime in.  Please bare with me.  

My family and I came to this country from Hungary.  Not speaking English, I got beat up quite a bit as a child.  Then one day, I got beat into a coma.  It was at that point my family decided to move to Wisconsin where life appeared to be much less hectic. My father left when I was very little, never to be heard from again.  My grandparents and one of my Uncles' stepped up and filled that void in my life.  My mom wasn't around much and so my grandparents took me in and essentially raised me.  I got married, have 2 children who are my life.  My wife left when my oldest was 2 and the youngest was just months old.  The uncle who was like a father to me was found dead on (of all days) Father's Day.  My son had an 8 hour surgery to remove a brain tumor on his tenth birthday.  He's legally deaf, but you wouldn't know it.  Both of my grandparents have since passed on and this spring my daughter was hospitalized for infections of the liver, kidneys, lungs, pancreas and spleen.  She pulled thru and in the process lost most of her hair. To this day, doctors aren't sure what caused it.  So my reason as to why I wake up every day:  Because of the great people of this world, such as all of you!  My children are my inspiration.  They are both in college now and  I hope that I have instilled value, morals and ethic into them.  You never know who you are going to meet and who might inspire you along the way.  For me, that's worth waking up for every single day. 

Thanks for listening...


Comment 10 Dec 2016

Good luck and congrats to Coach Fickell.  Not only is he a good coach, but a great man and let us not forget that he's a great recruiter.  He's going to be missed and I thank him for stepping up and holding the reigns during a difficult time.  Cincinnati's roster is about to get a whole lot better in a hurry.

Comment 08 Dec 2016

Seattle Linga... this is where I think our youth and lack of experience plays in our favor.  With a team this young, Clemson will only have so much film to watch and detect tendencies.  I feel like the pressure is on the experienced team.  Just like Alabama was the experienced team 2 years ago and our youth went in there and won.  

Comment 07 Dec 2016

When Schiano got hired/took the job here, I got the feeling that it was a one year thing.  I'd love for him to stay, his knowledge is a huge asset.  Plus, if Luke were to leave the defense would be in good hands.

Comment 06 Dec 2016

IF Beck is let go, I wouldn't cry.  One replacement that I'd be all for is Major Applewhite.

Comment 05 Dec 2016

Let's see if I can work this correctly.  I'm not going to go back any further than with Coach Tressel.  With Coach Tressel, we all knew we'd get some good recruits, he'd build a solid foundation and that we'd compete every year for the B1G and the National Championship.  I'm not sure (maybe it was just me) I thought each and every year was the case of "oh yes, this is the team".  He provided us a team that was always solid and he even gave us a Championship as long as going to 2 more.  With Coach Meyer, it's recruit big and play even bigger.  With Coach Meyer, there's a certain "expectance".  With Coach Tressel, we could go 10-2 (Of course, beat SCUM) and I'd react with "that was a good season".  With Coach Meyer, I've become the sore loser.  I don't ever expect to lose, yet I know better.  Maybe it's fair to say that Coach Meyer has raised the bar to a new level.  We are so fortunate as Buckeye fans.  Life sure is good my friends!


Comment 30 Nov 2016

Zakk Sabbath.... ummm, yeah.  That's going to be amazing!  For those who don't know Zakk Sabbath.  It's Zakk Wylde playing Black Sabbath songs.  I've seen Zakk jam some Sabbath over the years, he does not disappoint.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Before everyone gets all concerned about Coach Meyer and staff going into Texas, let's not forget that Mack Brown was quite the recruiter as well.  Top 10 classes year in and year out.  The recruiting landscape has changed.  Hell, Purdue just got a 4 star athlete.  Not ever kid will be focused on staying in their home state.  Kids now view the opportunity to play more than ever.   Coach Meyer was able to get Raekwon from the clutches of Clemson, Georgia, Auburn and Alabama.  I'm sure he's going to get players from Texas.  I'm sure Herman will have an impact at first, as did Charlie Strong, but make no mistake... Herman isn't Coach Meyer.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

With the NFL, here's my issue.  After a score, there's a delay to confirm the score.. then there's the crazy extra point try from the 15... then we go to 4 minutes of commercials, come back for a touchback, go to another 3 minutes of commercials, then a team goes 3 and out, punt... commercials again.  Let's not forget ALL THE PENALTIES.  With college, games take longer because of the clock stoppage after first downs and there's more passing, hence incomplete plays.. I can tolerate that.  Not to mention, the refs let the kids play.  In the NFL, it's just saturated by money and (dare I say) self entitlement.   Do what they want with TNF, I won't care as I don't watch it anyways.  Ratings are down for a reason.

Comment 29 Nov 2016

Deservedly awarded to this fine young man.  One thing I noticed during the game and for some reason, I don't recall seeing this before... but did anyone else notice Raekwon coming off the field for 3rd downs?  I never noticed that before.  Anyone have any info about this?  I could make a guess but hell, anyone can guess.  Maybe someone has intel...