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Comment 16 Sep 2019

I have watched you on BIG10 network and other times that you were on TV and you seem pretty polished as an announcer! Not having any say other than my opinion, you look to have a great future!! Keep working and improving but you come across to the viewer as very knowledgeable and articulate! Good job Josh!!!

Comment 02 Aug 2019

We must not be too hasty to criticize any player from last years defense. much of our problems were in the design of what was asked.

This is a new year, new coaches, new concepts and guys with a year under their belts! TUF can play! i'll bet he is a different kid this year as will be all our backers!

This could be a really good defense and I have always liked MATESON!

Let's keep our cool and see what they can produce before we get too near the ledge!!

Comment 02 Jul 2019

This team is in great shape with great players and great coaches! I'm not saying we are invincible but we are close!!

Fields does not have to win the Heisman, just don't lose the game by bad decisions!! The rest will perform because we have a great staff!!!

Comment 03 May 2019

The QB situation is another indicator of how good Day really is at his job! When we get QB"S bailing he goes out and gets a great transfer in Hoak and then signs a great prospect for 2021!

Day didn't hit the panic button and has put the program in better shape than it was before all the transfers!!

This program is on solid ground and will continue to lead the big 10!!

Comment 04 Jan 2019

Somebody had to go because they did not have any continuity on defense! I don't believe the defense was all on same page and it showed!! This must change in 2019!! SCHIANO still wants a head job but the TENNESSEE THING is hanging over his head!!!

We have a new linebackers coach so we'll see. The secondary should be exceptional and if it isn't then more changes after the season.

Everybody needs to be great recruiters!!!

Comment 31 Oct 2018

I realize Meyer is a great recruiter but if he leaves, the program will continue to thrive because it is THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY!!!

We will continue football with or without Meyer!  We will get a great coach who will hire great assistants!!!

Look at Georgia, Florida, Texas...they all are doing good because they got a good coach!!!

If Meyer is not well, then he should take care of himself and his family and do what makes sense! The rest means nothing!! 

Comment 24 Oct 2018

These comments are almost funny!!! ALMOST! Day says they are still looking at using Tate in some packages???? What they will be looking at is TATE walking out the door to another school because he wants to play and could add another dimension to our no run offense!!

Neither Day or Schiano are giving us any hope that anything is getting fixed! They actually think we are getting better!! We are not, we are going backwards!!

We are very tired of all 15 OSU coaches evaluating this problem!! Fix the problem!! You recruited 4,5 star athletes at every position and they should be able to block and tackle! That's really all football is and that hasn't changed in 100 years!!!

Comment 15 Oct 2018

don't know why staff doesn't work Tate into 5-10 plays in some third and short situations. the RPO would cause some defenses problems bc Tate can run or pass and it puts doubt in mind of defense if Dobbins could brake one on them!!

There was several times Saturday where Tate would have killed them by running the ball! The kid is good and I think he needs to see some action in offense! HASKINS IS STILL THE STARTER!!

Comment 17 Aug 2018

Read all the posts, have to agree with school of thought that this really isn't about Meyer's guilt or innocence. It's all about the UNIVERSITY and it's image!

All Universities are very liberal, OSU is no exception! Firing Meyer would fit the narrative!! Look at what the President of MARYLAND just did to save the brand of his university! He will end up firing all of them including the AD!!

Would hate to see Meyer get canned but the lying is not a good look for a major University!! The fall out for keeping him will be much greater than if he is fired!!

This is not good for Meyers future!! They have had enough time to sort thru this so why leave all of us hanging in the wind??? Happy we have a great staff in place!! We suffer in recruiting for a while then it will be back to normal!!

Comment 24 Jul 2018

Agree 100%!! Bet it gets real old to have everyone try to run the OSU FOOTBALL PROGRAM!! Also, not sure exactly what core values Meyer had in place in 2009 so HE and Shelly tried to help save a marriage instead of ending his career! This situation is not anywhere close to a RAY RICE situation and none of us were there or have seen a police report,etc,etc.

If you all support the program and Meyer then go back to your job and let him do his!!!