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Comment 15 Apr 2020

Ohio State has a very liberal President and a nut job for a Governor! Both have over reached on this virus like it is the worst thing that has ever hit AMERICA!

Let the students go back to school in the fall, they have very good immune systems! play football and if you don't want to come then stay at home!

over 98% will not get this and will not die! Don't stop living because of a virus! too much fear being driven for political purposes!

Comment 14 Apr 2020

I'm very surprised that MARCUS MAREK did not show up somewhere! Iowabuckeye earlier pointed out what a terrific season he had and his stats were off the charts! While he was not a real physical specimen, he played hard every play! Look at some film of him playing!

Marcus Marek, you were one of the very best linebackers to play at Ohio State!

Comment 11 Dec 2019

if we need a coach to come in as a running back coach, first priority is recruiting!! We must have a coach that has been in the business and is not new to the coaching profession! too much at risk to make this job their training ground!

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I thought Charles Woodson was way over the top on the pregame show! He made a fool of himself and the crap with URBAN was uncalled for and not funny! Would love to hear what FOX executives thought of their idea of having this MICHIGAN BIG MOUTH on?

This is why I have little respect for many of these Wolverines who are just loud and obnoxious!! They are not all like that but they don't seem to get them to come on TV! They all like to brag and tell the world how tough they are, doesn't compute to the ones playing the game!

Comment 02 Dec 2019

I hope he stays another year before he embarks on head coaching gig!! There will always be head coaching opportunities if he wants to stay in college! I bet he goes to pros!! regardless, stay another year to build your resume. Mattison may retire after next year and he would be the sole DC! Day would pay him plenty to stay!! Grass isn't always greener...….

Comment 02 Dec 2019

This is a great point! Coach Stud has consistently got this group to perform at higher levels each year!! He needs a little love too!!

Comment 21 Nov 2019

The President Of a major university is the face of that university! When you sit at the highest level of that university you should be well respected and have the ability to be in almost any circle of that school, way beyond athletics!

However, the biggest job is to be able to raise money so that the university can keep growing in every area!

Jim Tressel fits the bill all the way around!

Comment 11 Oct 2019

Makes all the sense in the world! they have a great program and he needs to train with other men in order to keep him fresh on his skill set! Snyder is trying to go beyond the limits and he needs to do this to insure he has done everything to reach the next level!

Lets not get our feelings hurt! This man deserves our support and respect!!

Comment 16 Sep 2019

I have watched you on BIG10 network and other times that you were on TV and you seem pretty polished as an announcer! Not having any say other than my opinion, you look to have a great future!! Keep working and improving but you come across to the viewer as very knowledgeable and articulate! Good job Josh!!!

Comment 02 Aug 2019

We must not be too hasty to criticize any player from last years defense. much of our problems were in the design of what was asked.

This is a new year, new coaches, new concepts and guys with a year under their belts! TUF can play! i'll bet he is a different kid this year as will be all our backers!

This could be a really good defense and I have always liked MATESON!

Let's keep our cool and see what they can produce before we get too near the ledge!!