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Comment 31 Oct 2019

Oops, just read that a coach in his first year is not eligible.  The list still has no credibility due to Harbaugh being on it.

Comment 31 Oct 2019

Here are some coaches on the Dodd Trophy mid season watch list:

Saban, Dabo, Orgeron, Ferentz, Franklin, Fleck, HARBAUGH.  Sadly, no coach Day.  This award has lost all credibility with me.

Comment 06 Oct 2019

Here are my take aways:

1) MSU’s defense is probably the best we will face in the regular season and we still managed 34 pts and could have had more.

2) If they start calling blind side blocks on every block like the one we had tonight, they might as well start playing flag football.

3).if that wasn’t targeting on MSU when they tried to decapitate Dobbins, I guess you can never commit targeting on a running back.

4) Arnette is awesome and I am glad it sounds like he will be back in the lineup soon.

5) The Silver Bullets are back and I love watching them.

Go Bucks

Comment 16 Sep 2019

What are you basing your fear/respect of Nebraska on?  Their 88th ranked offense or their 82nd ranked defense?  These rankings were achieved against South Alabama, Northern Illinois and Colorado (which they lost too).  Conversely, Indiana has the 27th ranked offense and 23rd ranked defense after being dominated on both sides of the ball by us.  These rankings are based on yards gained and yards allowed.

Comment 07 Aug 2019

Why? ESPN is a business partner of the ACC and SEC.  In addition to the SEC network, ESPN is now the media outlet behind the ACC network.  I fully expect many of their analysts to talk about how improved the ACC is this year.  

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Perhaps they forgot to look at Alabama's out of conference schedule.  Duke, New Mexico St, Southern Miss and Western Carolina. Ridiculous SEC bias by ESPN and now that they are also affiliated with the ACC through the ESPN ACC network, I expect more ACC bias to kick in.  I can assure you we will hear how much better the ACC is next year.