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Comment 14 Nov 2019
Ohio State and Rutgers are in the same league. They're not even really playing the same game. It's comical that they're in the same division. Starters out to start the second half in this one? I'd bet on it. It's an even bigger mismatch than last week's Maryland game (although the score may not reflect that because the Buckeyes won't be out to prove a point like they were against Maryland who took them to OT last year)
Comment 09 Nov 2019
As I remember it was ruled that USC reasonably should have known about the Bush situation. A small personal loan is not the same as a free house. The latter can only be missed if you're not paying attention or intentionally ignoring it.
Comment 04 Nov 2019
I'm rooting for Penn State in that because a matchup between undefeated top 5 Ohio State vs undefeated top 5 PSU keeps all eyes on Columbus at the end of the season. If PSU loses, to most fans outside the B1G footprint, the PSU v OSU game becomes just another Big Ten matchup that the Buckeyes are supposed to win. But if the Nitany Lions come in undefeated then that's easily the biggest regular season game in the entire country outside of LSU v Bama. Ohio State vs an undefeated Penn State, followed by The Game, and then the Big Ten championship keeps the Buckeyes at the center of the college football universe down the stretch. Of course the Buckeyes don't necessarily need the extra attention - win out and we're in the playoffs no matter what everyone else does. But it's always good to be the center of attention. Plus it helps with things like playoff seeding, Heisman moments, and most of all recruiting. But above all else, it'll be damn fun to watch.
Comment 13 Oct 2019
Are Michael Thomas, Joey Bosa and Dwayne Haskins not Buckeyes? Formers Buckeyes are still Buckeyes in my book. And unlike those guys Burrow actually graduated from Ohio State before moving on to the next phase of his career.
Comment 28 Sep 2019
I'm pretty sure you're in the minority here. People watch football games for the football, not for the commentators. I really couldn't care less who's in the broadcast booth for a given game.
Comment 27 Sep 2019
Yes I would mind. When I watch football I want to see real games. I love watching the Buckeyes, but to be totally honest watching us murder Miami 76-5 is f****ng boring. I can't watch that every week. I understand that the nature of college scheduling means you will have some matchups that are stronger than others, but it's not really a competition if the other team doesn't even have a chance.
Comment 17 Sep 2019 If you haven't seen this yet it's a great explanation from Coach Meyer about how the power spread offense works and why having a QB who is at least a threat to run the ball is so helpful. The long and the short of it is that a QB that is capable of running occupies an extra defender that would otherwise be focused on the RB. Involving the QB in the run game evens up the numbers for the offense and prevents the RB from getting hit by an unblocked defender. If you take your QB out of the run game then if essentially becomes 10 vs 11 but if you keep him involved the defense is forced to cover him and that evens up the numbers.
Comment 17 Sep 2019
"There is a reason why in the NFL coaches don't just try to plug an offensive linemen into a position they shouldn't be playing." This isn't true. Of course NFL coaches don't Want to do this, but they do. NFL rosters are very short any they often don't have a fullly qualified two deep across the offensive line. You can only play with the players you have. Injuries and attrition often force guys to play out of their natural position. Coaches would usually rather put their 5 best available linemen on the field than only play guys at their "natural" position. And even if they don't want to they often have no choice. That's basically what happened with OSU last year as Meyers wasn't ready and Taylor was a bust so they put their best and most experience interior linemen (Jordan) at the most important spot on the OL. An NFL coach would have done the same thing in that situation
Comment 17 Sep 2019
Exactly. Wisconsin has done "ok". But their results would be unacceptable to Ohio State. They've lost less than 3 games once this decade. They went 8-5 last year. Buckeye fans would be screaming for everyone to be fired with results like that. Yes they have generally had solid running games but their offense isn't nearly good enough for what Ohio State expects
Comment 12 Sep 2019
"Indiana has played Ohio State close the last 5-6 years." Scores for the last 6 years: 49-26, 49-21, 38-17, 34-27, 42-27, 42-14 None of those were really close. Only one was within two touchdowns. I suppose "played Ohio State close" is a relative term for a team like Indiana. People think if the Buckeyes aren't leading by 3 TDs at halftime then it's "close" but none of those games were ever in doubt.
Comment 10 Sep 2019

PSA: Reddit streaming for college football is dead.  It seems that Reddit became such a popular platform for streaming links that they were pressured by the rights holders to put an end to it.  Unfortunately, r/cfbstreams is the latest casualty.  But on the bright side they have moved their links to a new site so you can still find everything you need there.

r/NFLStreams does still work, but it's likely on a matter of time until that's dead too.  

Comment 10 Sep 2019

That would only work if the game you want is on ESPN. Plenty of Buckeye games are on Fox or Big Ten Network,

Comment 06 Sep 2019
I've been watching games online overseas for over a decade. I've tried every legit service, every VPN, and every shady bootleg steaming site. The best site to steam college games by far is: Reddit forms are the best source of streams. They're well moderated, constantly updated, and peer reviewed. Every game from every network is available. You can quickly and easily find high quality streams and see about the quality, number of ads, and if it's working before you even click on the link. The peer review system means that the best links are upvoted to the top and there are verified steamers that consistently provide quality streams. The video quality is generally excellent, and in my experience is often superior to using the legit services with a VPN. They've got everything you need.
Comment 06 Sep 2019
Reddit is a far better option than firstrowsports. The streams are high quality, transparent and peer reviewed. The best steams get up voted to the top of the threads. You can easily see the steaming quality, number of ads, and if it's currently working before even clicking on the link. Reddit is by far the best way to find steams and I'm pretty sure I've tried most of them.