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Comment 13 Feb 2019
Did you not know it was about "a hip hop founder of the United States Treasury" before you went to see it? PS, I thought this post was going to be about DaVon Hamilton when I clicked on it.
Comment 10 Feb 2019
College Football is more about the brands of the schools than it as about specific players. Players come and go but fans remain fiercely loyal to their teams. There's a big reason this new AAF is allocating players based on where they went to college - they're trying to capitalize off the loyalties of college football fans. That isn't going anywhere even if a handful of prospects do go pro by a different route. Fans are always going to follow college football no matter who the specific players are. As baseball fans would, we "root for the laundry."
Comment 06 Feb 2019
Average per recruit is a good metric but it's also not the be all end all of evaluating a class. There are other nuanced factors to consider, especially team need. When Ohio State signs Dawand Jones later today it will bring our average per recruit down but it will make our class better because he's a high upside player at a position of need.
Comment 06 Feb 2019

I'm not so sure that forcing kids into binding decisions earlier is the best route.  In the long run that's going to lead to more transfers by players who are unhappy and more mistakes of signing the wrong prospects by coaches.

Comment 06 Feb 2019
He doesn't lose his two years of eligibility while he goes on mission. His eligibility clock pauses. So he would be freshman in 2019 and theb come back as a sophomore in 2022 with 4 full years left to play (assuming he redshirts)
Comment 05 Feb 2019
I know his recruitng profile says "committed" to Ohio State but those are just words on a website. Nester has essentially been uncommitted since Meyer announced his retirement (which is totally understandable given the circumstances). Ohio State coaches were fully aware of that, and they've been recruitng him like he was an uncommitted prospect for months. Just because Nester didn't tweet it out of tell 247 to update his profile doesn't mean he wasn't upfront with the Ohio State coaches.
Comment 05 Feb 2019
Whose to say he's not been honest? He's clearly told the OSU coaches that he has concerns about the program since Meyer left. He told them he was considering other schools and taking other visits. The guy has every right to explore all his options and make the decision he feels is best for himself. That does not make him immature or a "douche"
Comment 05 Feb 2019
To be fair to Nester it's the fans creating Drama about this, not him. He hasn't said anything to any reporters. He hasn't tweeted anything. He isn't even having an announcement ceremony. He has played this as close to the vest as possible. The only drama comes from recruitng obsessives like us who check message boards every day, but it's his life not ours and he doesn't owe us anything. The kid has every right to explore all his options and make the decision he feels is best for himself.
Comment 01 Feb 2019
I agree that Hurts and JT Barrett are comparable players, bit I disagree that that's a bad thing. Barrett and Hurts are both excellent college QBs. Both of them win tons of games and put up excellent stats. They may not be elite NFL prospects but in the college game that's not always necessary to win. Leadership, toughness, competitive spirit, the ability to extend plays....all those QB attributes that Meyer always talked about go a long way in the college game. It's not always about who has the strongest arm or fits the NFL mold best. I know Buckeye fans ended up with Barrett fatigue and some have soured on him, but we're spoiled. 95% of college teams would kill to have a JT Barrett behind center.
Comment 31 Jan 2019
How many schools in the entire country are truly in competition for CFP berths? Maybe a dozen or so? And of those schools how many are west of the Rockies, where most of the Morman players come from? Maybe 2 or 3? The problems with west coast football are a lot bigger than the fact that some players go on mission. Anways, as I said before it's obviously not an ideal situation for the universities, but if you're recruiting a talented player that you feel can help your team it shouldn't be a deal breaker either. No, Ohio State probably doesn't want you have 70+ players go on mission like BYU has, but I'm sure they can make it work for a guy or two here and there. Go out and recruit the best players you can find and figure out the rest later.
Comment 30 Jan 2019
Schools out west deal with this situation frequently - Utah and BYU especially but also others like Stanford and UCLA have a lot of players who have gone on mission and many of them turn out to be very good. Here is a list of several currently NFL players that delayed college football for a mission. There are a lot of linemen like the Broncos first round tackle Garrett Bolles, Cowboys guard Xavier Su'a-Filo, and Redskins center Tony Bergstrom, along with Saints 'Slash' QB Tayom Hill. It may not be an ideal situation for the universities but recruiting is mostly about the future. If you think a player will help your team in the future then sign him now and sort out the details later.
Comment 29 Jan 2019
You're not going to watch the Super Bowl because of one bad call in one game? Seriously? That's ridiculous. It's the freaking Super Bowl. We're all big enough football fans to be checking message boards regularly in the off season, but you have something better to do during the Super Bowl? It's the last meaningfull football game in the world for over half a year.... Hell yeah I'm watching the Super Bowl. Where I am I'll have to wake up around 5:00 because the game starts at 6:30am. At one bar on the opposite side of the city. On a crappy feed without the American commercials. And a sleepy toddler along with me. On a major holiday when I also have plans with my family. And I wouldn't miss it for the world.
Comment 28 Jan 2019
Got left out of the playoffs on a tiebreaker by just a few points. I would have won the whole thing if I had managed to get into the playoffs. My team was good but would have been great if I didn't blow my first round pick - thanks a lot Dalvin Cook...
Comment 28 Jan 2019
Are we? Who are our Guard options? Wyatt Davis is really our only true guard who's proven and he's just started a couple games. Bowen is pencilled in as the other starter but he has a tackles body and hasn't played in nearly 2 years. Behind them we've got Cupp who has barely seen the field as the only veteran true guard on the roster. Then there is maybe Matthew Jones, a redshirt freshman who was recruited as a center, and then possibly some true freshman IF we actually sign any guards in the 2019 class which is still a question mark. I wouldn't call that "flush with guards".