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Comment 13 Jan 2018
No upside with Johnny Dixon?? The guy averages 23.4 yards per catch and scored 8 Touchdowns on only 18 receptions. It wasn't that long ago that Dixon was hyped as the next great Ohio State WR. Hoping he can put together a great senior year.
Comment 09 Jan 2018
It was a gutsy call by Saban to put in a QB who had never played a meaningful down in college. It worked out better than even he could have imagined. Great coaching call. However, I do fear that this one instance is going to give too much ammo to every fan who wants to see a QB change in the future. I don't mean just OSU fans, but everybody. As the old saying goes, the backup QB is the most popular guy in town whenever the starter struggles. Now everybody is going to think they're just a QB switch away from a National Championship. Just because it worked out for Bama in this particular instance doesn't mean that every QB who has a bad first half should be pulled his young promising backup.
Comment 04 Jan 2018
FWIW, those recruits aren't all on Warriner, good and bad. Just because he was the One Line coach doesn't mean he was responsible for all the O Line recruits. For the most part recruiting for assistant coaches is divided by geographic territory, not by position.
Comment 31 Dec 2017
Bosa will obviously be on the field more often next season, both because he is hands down our best defensive player and because we will have a lot less depth at DE next season. My hope is that they are able to develop enough depth at DE next year to NOT have to play Bosa every snap.
Comment 30 Dec 2017
Both of those guards who moved to center won the Remmington awards as the best center in the country and booth look like they will have long NFL careers at center. It's not like Taylor got passes by some average players
Comment 16 Dec 2017

Disney didn't buy the Fox TV network.  Because they already own ABC the federal laws don't allow them to own a second broadcast network.  Fox, Fox News, and Fox Sports, will be spun off into a new company owned by Murdoch.

Comment 15 Dec 2017
I am always amazed at how bitter people get over recruiting rumors. I would love to say I'm surprised, but comments like gtfo, good riddance, he's a flake, he's not a leader, and we didn't want him are all too predictable in threads like this. Some people take this stuff way too personally. My absolute favorites are the comments from people criticizing recruits for creating "drama" and seeking "attention" when YOU are the ones paying attention to everything these kids do. If you don't like the drama then stop reading every article and commenting on every message board thread about these kids, and absolutely stop following recruits on Twitter. Recruiting drama only exists because you have created a market for it!
Comment 12 Dec 2017
I feel like AJ Alexander is the probable starter. He had the #2 TE job locked up and was getting tons of praise from Meyer before he got hurt.
Comment 08 Dec 2017
The short shelf life for RBs is all the more reason to go pro as soon as possible. You can always go back and get your degree after your playing days are finished but you can't add years back to your athletic prime. If Weber isn't going to start for OSU next year he may as well collect a paycheck in the NFL. He's good enough to at least be a late round draft pick.
Comment 08 Dec 2017
To be fair both of those guys who moved positions ended up winning the Remington award as the nations best center, and they were both older than Taylor, so its not exactly like he got passed by a couple bums. Meyer has some good things to say about Taylor this year so I'm interested to see if he can become the guy next year or not.