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Comment 13 Mar 2018
Wow! Congrats to Norwell I've always been interested in Norwell's career because for the life of me I can not figure our how he wasn't drafted. He was a 5 star recruit, has always had great size and talent, was a multi year starter with a successful career at Ohio State, and then went on to become an All-Pro and now he's the highest paid OL in the NFL, but somehow he wasn't worth a draft pick for any team? It blows my mind.
Comment 07 Mar 2018
On the first day of spring practice the starting OL was: LT: Isiah Prince LG: Malcolm Pridgeon C: Brady Taylor RG: Demetrius Knox RT: Thayler Munford NOTES: - Michael Jordan and Branden Bowen are both injured and won't participate in spring practice. Obviously Jordan had a starting spot locked up and Meyer said that he expects Bowen to play a lot so I'm penciling those guys in as the starting guards. - Meyer specifically said that Isiah Prince has earned the first shot at Left Tackle and that Thayler Munford is penciled in as the starter at Right Tackle, so it looks like those positions are almost set. - Meyer seems very worry about the Center position. I've now heard him bring it up unprompted in multiple interviews. He says it just as important as QB. In fact he seems much more worried about C than he is about QB. - After the first day of spring practice, Meyer listed Brady Taylor, Josh Meyers and Matthew Burrell as contenders for the starting Center spot. He also mentioned talking to Joshi Alabi about getting involved in the center competition. That position seems more wide open than any other on the roster. If you're interested to see how the whole OL shakes out then keep a close eye on the center position!
Comment 27 Feb 2018
Glad to see everyone thought it was interesting. It was posted a couple days ago but I just came across it today. Seems like a lot of what Meyer covered here echos a lot of what we talk about on these boards. He only seems particularly concerned with the center and safety positions at this point. Everything else appears to be in good hands. I also though it was interesting the way Meyer totally shut down the idea of an 8 team playoff, saying it can't happen unless they get rid of other games.
Comment 27 Feb 2018
Elflein and Price also served as the backup center the year before they moved over to be the starter, so the position wasn't totally new to them.
Comment 26 Feb 2018
I love NFL legacy recruits, and Porter Sr was a heck of a player. Not only do these kind of guys have great bloodlines, but they have been around football their whole lives and they have seen first hand the type of work ethic and commitment required to become a top level player.
Comment 15 Feb 2018
I somewhat agree with the idea that the elite, championship level tier of college football is largely set. However I think it's clearly possible for some programs to move into that tier and put together championship level teams with the right combination of coaching and elite players. To look at some recent examples, Clemson hadn't won a national championship since 1981 untill last year. Even a few years most people wouldn't have listed them among the blue blood programs, but now they have clearly worked themselves into the elite tier. Georgia hasn't won a national championship since 1980 but they were a quarter away from one this year and they've been crushing it on the recruiting trail. Oregon has never won a national championship, but they've been knocking on the door several times this decade and they have the resources to get their program back to that level.
Comment 01 Feb 2018
I wouldn't be surprised to see Booker line up at DE some. I don't expect him to move to DE full time, but he could line up there sometimes. I don't see him with his hand in the dirt on running downs, but he could be an extra pass rusher or a stand-up DE in certain situations. If Booker is not going to a regular starter at LB then this gives him another way to get on the field next year. One way or another the coaching staff is going to have to move guys around and get creative in order to make up for the lack of bodies at DE. Moving a linebacker like Booker down is one idea. I also expect them to use their depth at DT to fill in the the whole as well. Guys like Jones and Cornell who were recruited as DEs could slide outside in running situations.
Comment 24 Jan 2018
I think the dual coordinator thing is actually a great plan by Meyer to maintain continuity on a staff that sees a ton of turnover. When one coordinator inevitably leaves, you have another ready to take over. Just like when Chris Ash left we still had Fickle as DC and then when Fickle left we had Schiano to take over. I do find it a bit interesting that Wilson and Schiano are the "big name" assistants on OSUs staff but it's Day and Grinch that are the highest paid now