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Comment 06 Sep 2018
Medical Redshirt year in store for Bowen? Hate to lose a guy who was capable of starting, but he's got to do whats best for his health. Hope to see the big guy back ok the field eventually
Comment 02 Sep 2018
This UM program is just never going to turn the corner. New season, new QB, same predictable result of losing big games.
Comment 30 Jul 2018

when all else fails head here

you're welcome!

Comment 06 Jul 2018
Wow I just thought a former Buckeye star being on a major talk show seemed like some good off-season filler for 11W. I wasn't trying to stir anything up.
Comment 05 Jul 2018
Stanford recruits better than you may thank. They may not be thought of as a football factory but their profile has been rising on the recruiting trail. Winning seasons and high profile stars like Andrew Luck, Christian McCaffrey and Bryce Love have helped them attract more good players. Stanford signs a solid number of 4 Stars and even some 5 Star recruits (they signed 3 5 Stars in the 2017 class alone).
Comment 15 Jun 2018
People mention Collier as though he was a wasted scholarship, but there is value in recruiting a lower ranked QB to serve as a backup QB and long term project. The problem with higher ranked QBs is that they all want to play asap. If they aren't going to be the man then they just transfer. There's value in getting a guy who understands his place, is willing to do the thankless work of clipboard holding and running the scout team, yet is still talented enough to eventually delvelop into someone who could start or fill in as a backup and play at a high level. Kenny Guiton is the perfect example of a guy like that.
Comment 13 Jun 2018
Recruiting ranks are far from absolute. High ranked players bust and lower rated guys become stars. It happens every year at every single position. Also the rankings of the coaching staff don't necessarily match those of the recruiting websites. If the coaches aren't sold on the guys who rank at the top by the internet then it makes then it makes sense to look for players that the coaches feel have a higher ceiling but may be lower rated for a variety of reasons (limited football experience, uncertain position, smaller high school, etc). The OSU staff isn't chasing some lower rated players because they're unable to land higher rated players like a lot of other schools (*cough* scUM *cough*). It's because the feel some of these 3 star guys have a higher ceiling and will end up being better players.
Comment 29 May 2018

I read a good quote somewhere that building a good receiving corps is a lot like building a basketball team.   You want different body types that fill different roles and complement each other.

You want big receivers that can overmatch DBs but you also need smaller faster guys who can create in space and quick guys who can do the dirty work over the middle.

Comment 28 May 2018
I'm surprised that Andrew Norwell didn't make this list. The guy was a 1st Team All Pro and is now the highest paid guard in the whole league. I assumed he would be on the list but with 8 total Buckeyes, and 7 of them already listed, there not room for him and Bosa, who's a sure thing.