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Comment 11 hours ago
That's what they said when the Lions took Megatron after Charles Rodgers busted. Just because a player at one position busts for a team doesn't mean the next guy will
Comment 24 Apr 2019
Actually Clark was part of the 2011 class which was Tressel's last recruiting class. Meyer wouldn't be hired until almost a year later.
Comment 24 Apr 2019
Thanks for your thoughtful response. It's interesting that of those 3 highly ranked Ohio DEs the Buckeyes recruited that year none of them went on to be drafted by the NFL. Chase Farris, the lowest ranked of the three, probably ended up being the best player but as an offensive lineman. He started one year in Columbus and then went undrafted and bounced around on NFL practice squads for a few years before trying his hand at the AAF. Steve Miller, who was a borderline 5 star prospect, ended up being a solid but unspectacular player who started one year - although he did have that big pick 6 against Alabama. He signed with the Panthers after going undrafted but was cut in his first pre-season. Kenny Hayes transfered out after two years and ended up having his own serious legal issues, going to jail for seven months for child endangerment. The three star Clark, however, became a 2nd round NFL pick despite his issues and has gone on to become one of the highest paid DEs in all of football. It just goes to show that you never really know how things will work out with these recruits in the long term.
Comment 23 Apr 2019
Hindsight is 20/20 of course and I'm glad OSU didn't have to deal with it but back in high school how could the Buckeyes have known that he'd punch his girlfriend 4 years later. Obviously that's inexcusable but were there violence issues with him in high school that raised red flags? Anyways the point of this wasn't to lament a miss but rather to see if anyone had any inside info on how things went between Clark and OSU back in high school and why they made the decision they made.
Comment 21 Apr 2019
Actually the staff recruited Danny Clark to be the QB in the 2017 class long before Tate Martell. Clark was committed to the Buckeyes for several years and he was told he was the future at QB - the guy even had the Block O tattooed on his arm. But when the coaches felt like they could get someone better late in the process they had no problem letting Clark go and signing Martell instead. And then when it looked like it was Martell's turn after Haskins left they had no problem bringing in Justin Fields to take the job instead. This sword cuts both ways.
Comment 02 Apr 2019
I'm moving back to Columbus in the fall for the first time in a decade and I was thinking about taking my family to see a good game in the Horseshoe, but after checking the prices I'm having second thoughts. For a mid tier game like MSU it's $200+ per person to sit in the nosebleed section and $500+ to sit somewhere where you can actually see the game. Not sure I can justify spending that much on one Saturday afternoon. Are those prices fairly standard for a home Big Ten game against a solid team (I'm sure PSU and UM cost even more)?
Comment 26 Mar 2019
I'd be surprised if he returned. There's long been whispers of him retiring early so this isn't totally out of the blue - he's been planning this for a while. He just doesn't seem like one of those long term players who will be lost without football. It seems that he wants to get out with his health intact and take advantage of some other opportunities. I think he wants to be a Hollywood movie star but if that doesn't work out he has tons of other routes he could take to stay in the limelight (broadcasting, wrestling, reality TV, etc). I think he's just ready for the next chapter.
Comment 20 Mar 2019
I think it will likely be a while before we see a new X Men franchise from Disney. For one they'll want to put some distance between it the Fox franchise and for two the MCU doesn't really need them right now. They have a ton of other movies in the pipeline after Endgame with sequals to Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Guardians of the Galaxy, Dr Strange, Spider Man, Ant Man, more Avengers movies, the Black Widow solo movie, plus Eternals, Shang Chi and what ever other random characters Marvel wants to pull from their back catalog. I think they'll wait to give the X-Men their due and not try to shoehorn them in right away.
Comment 13 Mar 2019
I think Shanahan and the 49ers are smarter than to pass on the best players in the draft. Besides you can never have too many pass rushers.
Comment 06 Mar 2019
I'm partial to theory that Sam is the one telling the story. He's the George RR Martin surrogate.
Comment 06 Mar 2019
I certainly wouldn't call the Golden Company "the biggest question". Have they ever even been seen on screen? There's a lot more important things going on than some random sellswords from Essos