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Comment 11 Oct 2019

And if the DB stays with receiver and Fields runs around the corner, HE could take it to the house as well. Really looking forward to the plays Day/Wilson roll out in second half of the season. One or two new plays/concepts per week will give DCs in the B1G insomnia for the next two months. BV is coming along nicely. When he catches the ball, you better get him in the ground quick, cuz about 3 steps and he is gone!

Comment 10 Oct 2019

Looks like a solid 4.0 mid-term report card to me. The only potential for trouble is in lack of depth in case of injury at QB and Safety. I believe Chug could get us through the rest of the season with possibly one loss due to the depth and strengths of this team and if Fuller went down we could adjust scheme to compensate with our depth elsewhere. It really is an embarrassment of riches. Coach Day and staff have put together a great team and a great plan to keep them performing near their best in every game. And their best just keeps getting better. Who's got it better than us???!!!

Comment 10 Oct 2019

As others have alluded to, I'm not nearly as nervous when we start a little flat, ala Miami O, MSU because we have demonstrated the ability to score in bunches, starting from our potent ground game. Give that O line a couple of series to figure out what the stunt of the week is and all of a sudden the road graders are clearing a path for a pair of dynamic running backs, not to mention the best athlete on offense, Justin Fields. Then all kinds of opportunities open up, including that rarest of events, the TD pass to the Tight End.  Add a defense that swarms to the ball, rarely allows an uncontested pass and gives opposing QBs about .07 seconds to find a receiver before the sky goes dark and the earth begins to shake underfoot, and you've got a very upset resistant team.  If we lose any game before the CFP championship it will be an upset, but I seriously doubt we will lose to NW, R, MD scUM. UW and PUS are decent tests of our skills and will serve as a midterm exam prior to post season. 

Comment 09 Oct 2019

With coaches like Day and Yrchich sp a top QB recruit comes and spends 2 yrs competing and if he doesn't win the job transfer out knowing he's a better prospect than nearly any incoming Freshman prospect (ala jeaux bureaux).  This is a win/win/win as both prospects win and Day gets to keep the better of two top prospects with the other moving to another top program. Rinse and repeat and you have an NFL QB pipeline for at least one and perhaps 2 QBs per year. Make OSU a very attractive QB destination. 

Comment 06 Oct 2019

First of all, props to Coach D and Sparty. They could have easily been down 14-0 3 minutes into the game and would have never recovered. We'd of had the 50 something blowout we probably should have but for some tenacious D and a bit of sloppy play by the offense. 
we have now established the Silver Bullets are back. Played the best QB and receiving Corp we'll see probably til post season and they made a few plays but nowhere near enough. 
Justin Fields needs a set of quick read pass plays that can get the ball out of his hands in less than 5 seconds. No O line can protect for that long and he's creating many of his own problems looking for the perfect option and/or our guys were really well covered a good part of the night. And I'm glad JF got the INT. Safe time for it and that is off his back now. 
The run game continues to carry this team and JF sure makes it easier with the RPO for a TD to BVictor (nice redemption after a clumsy drop btw; do you ever see him as Bambi on ice out there?  But when he gets about 3 steps going he's awfully fast). Back to Dobbins and Teague- monsters both and will be the duo that takes us all the way if we are blessed to get there. 
Lots of film to look at during the bye- hope they come out vs NW with serious bad intentions. Seemed like they were "another day at the office" first quarter vs MSU. 

Comment 04 Oct 2019

MSU defense against who?  Buckeye offense is mobile, agile, hostile and effective. That O line is no joke and Sparty will be on their heels early, just in time for Fields to light them up with his arm. Buckeye D is a train wreck looking for a place to happen every Saturday and tomorrow will be no exception. IF the first string plays into the 4th quarter we will score into the 50's and hold MSU under 20; probably way under 20. 

Comment 02 Oct 2019

Time to drive a stake through the heart of Spartanacula. Get that monkey off our back forever. As Ramzy so eloquently points out what many of us are thinking, Day has no pity on the weak and foolish who dare play the Buckeyes. Even those we pay big $$ to get beat badly, get beat worse than badly. I expect the Buckeyes to show some new wrinkles to both offense and defense that will have the Staters peeing green by halftime.  I admit I was a bit anxious to see if we would pound the Huskers like I knew we could, but I now believe that it will be a rare day in Columbus when an opponent is even contemplating the possibility of victory at halftime. It's gonna be a great Saturday night!

Comment 02 Oct 2019

I'm waiting until Day has his Offense and defense; 2019-20 to compare first 8 games.  Last year was a trial run, not the beginning of a legacy  He was dealing with the worst Buckeye D in years, a single year anomaly. After this years 8-0 start, I'll be ready to anoint him Master of the Universe. 

Comment 01 Oct 2019

Mich St runs a pretty solid, better than average program, with occasional flashes of inspiration. Rarely get out-coached, sometimes get out-athleted. I think we are about to see both this Saturday night. Day and staff  have so many sets of complementary plays that all they do is watch the film and figure out what your defense cannot do well enough to keep up with the Buckeye offense. We run those plays until the opponent is forced to make adjustments that take them out of their strengths, then we attack the weakness of their adjustments. I love that we are running our offense this way, and not being so predictable and trying to force what we want to do down opposing teams throats. We have kept way to many opponents in games last several years and it's coming to a rapid halt. Thank you Coach Day and Staff!