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Comment 17 Mar 2020

Seriously though, we have a pretty good track record with recruits named Pryor, I'm just saying. What I am impressed with is the speed to vision ratio. JK has a great vision/agility with surprising power, but Pryor does similar with serious afterburners. His HS film looks like he's playing against JV he so much faster. And he's not afraid to knife through the middle of the line in small spaces. He could be a home run hitter more in the Eze mode than any back in the last few years with his talents. Hope we find a great power back to compliment him in '21. 

Comment 25 Feb 2020

Nice bump, and well deserved. He came into this job a bit low on the scale, considering to magnitude of the program he was running, but that was commensurate with his HC experience. He did a nice job of running the transition from UFM and took the Buckeyes to the the CFP which was all that could be asked of him, so this bump leaves room for him to win it all in 2020 and then get the BIG raise to the top of the B1G coaching ranks. We are witnessing the birth of the next college football coaching LEGEND!!

Comment 20 Feb 2020

Hartline would for sure be the betting favorite, but there's not a damn chance Coombs is just going to give the golden boy a touchdown without a fight.

So I wouldn't want to put a 58 year old man in the position to compete against an NFL caliber skill position athlete and be embarrassed. Period. Running 20 yard sprints vs 300lb+ linemen is one thing... I'm just sayin' as a 65 year old man, he doesn't have a prayer!

Comment 14 Feb 2020

Just returned from Asheville last night 

Biltmore is a must. If either of you are Downton Abbey 
fans the exhibit leaves in early April and is a must. The Vanderbilt stamp on the city is everywhere so to understand Asheville you need to do Biltmore Estate tour. We also went to Isis Music Hall for decent food and fabulous live music, and did a nighttime restaurant and bar tour that was phenomenal.  Capella on 9 sits in a downtown hotel and has great indoor and outdoor views of the city. Food and drink top flight. Twisted Laurel was also very good. Strada for Italian with a connected bar. Ox Bar is open late and after 10 they push back tables and have live music and dancing. All the other restaurant workers go there after work so you know it's good. Enjoy a great city!

Comment 13 Feb 2020

Teague is a back that will wear defenses down during a game with his size/speed. Not really a "fill in" type back. I'm confident Day/Wilson will adjust run game to his strengths and along with Fields run talents will generate a very good run game with perhaps even higher "home run" potential than with JK. 

Comment 10 Feb 2020

Looking forward to seeing fast, hard striking LB's that can shed a block and drive runners and receivers backward on impact. The big space eating backer is not especially in vogue at the moment due to slot/TE receivers needing to be covered, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't always be in the right place and stopping plays before they can develop. 2019 was a much better, but not elite unit. 

Comment 29 Jan 2020

My oldest son was Kobe's age, but died at age 19. His younger brother died 10 years earlier at age 6. Kobe, his daughter, and his friends deaths hit me hard.  There is no such thing as a certain tomorrow. Today is the day to care for yourself and your loved ones. I know where my sons are now and look forward to being reunited in due time. 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

Glad to hear that "watch the Tiger game" message. I did, in part to root for Joe and against Sunshine, but more to feel that pain of not being there as Buckeyes when we coulda and shoulda been there; and to remember that it was really only us that prevented us from being there. And I hope every Buckeye on next years team remembers, or has it pounded into them, that we don't EVER want to feel THAT way again!

Comment 11 Jan 2020

Unfortunately, we proved the adage that has followed this Buckeye team since early in the season when it became apparent just how good they were. "Only the Buckeyes have a real chance to beat the Buckeyes". And even then we almost pulled off the win!

on the other hand, it's clearly apparent that "only the Tigers can beat the Tigers" in Monday nights CFP game LOL!

Comment 06 Jan 2020

I am not certain about this, but have a hunch that Coach LJ sets his D line to have one true Predator at a time. The guy who gets to take more chances, freelance a bit and flush the QB into others when he can't get there himself. The other D linemen penetrate, but are more gap sound with the idea of creating a "sack" to keep the QB contained and catch any runs coming their way. It will probably be ZH's turn to be the  Predator for 2020 and his Teammates job to "squeeze the sack" (no Clemson references please). Gonna be another productive year for the DLine!

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Chugs was a great seasoned addition when we really need one. Thanks for bringing your experience and stability to cover us "just in case". But I'm glad we didn't need to depend on you for an extended time. We are about to enter 2020 with 2 quality incoming freshmen at QB, so by the 5th game of the season I expect to see one of them in the #2 spot on the roster.