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Comment 17 Aug 2017

Agree- but will add that it's my read that JT tends to be safety conscious and a bit of a perfectionist also, which made Beck/Warriner living in their fears an easy sell to JT. 

Ryan is trying to undo B/W and JTs tendencies to avoid risk and encourage JT to throw people open, put it in small windows, etc...  sounds like JT is more accurate and making quicker decisions this year. Can only lead to good things for JT and the Buckeyes this season. 

Comment 16 Aug 2017

And Ramzy is rounding into midseason form right on schedule.

 That 07 highlight reel had me loling and fist pumping in my office, especially thru all those BWells stiff arms and breakaways, but also the long passes (kinda forgot about those) and the sacks/tfls. 

Truly a masterpiece of writing with a video drop for emphasis.  Hey wait, weren't you just busting on that a couple weeks ago, Ramzy?

Comment 16 Aug 2017

I think the "bench vs booth" thing was an excuse for not understanding strategic play calling. Wilson can tell asst coaches what to look for in booth to give him insights as to what's working or what he might exploit. The real genius of play calling is setting your opponent up with one play for another later (applies to play concepts, etc).  Zig when they expect you to Zag, if you get my smoke. I will be surprised if Wilson is not on sidelines and close to Meyer during games. 

Comment 16 Aug 2017

One of the best signs of exceptional leadership is who is drawn to work with you. While there's no doubt UFM is the Head head coach, the synergy of having so many experienced "head" coaches available to game plan, manage players and simply coach our young men to their highest potential is part of what makes Meyer a Great Head Coach. Along with his work ethic, psychology degree in recruiting young athletes and their families, etc...

Comment 11 Aug 2017

We are 2 deep all American at both D line and LB...  who's gonna run against us?  NOBODY!!!  Just imagine the blitz packages that front 7 will be able to throw at opposing QBs... frightening. I suspect our DBs and safeties will only have to cover about 15 yards deep most of the season before the qb is looking through his ear hole at the sky, wondering "why me, God, why me"?

Comment 09 Aug 2017

And that is how I start every season since 2013. Expect perfection. Period. Am I likely to get it?  Not very often, but it beats the hell out of hoping to get a bowl invite. 

I expected to get a cfp bid last year, and we did. I expect to get to the cfp championship this year. And we will. 

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Better to lean into the a** whuppin we got in Glendale last season and make it go away with vastly improved play in 2017, than to ignore or otherwise minimize it. It's uncomfortable, but it's truth; we got dragged all over the yard that night (and I was there watching it).  I want to see sharpened OL and WR units and it makes sense that going against the BIA will help get them there.  Sharpen away!  And we did lose our last game 31-0 and it still sucks. 

Comment 07 Aug 2017

If he puts in the work and gets stronger and mentally more tough he will be fine. May not be all time great, but if he can win half of the 50/50 balls and catch all the open balls thrown his way he will play on Sunday's in a couple years. He just needs to build that confidence that comes with knowing what the hell youre doing on the field and with experiencing some success. He may never reach the magical 200# but if he is mentally tough with strong hands and arms he can be a force. All that comes with time and hard work. 

Comment 07 Aug 2017

Back in the day the college all stars heading for the NFL would play one of the top NFL teams (can't remember which one but like the runner up for NFL championship or some such). Anyway, it was like a kickoff game to NFL preseason. Toward the end of that game, college guys almost beat a top tier NFL team a couple times. Just a note to say the gap is huge but maybe not as huge as we think. 

Comment 05 Aug 2017

Tate is a proven winner- at the highest level at which he has been allowed to compete; the best HS football in America. No reason to believe he won't continue to develop over the next couple years and be ready to lead OSU to its 3rd or 4th natty. I'd be worried if he was the starter as a true frosh, but he's right where he needs to be. And you never know when you might need a 3rd string qb with a very different skill set to lead you to a natty: amiright???

Comment 03 Aug 2017

College football is a emotion/momentum driven sport, which is its greatest attraction over the pro game. But it's also the most maddening when you are the heavy favorite. Here's to hoping for a 28 point average win margin and to pulling away in the second half vs the Hawkeyes. I'm willing to give them the first half to show they are tough guys playing over their heads. 

Comment 03 Aug 2017

So I'm just going to say it. Mike Weber will not be a "great" Buckeye running back. I do expect him to be a "good to very good" RB though. I would add that 'Los was a "very good to borderline great" RB, just for perspective. Why?  Mike needs to either be faster or more powerful to become dominant. It might happen, but speed is rarely taught and power tends to reduce speed if it's not already there in abundance. Mikes running style with feet low to ground will be tough to change and will (as last year) keep him one trip short of the end zone on those potential breakaways. I'm not holding the second half of last season against him as that was a systemic issue, but he wasn't dynamic enough to carry the team on his shoulders like Carlos, Zeke and a few others have in the past. 

On the "very good" side of the ledger, Mike has a good blend of skills with no glaring weaknesses and will fit in well as a cog in this very potent offensive juggernaut. He should break 1K again, even is he shares reps with "Dobbie", (who has more breakaway potential and we'll have to see about the every down punisher ability).  I look forward to being proven wrong and Mike being a Heisman candidate.