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Comment 12 Jan 2020
Don't forget that dribbling is now optional in the NBA. The worst part of BB is that the last few minutes take 30+ minutes and consist of nothing but foul shots. If BB instituted a time run off associated with fouls then I think it could be exciting
Comment 27 Dec 2019
Nick Bosa got and continues to get slammed on this site for "quitting on his team" after getting injured but everybody here is ok with White actually quitting on his team in the middle of a championship run. If Pete goes down we could use White. Rutgers is a good fit because he won't have to compete for playing time.
Comment 22 Dec 2019
You mean Beck wasn't up to the job, the fact that Mensa Tom saw what he did to OSU offense and hired him anyways was hilarious. The Bucks will have the strongest QB room in the nation the next few years, I am sure Day will find someone as good if not better.