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Comment 04 Apr 2020
Just wait until you or a loved one gets shipped off to a convention center not even a hospital bed to die on all by yourself. I foolishly believed the numbers out of China were real and thought the same way you did but we are seeing our healthcare system over run and learning they lied about the true extent if this virus. Sorry if your bored but your entertainment isn't worth me or a loved one dieing.
Comment 01 Apr 2020
I don't get the fans that hate on Tuf. All he has done is ancher the #1 defense in the country. Did he look bad under Shiano sure but I think it has been proven Shiano/Grinch were responsible for that shit show. If you want to be mad perhaps you have an issue where the "more talented" guys aren't taking care of their shit (wasn't browning held out at the end of the year for undisclosed reasons?)
Comment 18 Mar 2020
I don't get it. He gave the Patriots a discount because he wanted to win but now he throws away any chance to win. I find it hard to believe Jerry Jones didn't offer him a mountain of cash. I was also thinking Vegas would be a fun destination. I guess he just wanted to fade into the sunset, hope he doesn't get killed behind that oline.
Comment 18 Mar 2020
Stars do matter as the numbers have shown but if the coaches decide that they WANT somebody and give them commitable offers in March, I am going to be excited when they sign. Our coaches are better evaluators of talent which is why they get paid high 6 or 7 figure salaries and recruiting analyst make I don't know how much but its no where close to coaches salaries.
Comment 11 Mar 2020
You can not compare the morality rate of c-19 and the flu. The flu rate is based on historical data that allows us to estimate how many people actually have the flu where as c-19 numbers are based only on confirmed cases which is limited to those seriously ill with underlying conditions. The death rate for the flu would be much higher if you only looked at senior citizens. Most people with c-19 are asymptomatic making this a less serious illness than the flu. This is media and political driven hysteria. Vulnerable populations need to be protected and general hygiene needs to be followed. More people will die in this country driving to the store for face masks than there will be of c-19.