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Comment 04 Feb 2018

We are big Eagles fans in this house so we have a few things going already. 

Pulled pork tacos with a vinegar based coleslaw on top and sour cream.

Pulled beef tacos with pepperoncini’s on top if pork is not your thing.

Bruschetta on a French baguette.

Baked pretzels and beer cheese from Philly Pretzel Company.

Chips and ranch dip or salsa.

Fatheads Trail Head Pale Ale for pregame (now) then switching to Miller Lite or IC Light during the game so I can walk tomorrow.

Some champagne on ice for hopefully postgame celebrating!

Comment 31 Dec 2017

Everything he does comes off as scripted. The “hold me back” thing before the team ran out, then this little charade. He sure thinks a lot of himself. 

Comment 26 Dec 2017

I’ve got a Galaxy S8 right now and am pretty happy with it. For me, it’s a nice balance between physical size and screen real estate. 

Samsung’s software has really improved over the last 2 or 3 generations of Galaxy phones, too. It used to be a laggy mess and now it seems much more refined.

Comment 23 Mar 2017

Look into a Ruger LC9s. It's a single stack so you have less rounds (7+1), but it also keeps the footprint small. I carry a Kimber Micro 9 as my EDC and it is very small and I absolutely love it. They also have a .380 version which is about 10% smaller. 1911 style guns are probably not the best carry options for a beginner, though. 

My wife carries a Shield in 9mm and it's the most reliable gun we own and also pretty compact. Her issue is the slide is pretty stiff and can be somewhat difficult to rack, but I'm hoping it will break in once we put more rounds through it. 

Sig P320 is also very nice but may be slightly too large for pocket carry.