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Comment 14 Nov 2019

Great article and look forward to them every week. This is the biggest mismatch in a conference game ever in the Big 10. OSU is at the top of the college football world, Rutgers is at the bottom. Realistically this type of game shouldn't ever happen in a conference game as Rutgers is not capable of being competitive in the Big 10. Schiano did good things for them but the old Big East was a 100 times easier conference to win then the Big 10.

Rutgers just can't compete with the physicality of the Big 10 and its shown.

Comment 08 Nov 2019

If Ohio State knew about this in 2018 and swept it under the rug, then yeah every game Chase Young played gets vacated because he should have been ruled ineligible. If Ohio State didn't know about this incident and just found out this week, then no games get vacated.

So yes it is possible the games could be vacated but since this appears to be self reported, I believe Ohio State will be fine in that area.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

OSU hasn't lost at noon since 2013 because their noon games outside of TTUN and a couple MSU games consist of the garbage half of the Big 10 along with cupcakes.

I don't have a problem with the time slots myself personally but you have to look at who we played at night verse who we played at noon. The noon game has been the easier teams on the schedule.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I have some data on this for you.

Here's is the time slot of OSU's losses dating back to 2012 (Urban's first year)
2018: 7:30 PM (Lost to Purdue) - Road
2017: 7:30 PM (Lost to Oklahoma) - Home
2017: 3:30 PM (Lost to Iowa) - Road
2016: 8:00 PM (Lost to PSU) - Road
2015: 3:30 PM (Lost to MSU) - Home
2014: 8:00 PM (Lost to Va Tech) - Home
2013: 8:17 PM (Lost to MSU) - Big 10 CCG

SO OSU's losses since 2013 have mostly come at night. The lost to Iowa and to MSU were both 3:30 games. I will note since 2012, OSU has never lost a NOON game.

Now the noon opponents on the schedule
2019 - Florida Atlantic, Cincinnati, Indiana, Wisconsin
2018 - Minnesota, Nebraska, MSU, Maryland, Michigan
2017 - UNLV, MSU, Michigan
2016 - Bowling Green, Rutgers, MSU, Michigan
2015 - Maryland, Illinois Michigan
2014 - Navy, Kent State, Maryland, Minnesota, Indiana, Michigan
2013 - Buffalo, Florida A&M, Purdue, Illinois, Michigan

Looking at the noon game of course all our TTUN games are noon and we have won all those since 2012 so that helps. The multiple noon MSU games would be tough but otherwise it is a pretty cakewalk schedule. Minnesota, Maryland, Rutgers, Illinois and the cupcakes seem to fill out the noon slots.

As for night game wins they have:
2019 - Nebraska, Michigan State, Northwestern
2018 - TCU, Penn State
2017 - Indiana, Rutgers, Nebraska
2016 - Oklahoma, Wisconsin, Penn State, Nebraska
2015 - Va Tech, PSU, Rutgers, Minnesota
2014 - Va Tech, Cincinnati, PSU, Illinois, MSU
2013 - California, Wisconsin, Northwestern, PSU

OSU has a 25-5 record in night games since 2013.
OSU has a 31-0 record in noon games since 2013.

Out of OSU's 7 losses since 2013 - 5 were at night, 2 were at 3:30.

Comment 25 Oct 2019

The threat of a QB run from Fields can negate some of that concern though. Having an extra wrinkle in the running game that Wisconsin doesn't have will help.