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Comment 16 Dec 2019

Clemson's offense hasn't quite faced a defense as great as Ohio State's though and we don't have to be concerned with Big 10 refs making the dumbest calls in the country.

The game still worries me though. Clemson has talent especially on offense there's no question about that.

It's interesting that Etienne gets so many yards after contact and they mentioned it in the article, it means he has to face contact on a lot of his runs which means defenses are getting some push up front.

Definitely need to line Young up at different positions and take advantage of the weaker parts of Clemson's O'Line. Getting pressure on Lawrence early will be a huge help.

Comment 10 Dec 2019

There's one major difference between this team playing Clemson this year and the one that got shut out.

The OSU team that got shut out, barely got into the playoffs and their offense all season had struggled at times.
This OSU team playing Clemson has been playing at a high level all year. This team doesn't have all those offensive issues that previous OSU team had when it got shut out.

I think OSU can and will win this game. You can't compare it to the other one because they aren't similar. This one has looked dominant all season while the previous one had numerous weaknesses throughout the season.

Comment 09 Dec 2019

They aren't going to have to come back in the 2nd half against Clemson. They will come out playing great from the start. It's different when you have refs that aren't morons like the Big 10. It's also different playing a team for the first time this season as they don't know  your schemes and tendencies that much. Wisconsin played them once before so they knew what Ohio State would do mostly.

This team is on a mission and they won't stop until they are hoisting that trophy.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

If Clemson loses I think they are out of the playoffs. A loss to a mediocre ACC Coastal team and 0 ranked wins on the schedule with the ACC being complete trash. Clemson gets left out in favor of both Utah and Oklahoma. Oklahoma and Utah both play ranked teams for their conference titles. ACC plays an unranked coastal team for their conference title. Their non con schedule was predicated on TAMU being good but they are garbage.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

TAMU hasn't been in the CFP rankings at all. They are a 5 loss team. They won 7 games that they were supposed to win and lost 5 games they were supposed to lose. TAMU did nothing special except beat the bad teams and lose to the good ones. The committee is not over valuing them and sure as heck won't over value 5 loss TAMU over a 3 loss TTUN.

OSU stays #1 after this week no question. Next week that could change with LSU playing Georgia who is ranked better then Wisconsin but Ohio State in a blow out of Wisconsin will be better then LSU in a shootout with Georgia because LSU doesn't have a defense.

Comment 03 Dec 2019

My prediction is Ohio State blows out Wisconsin while LSU allows Georgia to score 30+ (same as LSU letting Ole Miss score 37 and Vandy score 38).

Ohio State while playing a lower ranked team looks a lot better. Ohio State vs Oklahoma in Glendale and LSU vs Clemson in Atlanta. I don't see the committee putting LSU ahead because their defense is just awful.

Comment 14 Nov 2019

Great article and look forward to them every week. This is the biggest mismatch in a conference game ever in the Big 10. OSU is at the top of the college football world, Rutgers is at the bottom. Realistically this type of game shouldn't ever happen in a conference game as Rutgers is not capable of being competitive in the Big 10. Schiano did good things for them but the old Big East was a 100 times easier conference to win then the Big 10.

Rutgers just can't compete with the physicality of the Big 10 and its shown.