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Comment 09 Jan 2021

Great article! It's going to be a very difficult task to stop Alabama's offense but our defense while not as good as we would like it to be is good enough to stop Alabama. We have seen as the article mentioned of what has worked to hold Bama on certain drives. We are going to have to play a clean turnover free, low penalty count game. We can't give Bama any assistance. We must make long sustained drives to keep the offense off the field as much as possible. We will shut down Najee Harris as we have every other RB so hopefully we can force Mac Jones into some errant throws.

Comment 07 Dec 2020

What a great game and great coaching. Kevin Wilson did good with the offensive plays, Larry Johnson led the team well. Fields is a 1 of kind generational talent to be able to do the things he does. It was awesome to see Sermon come alive this game. I hope we get to play TTUN next week as I was looking forward to our 9th straight win against them and 1 step closer to taking away their claim at leading the all time record.

Comment 07 Dec 2020

Good take guys! MSU's passing offense has been weak ever since Kirk Cousins graduated and I don't foresee TTUN giving our secondary much of a challenge as I think Penix is the best QB we have faced this season. With it looking like we get Northwestern for the Big 10 title game, we will once again face a mundane passing attack. The Big 10 just does not have many good QBs this year and is ranked very poorly when it comes to passing outside of Ohio State and Indiana.

Comment 02 Dec 2020

The 2015 Buckeye team was a case of massive talent with GARBAGE coaching staff. I love Urban don't get me wrong but his staff hires after his initial hires left were pure trash. Alex Grinch? Bill Davis? I can't even remember who the guy that coached the offense after Herman that was complete trash. Meyer hired trash for his staff.

Comment 08 Nov 2020

I say give the team time. They lost a lot to the NFL draft and as you can see with Clemson's defense letting BC and ND score at will that they also struggled to reload. Teams that win national titles tend to struggle a bit early in the season but come together towards to end to make a run. Ask the 2014 Ohio State team. Their defense didn't look the greatest and they got beat at home by Virginia Tech and then went on to win the national title.

They definitely need a lot of work on defense and need to play a lot better in the 2nd half of games but I believe by the end of the season they will be great.

The run game though, part of that falls on the O'Line. What they should do in the run game is run the opposite of where Harry Miller is playing because he's a major liability on the O'Line.

Comment 14 Oct 2020

I say we wait for an investigation take place and be completed before passing judgement. Afterall don't we have the 4th amendment right to due process? Doesn't Jim Jordan have the right to his 4th amendment right to due process? Shouldn't he have an opportunity to defend himself in court before being presumed guilty?

Sorry but until he's convicted by a jury of his peers in court, I will refrain from making a decision one way or the other. I make decisions solely based on facts and nothing else. I don't listen to what the media says, I don't make a decision on speculation.

If the investigation is done and he goes to trial and is found guilty, then so be it, give him the punishment that breaking that particular law requires. Until he is convicted by a jury in court, I will refuse to jump on the guilty bandwagon.

I refuse to buy into the idea of public crucifixion. I sense an inherent bias in your post.

Comment 17 Sep 2020

Agreed but I guarantee not all bowls will be played. California is still under a partial shut down so they might not have the Holiday bowl, Redbox bowl, etc... plus with the Pac 12 and many group of 5 conferences shut down like the MWC, there won't be near enough teams to fill bowl games.

I think there will be bowl games but definitely not as many as usual.