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Comment 12 Sep 2015

If you can isolate yourself from the tweets and cheering, it's a great thing.  I am worthless on game day without it.  I watch the clock, making sure I don't miss a snap.  With DVR I will finish my work, then start 15-30 minutes late.

When I hear cheering or someone in the next door apartment throwing stuff I feel the desire to skip ahead already knowing what's coming up.

Comment 29 Dec 2014

I go to a friends to watch the game sometimes.  I can go to BW3 for every game that isn't broadcast OTA and still come out way ahead of paying for cable.  I have been without cable for 3 years.

I am planning on buying a dish receiver from ebay and getting dish again without a contract.  Turn it on in late August, turn it off after the NCAA tournament.  I don't really watch TV when the weather is nice.

Comment 24 Apr 2014

I'm with you on the Islay scotches.  I had all but given up on scotch after trying it with water and on the rocks at the recommendation of others.  Then I tried Lagavulin neat and now I always have some around.  I have been looking for something close and more reasonably priced, but no luck so far.

So my scotch recommendation is don't try Lagavulin first.

Comment 07 Mar 2014

These stand out to me.  Most were smaller roles that expanded due to popularity.   I don't watch much TV.

Barney Stinson

Niles Crane

Lowell Mather ( Wings )

Sylar ( Heroes )

Saul Rosenberg

Barney Fife

Rick James ( bitch ) from Chappelle