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Comment 25 Jan 2014

I video taped Coach Coombs speaking.  I only have a audio of what I said to the parents and recruits.  God willing i will post that audio soon.  I came over to the football facilities to hear Coach Coombs speak and to show my support to the program.  That was a weekly ritual during the season done by me and my family. I never had any idea that I was going to be asked by Coach Meyer to bring the #juice. 

Comment 24 Jan 2014
My friend! That day i was a buckeye! It was painful sitting there seeing my son in pain choosing a school over another school that meant so much to him! But the Urban factor was too great, When I first met Coach Urban I said to him "why did you have to come out of retirement"! "you changed the .hisltory of my family"!
Comment 02 Apr 2013
I think if you study how Urban Meyer wants to run his offense I can't imagine Ezekiel red shirting! What Urban wants to do is have 3 to 4 hybrid players on the field at all time. The aim is to run no huddle and ware the opponent out without having to take players on and off the field because of there skills set! Think that over. The way the offense looked last year will evolve to something different if the new players come in and can step up to the college level. Ezekiel has proven to be an elite player on the national level. (Nike Opening) Because he makes things look so Eze (easy) it makes his opponent  look sorry. Trust me We would not choose OSU if we thought Ezekiel would be red shirting. I really dought he red shirts, but if he does then God knows best. PS. I spent hours with Coach Herman and Coach Drayton on this subject!