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Comment 05 Apr 2020

Although Luther's shooting improved a little this season, his ballhandling skills were not Big Ten caliber, and he couldn't finish at the rim. Jallow is a pretty similar type player, with more length and far more athletic. Really like us to get a backup pg, and a big man to replace Wesson. Yes we can play small ball, and put Young in there from time to time, but don't think we can go that far without a defensive presence in the middle. I guess you could put Diallo in there see what happens, but he got next to little time this year, and I suspect he has a ways to go like most people say.

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Going to be a very nice team, but without Wesson, and little size in the middle, going to be able hard to compete with the blue bloods and the typical size they have underneath.

Comment 08 Mar 2020

Sparty won't go far in the NCCA tourney, they are no where close to what they usually are. If OSU gets Young back, and possibly Carlton for the tourney, on a neutral floor I'd pick them over Sparty.

Comment 22 Nov 2019

You guys need to brush up on your negotiating skills. I had AT & T internet and Directv, over 200 stations for $83 this past year. Of course every year you would have to negotiate. Well I moved and AT & T internet was not available, so switched to Spectrum. My 1st year discount price is $115, and I only have 1 tv box and 120 stations. Will eventually switch to a streaming service for tv. I know youtube and hulu offer BTN, does any other streaming services off er BTN ? From what I hear stream services are starting to creep up ever year.

Comment 26 Sep 2019

It seems like Day plays the true best player the the position. Urban loyalty to upper classmen hurt the team. Was JT actually better than Haskins his senior year? Would have we beaten Michigan that year if JT doesn't get hurt. Still pissed about Urban's stubborness, playing JT the entire Big Ten championship game, when he can barely run, and Haskins had just baled us out against Michigan.  Still think a convincing win i that game, would have put us in the playoffs.

Comment 24 May 2019

Made the trip over to Purdue game last year, and left at end of the 3rd quarter. Would have really regretted making the the trip, but we had planned ahead, and spent a few days down in Brown County.

Comment 22 Apr 2019

We need another big man, hope we get Nysier Brooks. We have plenty guards and I'm not convinced Wesson will return. He may be happy playing overseas.

Comment 27 Feb 2019

I had some doubts about Justin being able to contribute to this team, and even going forward. I know it was only game, but I am now convinced he will be able to. Very nice form on his shot, hustles, rebounds decently, and I think with  some added strength, he will become better defensively. Hopefully in a year or two with some work in the weight room, his body will resemble his older brother who plays for Michigan St. Next years team is going to be very fun to watch. Just wish they could find a center, to backup Wesson.

Comment 25 Feb 2019

Any chance Day would allow Dawand Jones to join the basketball team after the football season? He is supposed to be a force on the basketball court and his first love. Seem like he would be an excellent backup  for Kaleb Wesson.

Comment 24 Jan 2019

We need another center. Kaleb is so foul prone, and he is lucky to stay on the court for more than half the game. Great class coming in, but no center which is sorely needed.

Comment 08 Dec 2018

What a shame that he only played 1 season for us. Love Urban, but another case of his loyalty clouding his judgement. If not the starter Haskins, should have been playing much more last season. Still say if he had started at against Wisconsin last year in the Big Ten championship, we would have blown them out and got into playoffs. JT couldn't even run in that game, yet he plays the whole game and you have a NFL qb on the bench.

Comment 06 Nov 2018

Was a very short team prior to Potter leaving, now even shorter. I'm sure we will have a scrappy team, but we are going to struggle on the boards.Going to be a struggle to make the NCAA tourney this year.

Comment 04 Nov 2018

I feel worse. I don't see how the coaching staff can be encouraged in any way of yesterdays struggle against a 2-6 team. I don't understnd why the staff is so stubborn in trying different players in our weak offensive line and linebackers. Look what Brendan White did yesterday, and if not for injuries he would not even got a chance. With the new redshirt rule, would love to see our freshman lb's get a shot, and lets try some new offensive lineman and move our current center back to his natural position of guard. Unfortunately will never happen. Mich St, and Mich are both physical teams, feel like those are 2 definite losses, and maybe even Maryland.