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Comment 15 Feb 2020

I had one for many years when we lived in Hawaii. I had good luck with Instant Ocean and tap water, but would sometimes get makeup water from the Pacific itself. I caught some animals myself but relied on the fish store for most fish.

When setting up a new tank I used a dozen Black Mollies before introducing more expensive fish. This was because they can tolerate the spike in ammonia levels till things get settled out. High ammonia will kill the more fragile reef fish.

Leave the tank run with the mollies for a few weeks to let the chlorine and ammonia levels to come down, the introduce some of the more tolerant reef fish. Stay away from the Tangs, as they are tough to raise imo.

Comment 05 Jan 2020

If you look at the play carefully, you will see the referee doesn’t wave off the defensive players, and then signals TD. During the ensuing discussion, a guy with a headset comes in from the sidelines and speaks briefly to the ref. Then, the ref reversed his own call. That headset guy said, New York says we can’t have this game 19-0, change it.

Comment 04 Jan 2020

Nope. The official signal is an arm waived over the head.

It was a live ball. If a runner stops, holds out his arms, and throws the ball down is it a fumble or not?