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Comment 15 Oct 2019

I've been on sites for probably 20 years with ole Buck68.  In the early days I tried to engage him.  But I could only take so much of his style.  There used to be a top-secret forum you only could get on after you were interviewed by a member.  He was on there.  There was a ton of inside scoop on that board.  It's where I first came across Ramzy.  I left after a few years because several of the posters completely consumed the board and it no longer became fun or interesting.  B68 was one of the offenders, but I always felt he was as solid a buckeye fan as there was.

Comment 21 Aug 2019

You talk like you know, but you don't.  Not sure anybody really knows.  Interesting theory, but that's all it is at this point.

Comment 10 Aug 2019

All true.  My son will be playing baseball there next year and we have been to campus several times.  Very nice school.  When my son was on his recruiting visit and he mentioned he was a buckeye fan, the coach recruiting him couldn’t say enough good things about coach Holtmann.  Apparently he made quite an impact on that campus in a very brief period of time.  Will be pulling for AJ this season.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Just saw Judas Priest at the Fox in Atlanta and they can still bring it!  Bummed I missed Bob Seger on his last trip through the ATL as he was on my list.  Hoping he changes his mind and comes out one last time.  Probably will go see The Who when they make their way through town.  ELO as well.

Comment 14 Jun 2019

3 is not enough options for me, but will rank them.

1. Cristy's Pizza - Lancaster, OH (and other OH locations)

2. Giordano's - Chicago, IL (deep dish)

3. Lou Malnati's - Chicago, IL (deep dish)

4. Pink Cricket - Lancaster, OH

5. Donato's - All Over

Honorable Mention: Geno's East (Chicago), Fat Cat's (Lancaster), Castaways (Lancaster)

Comment 14 Jun 2019

We are frequent HHI visitors and Guiseppes is our go-to spot for pizza as well.

Comment 03 Jan 2019

I was at the 2014 Sugar Bowl and can attest that it was LOUD in that stadium.  Both fanbases were totally into the game, and while neither team was noticeably louder, the buckeye fans more than held their own.  It was insane on the 85-yd TD run.

Comment 28 Dec 2018

Just binge watched Travelers, and it may be the best series on TV.  3 seasons and the final episode of season 3 was a mind blow.  Can’t wait for season 4!

Comment 31 Oct 2018

An outstanding movie no matter how you cut it.  Borderline must-see unless you don't like music.

Comment 20 Sep 2018

I fully understand the point you're making here.  But you're not capturing the brand halo effect the football program has on the university.  It is substantial.  It's just harder to derive the true impact.  But even with that, you're probably right on the whole, I just don't think it's a slam dunk argument.

Comment 06 Sep 2018

The 90's are still too vivid in my memories, so I avoid the trash talk and simply enjoy the good times!

Comment 22 Jun 2018

If you liked X-Files, check out Unacknowledged on Netflix.  Super interesting documentary.

Comment 23 Feb 2018

I give up.  Trying to reply to another person, but keeps putting it here so just gonna stop.