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Comment 05 Oct 2019
To be fair, Sparty DID give us all the ttun shocked fan after the blocked punt. I still hate them though :)
Comment 01 Sep 2019
I could be wrong but I felt at times that Coach Day was sprinkling things in as well as moving players in and out so not to wear anyone out. They jumped out to the lead, knew FAU wasn't good enough to come back, and the rest was a glorified scrimmage. Next week won't be with the fighting Fickells.
Comment 09 Dec 2018
I disagree as I've grown increasingly tired of Kirk. The guy tries so hard to not look biased that he moved his family to Nashville and his kids are even going to Clemson?? The problem is his non-bias has evolved to a significant south of the Mason-dixon line bias. Luckily I can tune him down during the Rose Bowl and listen to the radio commentary.
Comment 04 Dec 2018
I could piss and moan about his shortcomings BUT I spent my early 20s watching Coop fail over and over against "our rival" as UFM likes to say. His Game record and 2014 will always be reason to put him on OSUs coaching Mt Rushmore
Comment 28 Nov 2018
Purdue was just inconsistent BUT they played up most of the time. Look what they did to Boston College? That game with OSU was also their Playoff game and every circumstance was in their favor; night game right after the White Out, Bosa just announced leaving school, etc. We were also only down 2 scores with 5 min left in the game. All that said, you can't crap yourselves against Purdue. NW is an eyelash better than Purdue.