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Comment 29 Mar 2014

Why are the basketball comments degrading? The football commentary is at least informative, critical and breaks things down on a technical level. From what I've been reading, the comments here are nothing short of an expose of many insecurities. I did expect that from Michigan fans but not OSU.

Does it not surprise anyone that the state universities are typically dominate in all sports? They receive funding from the state, garnering more money to spend on athletics and thus attracting better talent. Of course they have better athletes as the playing field is not level. Was it the academics that attracted Andy Katzenmoyer to OSU? I'd guess not. 

Get over the loss. There is next year. 

Comment 28 Mar 2014

Man I'm a huge OSU fan but a UD graduate. Semper fidelis, and thus rooting for my Flyers.

What's all the sour grapes about? Especially from the guy that is an employee to a UD grad. I don't get demeaning a university grad that employees you. If one was so great a student from an esteemed university it would seem tacit that you would be employing him...

Just saying...