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  • SPORTS MOMENT: The 2002 National Championship Game. Before that, I would always root for the Buckeyes vs. TSUN, but until then, I had not been a really big football fan.
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Dane Sanzenbacher
  • NFL TEAM: Wherever Buckeyes play.
  • NBA TEAM: Wherever Buckeyes play.
  • MLB TEAM: Reds

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Comment 08 Jan 2018

ESPN is a joke of a company.  I'm still trying to figure out an angle where we can sue them for all revenue they make off of scholarship athletes....

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Winovich is a good player, and might be able to make himself a 2nd rounder with another good year.  This year I couldn't see him going in the top 3 rounds of the draft.

Comment 11 Dec 2017

And Clemson and Greenville are both awful to drive to from Cincy.  My parents live on the border of NC/SC, an hour from Greenville, and the quickest route to Greenville or Clemson is at least 8 hours, and the last 2 hours are going to be mountain climbing state routes (but there is a direct flight from CVG to Greenville).

Comment 31 Oct 2017

My opinion is that the NFL overreached with the suspension length (2 games for the other incidents makes sense).  In light of the fact that the NFL's investigator recommended no suspension for the alleged Domestic Violence incidents, I don't believe the league is following Due Process (the CBA does state the commissioner must establish a process and follow it for these punishments) in this case.  I don't know whether he did get violent with her or not, however, the lack of judgement shown with the other 2 incidents makes it more likely that he is capable of it.  In light of that, plus the other two immature incidents, 2 games is perfectly fair, 6 is extreme.  Goodell, however, is doing a good job of what the owners pay him for:  To be the face of the league, and hated more by the fans than the individual owners.

Comment 31 Oct 2017


Most companies do not hold a government granted monopoly (the league's ability to collectively bargin for TV/radio rights is an exemption from Anti-Trust law), and benefit from huge taxpayer largess (see all the pretty stadiums, and the fact the NFL was a non profit until this fiscal year).  The problem I have with the NFL's decision here is that they want to be treated like a private company, but want the benefits of being an essentially public utility (and this is a problem I've had with pro sports since I was 12, and Hamilton County voted for the Stadium tax that would benefit the Reds and the Bengals).  If you allow yourself to take special privileges from governments, don't expect to be exempt from closer scrutiny than a truly private organization would.

Comment 23 Oct 2017

Personally, I think it delegitimizes the entire college, and especially their football program.  Yes, they should be allowed to get over it, but they should have to earn the respect of college football again, and quite frankly, the only people available to punish, are the fans who excused JoePa and company, and still say they are a "clean" program.

Comment 10 Oct 2017

MGOBLUE0205, I was at the UC game this year (my brother works in Chelsea, lives in AA, and went to UC).  We were with a Michigan fan who was really worried about the O-line play during that game too.  The stunts and Mike Blitzes were driving the LG nuts, and Cole (who is by far the best player on that O-line) kept having to come back off his guy to chip on the DT stunt or the Mike Blitz, and Speight was running for his life against UC.

Comment 09 Oct 2017

Tresselball is fantastic for bad weather games.  And the fact that your guys' left guard couldn't block me rushing the passer doesn't help either.  He has been making Cole look awful all year.  UC was running stunts and Mike blitzes right into Speight's face during that whole game.

Comment 05 Oct 2017

Because they are George III to the schools.  Big, far away, and with a strong enforcement arm.  In addition, I am not entirely convinced that their investigative arm doesn't just talk to trees to figure out what shenanigans are going on.  And, Emmert is a German sounding name, but I'm not sure that his father only spoke German.