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Comment 2 hours ago

Great article from Birm:


Couple of quotes that standout:

"It was not until January that Day really took over the program, and in doing so he replaced five assistant coaches. That means not only did these top recruits need to get used to the idea of a new guy in charge, in a number of cases they had to be introduced to a new position coach and primary recruiter, further pushing Ohio State behind in the relationship game."

"When considering the deficit Day and his coaches have been working from, it’s actually quite remarkable that the Buckeyes are still in the conversation for some of these big names at all. All the transition inside of the program from January and into the start of spring ball meant a lack of the big recruiting weekends that most schools are selling as Day and his staff focused on getting to know kids and their families in more intimate and personal settings. And, oh yeah, not a lot of kids are traveling to Ohio in February anyway."

Comment 21 hours ago

I'm in agreement that Leroux should've been a camp offer but you can't teach his size. With that said I'm more surprised that an offer was extended to him over Branson Taylor from Elyria. Watch his film below and watch the 3rd play where he takes a squib kick and returns it for 40 yards. He's athletic as hell at 6-6 285. 

As for Atteberry I love his film but James is the equal or better talent at G IMO. 

Comment 23 hours ago

Will probably be a fight over what room he goes to but IMO he's too dangerous with the ball in his hands to play defense. He plays QB and was killing DB's at a camp last month as a WR. I still like my comp of Jalin Marshall for him too. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

BG did his best guess class prediction: 

QB: Miller

RB: Milton or Robinson + Trayamum 

HB: Drennen

TE: Mentioned Theo Johnson but we trail. Also mentioned Lachey and Joe Royer who tore up UA camp recently

WR: JSN, Scott, 1 from Fleming, Jarrett, Rosemary, and 1 of Bunkley-Shelon or Martinez

OL: Johnson, Wypler, Leroux, James, Carmody + 1 more - 2 guys to watch are Branson Taylor and Anton Harrison

DL: Henry and Thomas possibly but the rest is too tough to predict right now. Said its been a head scratcher to this point

LB: Thinks we can win the Sherman sweepstakes and we aren't making decisions on LB until he makes his decision. Next guys would be Kourt Williams who has said he wants in and Mitchell Melton. Thinks we take 2. 

DB: Cavazos, Gray, Hyatt, Ransom, Phillips


Comment 20 Apr 2019

AK said philosophy and I wasn't responding to him. I'm genuinely curious since I have not read anywhere from any insider that it was a thing our staff does with visits. 

Comment 20 Apr 2019

This is the point many (not singling out here but our fanbase all over) are not comprehending. To go from a legend to a brand new coach essentially with a complete defensive staff overhaul and still have a chance at a top 4-5 class is pretty remarkable. 

Comment 20 Apr 2019

Can you please link an article or something where it says that's our policy? Would like to see it. 

Also please link where it says Bijon is making a summer decision bc haven't seen any mention of that anywhere. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Birm's article today. One thing of note is that he suggests FNL will be June 21


Comment 19 Apr 2019

Kourt Williams official visit is June 21


Reminder that Biggins CB him to us and he's said to be making a summer decision. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

The other point Day could make is to show kids that Haskins sat for 2 years. Look at him now and what he was able to do with him. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

IMO I believe this is the new norm in QB recruiting. Land a highly ranked guy and add a grad transfer who can be backup. 

With Day we are in the era of being able to land the top QB's in the country. When you do that yearly there's going to be transfers. Possible good thing about this is down the line it may be able to help us keep whichever 2021 QB we get. Since Miller will likely not redshirt now it creates a nice window of separation between him and the 2021 QB we land.