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Comment 9 hours ago

Tufele never made an unofficial visit and Givler never thought we had that great of a chance with him. Togiai on the other hand has made an unofficial visit and Givler thinks it's a very real possibility. Those are the main differences. It's hard to get out of state commits who only make an official visit. Kids who visit more than once, from out of state, are statistically and exceedingly higher percentage chances to commit. 

Comment 10 hours ago

Some post FNL updates from Rivals:

- 2018 4* DT Tommy Togiai called his visit amazing, unbelievable, and a real eye opener. Spent a lot of time with Haskell Garrett (both are Polynesian) and is being recruited as a 1 tech to compliment Vincent. Will take an official for the Oklahoma game. Buckeyes are very real and very legitimate contender now. One to watch moving forward. 
- 2018 5* DE Micah Parsons showcased his elite athletic ability. However, everything is still status quo. Our staff will still take both Tyreke and Oweh regardless of Parsons' recruitment. His recruitment will still likely last till February and the final call on taking him will come down to Urban. Still would pick the field over tOSU landing him.
- Regarding DE commit Andrew Chatfield, the staff isn't thrilled with him going to UF. Commits don't attend other camps like that and work out to try and earn an offer if they're solid. Could see this moving away at some point for both parties. Especially with Oweh deciding soon and Tyreke's decision at some point.
- 2018 4* DE Jayson Oweh has special potential. Feeling from ND side of things say he will be a Buckeye. Distance from home was a concern coming into the visit but those were alleviated. Not Givler's opinion but IMO this is why you saw pictures of Chase Young's mom talking with Oweh's mom a bunch at FNL. Givler does think Jayson wants to be a Buckeye after talking with him. Sticking with his pick for Oweh to be a Buckeye.
- 2019 4* FL RB Kenny McIntosh was electric at FNL. Per Florida sources we are his leader. Idolizes Zeke.
- 2019 4* OL Doug Nester will be a Buckeye sometime soon. Worked out at guard and that's where he wants to play. 
- 2020 OH RB Darvon Hubbard is going to be very good. Sees an offer going out to him before his junior year.

Comment 22 hours ago

Noah Cain does not have the same frame as Bell or Hyde who were bigger backs. If anything McIntosh has the frame closer to Bell, Hyde, Zeke. Ive read Kenny is just as high as Noah on the staff's board. With taking 2 this year it's not impossible to get both but the odds aren't great. Both are top 5 backs for 2019 easily. 

Simpson on the other hand is a DB all the way which is why he's ranked there and Coombs is his lead recruiter. If you're looking for H-back some guys there would be Marquez Beason from TX and Isaiah Williams from Missouri who was on campus for FNL. H-back is a slot receiver who can also take handoffs. 

Comment 22 Jul 2017

I'm good with trading Chatfield for Oweh. It's not bc Chatfield isn't a great player bc I think he is but in the end he's still a tweener. To be honest they're both likely redshirt candidates. Oweh hasn't even played a full season of high school football yet and Chatfield would be behind some guys for a year or two IMO. With redshirts likely I'm talking the 6'5" 240 lb DE in Oweh that runs a 4.5 and doesn't have any bad habits bc he doesn't know any better yet. 

Comment 22 Jul 2017

Post FNL recap:

Nevada gave the "=" to both K'Vaughan Pope (announcing August 4) and Doug Nester (no announcement date as of right now). 

Nothing yet on Jayson Oweh other than I feel like we have locked that one up.

Tommy Togiai is visiting through Sunday which is nothing but great news. Givler did report he was loving his visit. Would be a perfect compliment to Vincent at DT.

2019 4* IN WR David Bell was told to call Zach Smith when he got home which I'm assuming it means he will be offered. Grew up rooting for the Buckeyes.

2019 TX QB Rocshon Johnson committed to the Horns last night while 2019 TX QB Grant Tisdale was in attendance. Word is this did not go over well with him and he has eliminated Texas. Might be our #1 guy for next year's class at QB. 

Still waiting on more updates which I'm sure will be posted throughout the day. Despite no commitments at FNL it was still a big success to get the majority of commits on campus with Carman and Parsons there.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

It is when they now have confirmed dates for an announcement meaning a decision has been made. As opposed to a tentative month. 

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Pope was going to commit and we told him to hold off which apparently has been rectified. Blue Smith set a tentative July date but pushed it back to August. Babb was expected to announce at FNL but is pushing it back to September it looks like. Then we got Ruckert which was huge. It would have been a big month but, and I'm not sure if you know or realize this, recruiting is fluid and these are kids making a big decision. Sometimes plans change. 

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Givler said nothing official on 2019 OL Doug Nester but said he doesn't expect it to be a long wait. 

Side note: I know there might be some people disappointed by the lack of commits this far but keep in mind were in store for a big month of August. Also, keep in mind a large portion of our 2018 class has already made their intentions known just not publicly hence not a lot of 2018 action tonight. Though this visit looks to have locked up Oweh. This even is also to lay the groundwork for the 2019 class which our staff is exceptional at. 

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Not FNL related since he wasn't there, but Nevada gave the = sign to K'Vaughan Pope. He has a tentative announcement date of August 4 as well. Looks like he got the green light after all.

Side note: I'm expecting Pope, Oweh, L'Christian, and possibly Tyreke to be in this class by the Indiana game.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

2018 stud DT Tommy Togiai told Givler he's absolutely loving his visit so far and will be staying through Sunday. So that's a Th-S visit which is big. This kid is right up there with Silvera for me. 

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Bill Greene tweeted out 2019 FL RB Kenny McIntosh is loving his visit and wants to be the next Zeke. That would be an absolute huge pickup with or without Noah Cain. Now make sure he talks to Ambassador Elliot!

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Yeah Woodshed that's something to watch. He speaks highly of Texas, FSU, and tOSU so those might be his top three. The other thing to watch is 2019 TX QB Rocshon Johnson whom Herman offered months ago and is believed to be their top target at the position next cycle and a heavy horn lean. 

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Originally he was with scout but left and went to rivals where he posts now. He is an insider with connections to the staff as well as university higher ups. He's best known for giving the "=" to recruits meaning they've given their verbal to the staff. He was also the one who said Urban would be our next coach before summer ended that year and almost nailed it down to the exact day it actually happened.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

Really don't want to get my hopes up here since his pops coaches at Oregon now, but this is still encouraging. My early guess for 2019 QB comes from the Tisdale, Mathis, Johnson Jr. group.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

I definitely feel like the staff is recruiting Tyreke as a DE but with the intention of him being labeled as a DL instead. One who could end up at 3 tech or stay outside depending on where his body takes him.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

DE recruiting this cycle is the same as DB recruiting for the 2017 class. We had so many guys that wanted in but couldn't take them all. I was curious to see how they'd approach DE recruiting since it's basically the same problem (a good one though). This will sound awful but I feel like Florida just gave us a get out of jail free card if Chatfield flips. I say that bc I didn't think there was anyway we could take Cox, Tyreke, Parsons, Oweh, and Chatfield. 5 DE's seemed like A LOT. 4 DE's sounds a ton more reasonable.

Comment 21 Jul 2017

McCall is an intriguing development 

Comment 20 Jul 2017

As far as potential booms go I'm going with 2. One being Nester and rolling the dice on a surprise commitment. No idea who the surprise would be but no one thought Snead would pull the trigger last year. If Jahan Dotson goes super saiyan tomorrow and gets the green light I could see him doing it. But Andrew Ellis covered all of this in his article which he did a great job with. 

Comment 20 Jul 2017

As Urban_Can_Recruit said he's been to campus multiple times already. The biggest of which was his last visit for one of our camps when the team had their annual job fair going on and Noah got to experience that. If I had to guess, Cain and McIntosh, who's visiting for the first time tomorrow, are at the top of the board for the 2019 class.