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Comment 5 hours ago

Apparently you missed the fact that was a joke about us yankees just like I missed the sarcasm font but I'll not make a smartass comment. Also if there's no alleged conspiracy how do you explain the Wyatt Davis vs Jamaree Salyer argument. Unless I missed something I know Davis won the player of the year....in the state of California...as an OL which was never done before. Did Salyer win player of the year in Georgia? Davis also embarrassed guys in the all star game. I watched Salyer and he was good but not pancaking guys like Davis did. Yet Salyer is #8 overall in their rankings and a 5*. Meanwhile Davis dropped into 4* status last year in their final rankings. And the argument I read on here from someone's post was that Wiltfong and Co. Said it was bc he was a guard and they use their rankings with the NFL draft as a barometer. Yet there's been multiple first round guards over the last 10 years which is becoming common place. And that's just 1 example...but I'm done arguing you want to respond go ahead get your rocks off....

Comment 22 Jan 2018

It was founded and operated by a Bama alum. It's not hard to figure out. Every cycle our commits will start high in the rankings. Then as the real NSD approaches they slide them down the rankings bc they're still mad that us yankees won the war. So they take it out on us and move $EC commits and undecided kids up the rankings to draw page clicks and make sure they win the recruiting title. Wash, rinse, repeat...

Comment 19 Jan 2018

Just as important as landing Friday are the high schools we've taken kids from this year: 

- Armwood HS (Snead), 
- IMG Academy (Vincent)
- Owasso HS (Proctor)
- Bishop Sullivan HS (Teradja)
- Trinity Christian HS (Johnson)
- Lake Travis HS (Baldwin) 
- Don Bosco Prep (Friday)

Maintaining/establishing relationships go a long way in helping land future kids from these regional powerhouses. 

Comment 16 Jan 2018

Bc just like in any or most science subjects there's elements of unpredictability especially with early draft entries, injuries (known or unforeseen), and the psychological effects for all parties involved with transfers. I'm sorry you don't see it that way and think it's just hey we don't need you anymore which isn't what happens with our staff. There's more to it than that. Then you add to that the biggest wildcard and that's with kids whose light bulb doesn't come on till they're a senior or 3rd year player. We've been over 85 in the spring and if you don't think there's an element of science in deciding who you want moving forward with all those factors and figuring out future depth charts than I don't know what to tell you...