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Comment 25 Jan 2017
I don't know much about Coach Studrawa. Do we have faith in his ability to coach th slobs? He came from LSU, which was plagued by offensive issues for years. Was the OL a weak spot there, or was it mostly QB development and playcalling, or something else?
Comment 21 Jan 2017

I know what you mean. The exodus last season was greater, and they rebounded really well. Now we have some good pieces returning, and Meyer's teams always thrive on negative energy. I'm looking forward to this team playing angry with a fresh philosophy on offense.

Comment 07 Jan 2017
I feel bad about what's going on with the scholarship numbers this year. I know this is just a part of the game in CFB recruiting these days, but I still hate it. I can't imagine having to transfer out of OSU a year or two before graduation because some younger, "better" freshman needed my spot. I'd have been devastated.
Comment 12 Jul 2016
Not that I disagree -- but JoePa was the emperor of Happy Valley. He was in a position to do something and, at best, elected to do nothing. At worst, actively covered it up. Schiano could have gone to the cops (no telling how much good it might have done there), but he certainly had less power than JoePa.
Comment 12 Jul 2016
Well, I certainly won't disagree with ya there. It's a lousy situation, all around. You saw your boss doing something horrible, the local cops are subordinate to the football program you work for. Pretty helpless feeling, I'm sure. And now Schiano is denying it completely. Who the heck knows.
Comment 12 Jul 2016

Are some of you reading a different quote from the one in the article? Sure looks like GS reported what he saw.

Q: And did he give you any details about what Coach Schiano had REPORTED to him?

A: No, only that he had -- I can't remember if it was one night or one morning, but that Greg had come into his office white as a ghost and said he just saw Jerry doing something to a boy in the shower. And that's it. That's all he ever told me.

What's the issue here? Why should OSU fire him? Sounds like he did what he was supposed to -- reported it to his boss. That's the only reason we know he witnessed something, right? Because he reported it?

If reporting something illegal at a previous job is grounds for immediate termination where you work, then I can only assume you work for the North Korean government.