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Well, let's see....I'm a soon to be OSU grad who has a pretty extreme OSU Athletics addiction. In my time at Ohio State I spent 4 years as a part of The Best Damn Band In The Land, as well as a few years in the Athletic Band.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: Favorite moment that I was a part of:
    First off, I'm an avid bowler....In high school, in our first varsity match of my senior season I rolled a 300 game; at the time, the second of my career. Later that night in his league, my dad also shot a 300 game (his 12th). The rush of that 12th strike is equal to just about any sports moment out there, and for my father and I to share that experience in the same day is just an amazing moment in my life.

    Favorite moment as a fan:
    I'm not even sure where to start....I'm going to start with attending the 2002 national championship game. I was a sophomore in high school at the time, and my grandparents sent my parents and I to Tempe as a Christmas present. The word "surreal" is about as overused as you can get in the sports world but that entire week from the hotel, (we shared an 800 room hotel with about 750 rooms full of Buckeye fans) to the tailgates, and of course one of the most intense football games in the history of the sport, that experience was an absolute dream.
    For number two, I'm going to go with the 1998 Ohio State v M*ch*g*n game. I was sitting at a Hubbard HS football game the Friday before "The Game" and all of a sudden my mother said we needed to get going...we had to pack, because we had just been offered tickets to the Ohio State/scUM game the next day at noon and needless to say, we accepted the offer. We sat in the old Erector Set South Stands and watched John Cooper record his only home win against that team up north.....great day
    My final sports moment, easily is the 2005 football game against Michigan State. The game itself wasn't anything special, but in the band that day was a rookie flugelhorn player marching in his first game as a regular in the OSUMB. It was homecoming, there was a post game "Script Ohio" and the halftime show was a collection of classic Disney tunes....oh, and that rookie...was me
  • NFL TEAM: Oakland Raiders
  • NHL TEAM: CBJ b/c they're local
  • NBA TEAM: Cleveland Cavaliers (same reason as above)
  • MLB TEAM: Cleveland Indians

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Comment 06 Mar 2014

Just as an added note to this video, the videos taken at the field with AF in the center is against Aurora High School, Hubbard's 2nd round playoff matchup

Comment 06 Mar 2014

Hubbard actually installed that field this season, the first offensive play they ran on the new turf was a 70yd td run by LJ. Birm, I can say from talking to the kid (I'm a coach of a different sport at Hubbard and have had various run ins with him) that he is actually very bright. His family moved to the Hubbard school district from Youngstown a while back and quite frankly the Youngstown city schools are to blame for a lot of his issues, he just had a bad base for his education. The good news is that his on field work ethic does translate to the classroom, so here's hoping he can have a solid, injury free, senior season and be in Columbus very soon. 

Comment 25 Feb 2014

I do have one rebuttal to your evaluation of his speed to the line, if you watch a lot of his highlights that hole has already been filled by a defender. Not because he is slow, but because there isn't much talent and technique in his O-Line and that causes a breakdown in leverage. I can't tell you how many times he was hit in the backfield this season and he turned that into a gain...

Comment 21 Feb 2014
I'm not trying to pad the rumor mill, but being from my home town as well as a coach in the school district I've watched this kid grow up. Amazingly nice, polite, as well as a hard worker. His grades aren't a victim of work, but a slow start from the Youngstown City Schools before the family moved to Hubbard. Anyway, moral of the story is I would love to see him in Scarlet and Gray and I wouldn't be surprised to see an offer in the next few weeks.