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Comment 05 Jun 2019
I think the big play were the thing that drove me craziest last year. If only because when they weren't giving up huge plays, the defense was actually pretty good. They ranked 28th in the country with 99 TFL. Even more than michigan had. They were 15 in 3rd down defense with teams converting less than 1/3 of attempts. Stop giving up huge plays on 1st and second down!
Comment 03 Jun 2019

I live in Augusta, GA.

On Friday's the morning show on one of the country radio stations does a "what are you doing for the weekend" segment.  I wasn't going to call in, but the one dj (Dub) made a comment that his family from Ohio is coming into town.  The other one (Cash) stated that he might have to leave because someone from michigan can't be in the same state as someone from Ohio.

I had to now...  I called in (this was the Friday before Memorial Day) and said I would be spending time with family and friends, and reflecting on the ones we have lost over the years, because that is what the weekend is about.  They commented on it, and I asked Cash if he was from michigan,  He said yes, so I asked if he was a UM fan.  He said he tries to be.  I replied 62 - 39, and he groans loudly. 

Comment 06 Apr 2019

I did read somewhere that Disney might create a movie production unit that does PG13/R-Rated films which would be perfect for Deadpool and any reincarnations of Wolverine.

My sources (ie random interweb sites) tell me that this is the reason Disney is looking to buy or invest heavily into Hulu...  because they wouldn't be able to have that stuff on the Disney streaming service... 

Comment 03 Apr 2019
I love me some Quaker Steak. I do my best to head to Sharon at least once when I am back in Ohio. I have seen signs for one in Columbia, SC which is about an hour east of me... just haven't made it there yet. Maybe next time I hit the VA hospital there I'll get lunch.