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Comment 19 Jan 2018

I've reread my post a few times, and must have missed where I said they got it wrong.  Can you show me where I said that?

The same people who were screaming that Ohio State didn't belong in 2014 because they played a "weak schedule", that OU didn't belong in 2015 because they didn't play in a conference title game, that Ohio State didn't belong in 16 because they didn't play for a conference title and also Washington that year because they played a weak schedule, are the same people who say Bama deserved it.

They used that gifted appearance with the extra week to do what Saban does best.  They won it all, but many Bama supporters were the loudest among those saying Ohio State didn't belong when they won in 14.

Like I said, no other team with those credentials would have gotten the benefit of the doubt that Bama did.  That is my problem with it,

Comment 18 Jan 2018

This is exactly my issue with it.

The criteria has changed every year since its inception, and this past year they completely threw out said criteria to get Bama in.  I don't honestly think OSU deserved the spot because they were wildly inconsistent and would hate to see the Iowa game team show up, but wanting Bama/Clemson round 3 is no basis for picking the playoff teams.

If any other team would have had that record against that weak schedule with their last game being a loss, any other team would not have gotten in.

Comment 12 Dec 2017
Someone shared that on a B1G trash talking group on Facebook the other day. He got torn a part. Even by the *ichigan fans.