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Comment 12 Oct 2014
Regarding the propaganda machines, I live and work in MI. So most of my friends went to UM or Sparty and even they have commented and noticed the disparaging comments made on TV by people. The MSU v PUR game was pretty close at halftime and the announcer said "MSU making a case to be the best 1 loss team". My friend turns to me and says, "If this were OSU they would have said something about struggling with lesser team". I'm happy I'm not the only one who notices it anymore and that even folks who dislike OSU bc they went to school elsewhere notice. It seems like it is love or hate with OSU in the media and regardless there is nitpicking/unfair double standards.
Comment 12 Jun 2014
The Shazier Steelers stuff made me chuckle. Being a Youngstown transplant it's almost 50/50 Clowns vs Stillers there. I was ecstatic when the Steelers drafted him. Why would anyone support a team who's mascot is a turd anyway?
Comment 11 Jun 2014
Links to the "A Song of Ice and Fire" wiki go a long way in the Spikebone household.
Comment 25 Apr 2014
If he was under the legal limit why was he cited for anything? Fascist police and state highway patrol is one reason I am glad I no longer live in Ohio. Damnit I love so Much about the state but there is no arguing it is very much a police state with overbearing dickhead cops. Oh and it costs me $10.25 each way on the turnpike to get home to Ytown.... Blah
Comment 17 Apr 2014
Jameis Winston an award winning athlete with questionable things surrounding him being compared to Emmett Till an African American who was lynched after being accused of whistling at a white woman. Yeah I can see the comparison Mr . Rhodes scholar.....
Comment 21 Feb 2014
The scumbag Bielema and first paragraph of this was just what I needed waking up this morning. Great stuff per usual fellas!
Comment 22 Dec 2013
I prefer to call him either Gravy Choke or Gravy Bloat, for what it's worth.
Comment 08 Dec 2013
I was surprised to not see some of them get playing time at points this year. I guess they aren't picking up on scheme or ready. I trust Urban and staff to make those calls though.
Comment 08 Dec 2013
Just a thought, if I were a stud defensive back being recruited wouldn't I see OSU's struggles against the pass as an opportunity to jump right in, be a hero and save the day. Well at least that's how I may try to sell it to A 17 yr old... This loss sucks, I pin the largest share of the burden on the DBs. Oh well :/