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Comment 19 Mar 2020

I totally concur with you! Talking to Ron Stokes mid Feb he told me this teams offense will look totally different next yr.  Justice Sueing is a dominant off ball scorer, very close to a Obi Toppin type talent even thou hes 2 inches shorter.  I'm not sure that Carton would have ever survived Cbus, his mother was constantly attacking any media person that dare write ANYTHING about her son that was close to being "constructive"  Both parent/son seemed to have a cracker crust  personality exterior when it came to anything printed.  As most articles always have both good and bad written about a players performance, Parent could not seem to leave it be, interjecting comments, critiquing what was being printed, always in a negative manner.  I think this team will function alot differently next year with addition by subtraction.  I'm excited to see what the Holtmann can do with this talent we have returning.

Comment 03 Mar 2020

I totally concur! What if TTUN had some diabolical plan to flush out our success by planting spies?   Sounds like an HBO Doc. waiting to happen. Stranger things have been happening lately... I was absolutely, jaw dropping, stunned last yr when RD announced Coaching hires from up there.  Turned out to be great hires, no way they just accept the ass whoopins AND us poaching their staffs??!! 

Comment 04 Feb 2020

No one will ever recruit the Great State of O-H- for Sparty again like Dino.  Growing up in SE Ohio, being on Tress's staff in early 2000s, than Cincy HC before heading to MSU after one year there gave him a huge advantage in finding really good 3 star recruits in and all around the Buckeye State.  Dino was a no nonsense, stoic demeanor, boring personality, Coach, but it worked up there.  His lack of hiring better Coordinators caught up with him eventually.  Too bad Mr. Mark Anthony "Bo" Pelini left for LSU, that would have been a good fit for Sparty. 

Comment 04 Feb 2020

I like this kids whole demeanor. He possesses a great frame and he's def not filled out yet, which Mick will take care of that. I have a feeling one of these 2 will transfer out a-la Joey Burrow.  Especially if B1G passes the one time, no questions, transfer out w/immediately eligibility.  Crazy to think that technically the Buckeyes possibly could have the top THREE picks in '20 NFL Draft.  Sure his exciting times for Buckeye Nation right now!!! 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

I think he brought this on himself when he burned the bridges leaving town.  All the bs about people being mean to his wife at Krogers.  I think he feels he should be our Golden Boy and he's far from it.  I feel he is the face/voice of College football and does a bang up job with every game/team except Buckeyes.  He's never been able to be Clark Kellogg, although many can't.  Clark is fair, but tough but loves his Buckeyes.  I remember last year when we won our first game in the NCAAs and they panned to him right after seeing us paste our team to the next level of bracket and said 'I'm just so dog gone proud of those boys"  and you could see it in his face.  He's Gold.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

CLASSIC!!!   Could you imagine if we were known for those older fine young gentleman being in-game entertainment? 

Comment 01 Oct 2019

Straight outta Saban/Tress school of Coaching.  I don't know how true it was, but I read an article back in '12 after Urb got the OSU job and Dino didn't get a sniff that he planned on becoming Urb/OSU biggest thorn.  Well he did and spoiled TWO of Urbans chances at possibly 2 more Natty's.  Thank goodness that train never left the station, he would have been totally the wrong choice and Buckeye Nation would not have ever warmed up to him.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

The way some of these "beat" reporters needle, dig, and poke these Players for a negative response kills me "Does it bother you that you don't have a catch yet" ~~Lori Schmidt, Dan Hope, and DougLESS ... try some positive questions, clearly your negative probing is not gonna crack the cohesiveness of this team.  If I was Jerry I would revoke some of these clown's passes if they can't work some angles of positivity once in awhile.  

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I too appreciate that we have TWO great leaders (Young, Fields) each on one side of the ball... if you wanna throw Olave in there as a Captain on special teams, he seems to really have a knack for blocking kicks.  When The Man says at the podium that Olave is really good at this, hes our leader with that particular Group of young men in my eyes.  We are just untapping the potential this team has, this Coaching staff is figuring this out with each game and it shows.