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Comment 23 Jul 2019

What if.... Coach Day goes 2-0 ballbuster start against TTUN.  What if.... Harbaugh "leaves" after yr 6 to return to the NFL.  What if.... They turn the tables and go after Hafley?  Would he go? Would we see Transfer Portal get polluted with some of his recruits if he did?  They are paying Harb 9-10,000,000, Offer of 5 Mil is savings for them, better Coach and shiv your Rival back.  LOCK that Man up with "Brent Venables money" best thing I read today.

Comment 11 Jun 2019

...and we never seem to get any support from  our hometown Captain, the face of College Football ..... he seems totally mesmerized by The good 'ole boy, were just little old Clemson, Dabo.  Specially now that both his twin boys were offered Preferred Walk-on offers that were accepted.  He has totally forgotten where he started, Chasing down John Cooper at halftime for a comment as he worked the sidelines for 97.1

Comment 05 Jun 2019

I'd rather have 25 mins of Hafley and 8 mins of Mattison.  I heard Wilson on Carpenter and Rothman today, he was so upbeat and excited to talk about this season.  He didn't show quite that animation here but still it seems as the restraints have been lifted from his play calling!f?From what I see and understand from listening to them talk, JMO, I think we will see really talented players play sooner than they might have in the past.  I think "pay the dues" days may no longer be the norm. 

Comment 17 May 2019

Great Ted Talk.... The thing with Urban and Ginns family, they just are from two totally different sides of the track. There is actually more beef than Jr. let on, Sr is real salty to this day and it shows in Jrs. comments.  Urban never recruited the Land, where as Tress was all about NE Ohio.  Both great Coaches with similar results all under TOSU umbrella

Comment 08 May 2019

I so concur Cafi, I cannot even fathom.  My son is in 8th grade and had his "Formal" this past weekend along with a gathering at a girls house after.  Reading about this senseless, tragic shooting just gave me chills. A tremendous gesture on Zeke's behalf, the last thing that family needs to worry about is paying to bury their child.. God Speed to the family.

Comment 04 May 2019

State of Ohio has pretty good history and current OL as well.  Ask MSU and PSU, they raid our state every year, churning out All B1Gs consistently with  former Buckeye bread lineman.  I will say one thing, After Tress closed off our borders, its a rarity to see TTUN with any OL from our native pastures, they made a living in 70s 80s & 90s stealing our kids.

Comment 04 May 2019

CONGRATS!!!  Way to go Big Fella! Proud of our University for being an integral part of turning around this young mans life at such a difficult stage.  I'm sure it wasn't easy for Matta, having to daughters of his own, knowing there was gonna be some blow back from the GP.  What was an even bigger gesture was Holtmann to continue the offer.  Rather he was asked to or not by Gene doesn't matter to me, its the fact that he was still here coaching speaks volumes for TOSU as a whole.  To see Oden take part in Sr. Night was totally cool and you could see it in face as he held that shadow box of his uni .... AWESOME!!!! 

Comment 02 May 2019

I hope Holtmann has this expectation of himself as well.  To get this opportunity at TOSU rarely comes along to anyone.  He must, as we thought Thad was gonna do, take advantage of ALL the fortunes that he would have never had at Butler, and win that Chip.  It is possible, I mean Thad had us in NC Game by '07 and than again in Final Four up against the cheaters from Kansas.  The time is ripe, that new broom always sweeps clean. 

Comment 29 Apr 2019

i think what was best for everybody happened, Not sure we could have added who we did w/out losing JDL.  Wish him well, TCU def needs some help.  If I were him, I would apply right away, whats to hurt? Seems the only ones that get turned down are the ones with truly legit reasons to transfer. 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Back in '12 Ubs first year after finding out soon after taking the job, we were ineligible for ANY post season play, he got mad.  He didn't wilt with the hand he was dealt, he decided then and there they weren't gonna lose a game, period.  I know circumstances are wayy different and college landscape has changed dramatically in just 7 short years.  We will find out what this Staff is made of, from what I have read and heard, we have a QB Coach similar to what Tom Herman was back then.  He prepared QBs, we had TWO go down that he had not only invested time, but our whole future was painted as if it rested with the man that was up at the time...BECAUSE it was.  Ryan Day hand picked his QB Coach/O Cor for his staff and it seems we are in good hands based on his past. We cannot coach/play ANY position to "not get hurt"  TOSU will find a way to get it done, we need the best fan base in the land to be on the positive and trust/back the Brains we have in charge.  Get mad Ryan Day! 

Comment 18 Apr 2019

The true million dollar question is; IF Haskins returns for his RS Jr. yr and Fields never shows up, choosing another school, does Baldwins home sickness never show up, Er, I mean does he stay instead?  This was Day's recruit and kind of a last minute addition when some other dominoes fell other places.  SO did Day maybe rush to get him by painting the picture of how this all would play out and after Baldwin saw the whole canvas change, his home sickness sunk in?

Comment 18 Apr 2019

Does his recruitment feel more like a "smash and grab" now that this whole scenario has unfolded? I know this was Day's recruit, but was it rushed and did we/HE promise too much rolling the dice that it would all work out. Do you think Baldwin stays had Haskins returned for his RS Junior year and Fields never came?  

Comment 06 Apr 2019

With every new Position Coach comes a fresh set of eyes.  I'm sure we will see not only some fresh faces starting, but the Stars of last years Defense will be that much better with incoming Freshmen as well as the Red Shirts pushing them.  I think our starting LBs will not only look different in schemes but faces as well.                                                                                                                        I'm so ready for the Spring Game just to see a glimpse of where we are at.  I think Mattison is so ready to name a depth chart for the simple fact that he wasn't allowed to make that public in his former life.

Comment 01 Apr 2019

These guys are so well spoken, I cannot imagine a guy like Nicholas PF being held down much long on "mastering his craft"  Dude just seems way to intelligent not to being able to pick up the jargon/plays.  I hope they are getting looks from a fresh set of eyes this year, its easy for a Position coach to hold down someone from previous bad habits. Seems like our Trench Coach on both sides of the ball are very much about being able "to trust" before they let someone loose.