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Comment 01 Oct 2019

Straight outta Saban/Tress school of Coaching.  I don't know how true it was, but I read an article back in '12 after Urb got the OSU job and Dino didn't get a sniff that he planned on becoming Urb/OSU biggest thorn.  Well he did and spoiled TWO of Urbans chances at possibly 2 more Natty's.  Thank goodness that train never left the station, he would have been totally the wrong choice and Buckeye Nation would not have ever warmed up to him.

Comment 19 Sep 2019

The way some of these "beat" reporters needle, dig, and poke these Players for a negative response kills me "Does it bother you that you don't have a catch yet" ~~Lori Schmidt, Dan Hope, and DougLESS ... try some positive questions, clearly your negative probing is not gonna crack the cohesiveness of this team.  If I was Jerry I would revoke some of these clown's passes if they can't work some angles of positivity once in awhile.  

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I too appreciate that we have TWO great leaders (Young, Fields) each on one side of the ball... if you wanna throw Olave in there as a Captain on special teams, he seems to really have a knack for blocking kicks.  When The Man says at the podium that Olave is really good at this, hes our leader with that particular Group of young men in my eyes.  We are just untapping the potential this team has, this Coaching staff is figuring this out with each game and it shows.

Comment 11 Sep 2019

The only thing more amazing than this piece, was Kris's life.  I visit this read every 9/11 and leave with a bigger pit in my stomach and more tears than the year before, good food for the soul as my Mother always said.  Thx Ramzy.

Comment 24 Aug 2019

Its Football... the pageantry of CFB has got so outta control, they can't go back.  I mean TTUN took their team on African Safari this year?  Team building is outta control in some places, maybe he should save that coin and put more of an effort towards the best rivalry from days GONE by.  Wild to even think that a "Xichigan Xan" who delivered on his own guarantee has lost focus of what its even all about.  I thank God for Tress every day, not for him what is the record of the last 16 games.  As a Buckeye fan, I can speak for many when I say, we were beat down by the time Tress arrived.  Things can change on a dime, I hope Day totally understands and gets this.

Comment 23 Jul 2019

What if.... Coach Day goes 2-0 ballbuster start against TTUN.  What if.... Harbaugh "leaves" after yr 6 to return to the NFL.  What if.... They turn the tables and go after Hafley?  Would he go? Would we see Transfer Portal get polluted with some of his recruits if he did?  They are paying Harb 9-10,000,000, Offer of 5 Mil is savings for them, better Coach and shiv your Rival back.  LOCK that Man up with "Brent Venables money" best thing I read today.

Comment 11 Jun 2019

...and we never seem to get any support from  our hometown Captain, the face of College Football ..... he seems totally mesmerized by The good 'ole boy, were just little old Clemson, Dabo.  Specially now that both his twin boys were offered Preferred Walk-on offers that were accepted.  He has totally forgotten where he started, Chasing down John Cooper at halftime for a comment as he worked the sidelines for 97.1

Comment 05 Jun 2019

I'd rather have 25 mins of Hafley and 8 mins of Mattison.  I heard Wilson on Carpenter and Rothman today, he was so upbeat and excited to talk about this season.  He didn't show quite that animation here but still it seems as the restraints have been lifted from his play calling!f?From what I see and understand from listening to them talk, JMO, I think we will see really talented players play sooner than they might have in the past.  I think "pay the dues" days may no longer be the norm. 

Comment 17 May 2019

Great Ted Talk.... The thing with Urban and Ginns family, they just are from two totally different sides of the track. There is actually more beef than Jr. let on, Sr is real salty to this day and it shows in Jrs. comments.  Urban never recruited the Land, where as Tress was all about NE Ohio.  Both great Coaches with similar results all under TOSU umbrella