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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the 1964 NFL Championship game at the old Lakefront Stadium. Never dreaming I would not live to see the Browns in a Super Bowl.
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Comment 14 Dec 2019

Day inherited a program there, and Hafley helped get the defense there. With Hafley gone, Day’s newest mission will be figuring out how to keep both the program and the defense in the upper echelon. 

The task of being a head coach in college football. Saban has to do it, every year. Swinney hasn’t had to do it. But eventually he will have to do it. We’re all nervous because we remember Beck for Herman. The only difference then was the core of that team was returning. 
And like Tom Herman he is staying on for the college football playoffs.

I’d like to give a shout out to Hadley and wishing the best of luck

Comment 13 Dec 2019

I was at that Nebraska game. How was this guy buried that deep in the safety chart? Oh well it is only one game we will have to see how he does the rest of the way. Well we all saw how he did. SMH

Does Anybody know where Brendon will have a chance to go the next school?

Comment 12 Dec 2019

Victor was wide open on that play and would have had six if the ball hadn’t been grossly under thrown. God bless JT Barrett but both Haskins and Fields would make that throw. It wouldn’t have changed the outcome but it would have given the Buckeye faithful something to cheer about. One other play Samuel broke loose on a long play I thought would go for six but to Clemson’s credit they ran him down. Alas we did not score then either. Very frustrating trip. 
Better believe it still sticks in my craw. I can only hope Justin Fields is 100%. 
Go Bucks!! 

Comment 09 Dec 2019


I don’t know if there’s ESPN bias or not.
But I read more than once that we were down by double digits at halftime And scored 24 unanswered points in the second half. It was 27, not that it mattered, at the same time it was not factual. It does make you wonder. Like I said I didn’t bother to look who was reporting it. Just saying…

The important thing is that we are in the playoff and have to beat whoever is in front of us. 

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 07 Dec 2019

massive respect for Chryst over there at Wisconsin, not an easy place to maintain a great program

They have been doing it for years and Chryst is one of the better ones. Wisconsin takes 2 * stars and turns them into very good players. They take walk ons and turn them into captains. They do more with less than any B1G team. Even more than Dantonio. 

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Depth chart? Why do the Buckeyes refuse to update this depth chart? We all know we are not seeing OR Gunner Hoak. And we certainly are not going to see McCall first man off the bench. I quit looking at the depth chart halfway through the season. I just wondered if they had changed it for the Big Ten championship. I guess it kind of doesn’t matter.

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 06 Dec 2019

Point is, I'm emotionally hedging against the Badgers shocking everyone, but I have to remind myself that's a personal problem and probably not super reflective of reality.

Chris me also. That is a malignancy I suffer from that haunts me every year after thanksgiving and the Rivalry GAME. I hear all these projections for route by our buckeyes. And I think these guys are too young to remember… This year I even witnessed ex-players predicting a blowout. And I am thinking they should know better. Some people need to study the past and Check their enthusiasm.

Well next year I am going to do my best to let go of the past and for once enjoy the game

Comment 05 Dec 2019

3 yds: I agree.

I love the way he plays. When there is a run to his side he comes up to make the tackle as aggressively as Roby. I doubt he is as fast as Roby, but he attacks the ball carrier in the same manner.

I am so glad he came back for one more year and showed everyone how good he is. A shout out to Chris Carter as well.

I would like to see Damon tame some of that feistiness after the play. He does not need to do it. And I am also worried about a penalty. But I have a feeling that it is a reflection of the neighborhood he grew up in and that it was a necessity. You are messing with wrong guy attitude. 

Three more games go get them kid.
Go Bucks!! 

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Let me guess. No flag. I was at the Penn State game and saw some Equivalent holds on Chase as well.
Shaquille O’Neil at LSU was held and fouled so much that Dale Brown his coach told him to turn pro. They are never going to let you play basketball at this level.

I am not sure why the referees in college sports try to level the playing field for overmatched competition. But that’s the way it is and will probably always be that way.

Great job Chase. Finish Buckeye Strong

Comment 03 Dec 2019

Script Ohio under a chorus of BOO Birds

God I love it. Is one of the reasons I like to see the games live. I get choked up every time the band comes out on the field and goes through their pregame routine. I had to hear it for my own ears. I knew there was no way they could boo for two minutes and 20 seconds. At first you could not hear the band playing. And then Le Regiment and then the boos increased for dotting the i. And finally the cheers drowning out the boos. How many Buckeyes did we have there? Were most of our fans wearing black?

Ohio State fans are great. We are every where. Michigan Ohio State will always sell out, because we will buy the tickets they don’t buy. Yes they will take our money. Thank you for sharing this link. I am going to save it. This will be one more ritual I will enjoy leading up to the game next year.

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 01 Dec 2019

Does anyone else feel that Myers is the biggest lineman on the starting 5? The guy is huge. Is there chance he moves to tackle? 

As far as playing Minnesota or Wisconsin, I think beating Wisconsin would bring more value points than Minnesota would because of Wisconsin’s pedigree. But I also thought it be great if Minnesota play for a B1G championship game. I personally would rather play Wisconsin on artificial turf than Minnesota. Between PJ Fleck Almost upsetting us in 2015 and Minnesota having two great wide receivers.
I think Minnesota might’ve had a better chance against Wisconsin in their old dome. The weather played right into Wisconsin’s hands.

either way it is nice to be indoors at this time of year.
Go Bucks!! 

Comment 28 Nov 2019

I took away a lot of things from the 2016 game but the most shocking was the conduct of their head coach. He bitched on every call. But the coup de grace was his behavior in the postgame interview. He lost the game and was ranting at the refs. I remember thinking “advantage Ohio State”

Go Bucks!! Beat TTUN!!