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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Being at the 1964 NFL Championship game at the old Lakefront Stadium. Never dreaming I would not live to see the Browns in a Super Bowl.
  • NFL TEAM: Browns

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Comment 26 Jul 2019

I was at that game and live I wasn’t sure about the call. All I know there were no whistles. It was hilarious. All these dudes coming up and trying to strip him instead of tackling him. And like a baby hippo running from the lions trying to make it to the water. One of the funniest plays I have ever seen. Even the Indiana fans were laughing. 

I was hoping the call would stand but you could clearly see Lagow’s arm had come forward. But you are correct about it being a hell of an effort. 

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 07 Jun 2019

I am a B1G Larry Johnson fan. Obviously he’s a great coach. But some little things about him that I like that adds to his appeal.

1. His playing a lot of kids. If they “are good enough to play for most teams” then they should be able to get on the field at Ohio State. The benefits to the team are enormous. 

2. His demeanor. He is so calm. He treats every one of his kids as if they were starters. 

3. His life style. No screaming nor cussing. He is a top notch human being. 

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 07 May 2019

3rd Time, I couldn’t agree with you more. It was clear he didn’t have a shot. A coaching change affects the quarterback position more than any other position on the field. And than you find out your coach went out and solicited another QB, how would you feel. If you want to play in the NFL you had better find some where to play. 

I was glad Burrow went to LSU and I hope he takes them to the National Championship game and a runner up finish. 

I hope Tate gets a chance to do what what he does for the Canes. 

Same to Baldwin  good luck to him at TCU. Go Bucks!! 

Comment 07 May 2019

Hey Nutty, 31 conSecutive games. That might have been 3 seasons. Back then they only played 10 games. And there were only 4 bowl games. Archie like Jimmy Brown you had to see there runs to believe them. You could not describe them. Talk about YAC. 

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 07 Feb 2019


The college kid that can earn a 4 year degree in 3 years takes an exceptional student. And to do it while taking a full load of football, well I find unimaginable. I am not suggesting it can’t be done. I know the Joe Burrows and Stephen Collier’s have done it 

It got me to wondering, Navy, how many years it took you to graduate? Just wondering. 

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 11 Jan 2019


I agree with you on the “new” transfer rule, ii.e. someone called you a bad name, therefore you can transfer and play immediately. Deal with it.The NCAA has opened a can of worms. 

On Tate wanting to play,  I have no problem with. But I don’t think he should be eligible to play next year. This is going to be the wild west with transfers. If you don’t have to sit  out a year. I do however like the transfer rule for graduates. If you can graduate in three years you should be able to go anywhere you want. IMHO. 

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I know this isn't a popular #take in Buckeyeland, but I like Arnette. I think he's solid, versatile, has a ton of experience and is one of the best tackling cornerbacks on the roster. I'd welcome him back.

 I areee! IMO he gets the same raps as Roby when he was hear. I would like to see him back as well. 

Sheffield, not so sure. He never seems to be in a position to find the ball which leads to a lot of penalties. And for all the speed he possesses I have yet to see him run anybody down. And we certainly had a lot of opportunity last year. 

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Point on!

I had no problem with the 4 teams that made the playoff. It is never going to be perfect.

Every year there has been plenty of agreement on 1 and 2. And a lot of controversy on 3 and 4. So I could live with a 6 game playoff. But that is not without it’s controversy. Do you push the Championship game back another week? Or do you play right after the season? Then if we do that are we going to deny the losers a bowl game and the 15 practices that comes with it? Yada yada yada …

And all that talk about Notre Dame not belonging in the CFP, they only lost by 28 points. The same score that Alabama lost to Clemson. By the way in 2016 we lost to Clemson by 31 points. 

Comment 06 Jan 2019


Tressel used to get his 2nd team line more work than we seem to do now. I wish we’d get them in on occasion throughout the season for the sake of experience. 

This was a B1G concern for me. The 2’s not playing after the 4th game. The best development of any player is on the field and other than DL and the receivers Corp, not much chance for development for the 2’s. Just sayin...

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 03 Jan 2019


I seem to recall an Iggy kid doing the same thing about this time last year and it worked out for him. He got his degree, improved his position in the draft, and has memories he will never forget. 

Best of luck Jordan. I feel you will not regret your decision. 

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 02 Jan 2019

Wilson had taken on some of the OL coaching after the NU game.

Ooh... That is not a good sign for the line coach.

Now that would not surprise me with the linebacker coaching. 

Too many times the safeties are leading the team in tackles. IMO

Go Bucks!! 

Comment 27 Dec 2018

Ramzey: Most forthright article I have seen since following 11warriors. This was by far the worst defense I have ever seen at Ohio State. Ever! How this team finished 12-1 is a testament to Duane Haskins and a abundance of receivers. 


Go Bucks!!